Aldrigde wins first final

Hednesford Hills bank holiday Monday 18 classic hot rods booked into race.
Firstly apologies from 353 Steve Spooner a last minute cancellation.
Irish points champion 19 Anthony Morgan in his now x packed Mk2 Escort , international points champion 72 Gary Goodswen and English points champion 555 Gavin Taber . All joined by the Scottish open champion in the red flying A40 Craig Boyd.
A few at the back 119 Dan Buckley run number 3 and the second runs for both 169 Ben Hardy and 87 Jason Busby.
A rather wet heat one ; Dave cushion 35 making steady progress at the front till just after half way when he was caught by 45 Boyd. The last lap and disaster struck out of turn two with a class of metal between 555 Taber and 72Goodswen sent Taber Spinning. Down in turn three tagging out of shape 121 Schembri and a descending cushion who hooked up  Cushion spun catching 20 Dave Fry sending him in on turn three while Cushion went inner bank bound. Fry coming off with heavy frontal damage and a load onto the trailer. The win going to Craig Boyd in the A40.
Heat 1 Winner
45 Craig Boyd
45 98 121 555 19 421 42 116 871

Heat two the track still some what wet and a few cars down , Cushion making it back out led the field away . 871 Graeme Callender who had took 2 heat wins in Scotland the night before looked to be on form and chasing well. 421 Aldridge had obviously made a few alterations since heat one and was right on the boot of Cushion . Has Aldridge took the lead further back the pack were battling away , a out of shape 31 Goodings rear quarter caught by 121 Charlie  who was holding the line which sent him spinning to the wall on turn three. Boyd and Schembri dropped out has Aldridge lost the lead to 871 Callender.
555 Taber came from nowhere like a man possessed forcing three a breast out of turn four , Callendar in the middle hooked up with the anglebox front coming into turn one ; one almighty spin hitting the inner bank and rendering the mk1’s day over . 421 Aldridge went on to take the win after a short lived restart.
Heat 2 Winner
421 Chris Aldridge
421 555 87 98 116 19 119 35 169

Final Time and a great get away by Dean Kitchen who was looking good for a possible second final win of the season; Aldridge who had started further back was soon with him and the two battled away until Aldridge found a way by. Boyd had got a good start and chased after the pair; once with them he made a dive for the lead and lost ground . Aldridge taking his first final win in the Formula . Further back 93 Nick Ross was putting in a great drive to finish fourth ahead of 555 Taber.
Final winner
421 Chris Aldridge
421 45 42 93 555 121 87 116 87 35 119

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