At present 18 Classic hot rods are booked into race on Sunday with a possibility of one more at least to come ; as 198 waits in the wings looking at his weekend work demands pre hand before booking in.

The three Amigos will make the long journey down from Scotland , Kenny Purdie will lead out for the Scots in his now extra wide , x packed “spanker” Escort mk2; he will be joined by Trevor Harris and newcomer Martin Balfour.

Reigning Points champion 555 Gavin Taber was a late entry in the last 12 hours , with some of his rolling stock up for sale and possibly no plans for 116 Adrian to join him this year . The Anglia will be back in action unless he can manage to finish off the repairs to the Triumph.

This will be our biggest entry at the Aldershot raceway so far in the formula’s history but where are all our cars ? well some have changed hands recently in Scotland has we loose 84 John McFarlane and Graeme Callendar parted with his MK1 ; The Callendar story not over yet ! He did have a project on the go when I last  spoke to him.

There are at least another 20 cars still to race this season just on the English /Scottish side of the sport ; plus another4 or so in build status . Ben Hardy is out with mechanical repairs on going , Graeme Legge has been out for sometime with a possible return in the Mk1 . Dave Fry has the Mk1 back form Steve Spooner plus his 100e ; Simon Wood still has his Anglia ;Obviously Wilson, Campbell, Spence ,Chesher will all be out in Scotland in due course.

The Midlands has a few cars sitting at the moment 8 Darren Owen busy with his son’s racing; Nick Ross car not repaired yet ;  Dan Buckleys car went sick in practice last week but Rich Adams may be a late arrival and rumor’s of a Marina in build deep in the heart of the midlands ; there was a mk1 fiesta on the go but hasn’t yet transpired. Plus a couple of famous replica cars on the build but well under cover!

A good hard meeting at Aldershot with no damage will encourage drivers to race at the next meeting when it is scheduled ; damage has always been an issue in the formula over recent years and is addressed regular ; a re tweak of the rules before lockdown had encouraged a few to build but getting them on track is a difficult job; I usually contact the drivers pre meeting and check status of the cars etc . There is a full list of current drivers on the website , if your missing please contact me.

Rod on Andy Hankin


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