Aghadowey 22 7 2018-2018

Aghadowey Raceway 22nd July 2018

The classic hot rods were invited has part of the meeting for the lightning rod world championships.
With the formula lacking still in numbers despite a few cars in build and one or two missing , just the four drivers arrived to race.
Heat one was lead away by 99 Liam Bushe who was soon caught by 12 Trevor Harris ( who had been at Arlington on Wednesday ) , Trevor then taking up the lead . While 25 Trevor Cussack chased away at 19 Anthony Morgan from the back of the pack.
19 #captain Morgan drove away fro Cussack passing Bushe and battling for a few laps rubbing along with 12 Harris before going the high line around and on to the win .
Result 19 Anthony Morgan , 12 ,25 ,99
Heat two again Bushe 99 of to the early start , 25 Cussack and 19 Morgan were toe to toe for half a dozen laps until Morgan broke loose.
12 Trevor Harris went round Bushe for the lead , Morgan however picked up what looked to be a puncture on the outside relegating him to the infield.
Harris 12 went on to win with 25 Cussack winding her up pat 99 Bushe for second place.
Result 12 Trevor Harris , 25 ,99 , 19 DNF.
Final time , all four cars on track and ready to go for a clutch start . Harris was on the tail of Bushe 99 by turn one , Morgan got away well from Cussack . Morgan hit the front before half way , Harris dropped back and 99 Bushe was putting up a great fight for places.
Harris got a second wind and found his way around Bushe just in time has the flag dropped on the second win of the day for 19 Anthony Morgan.
Heat and final to the #Captain
result 19 Anthony Morgan , 25 ,12 , 99.

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