The classic hotrods back in the seventies were the National Hotrods ,often appearing on Saturday Television show World of Sport.

Drivers such as 351 Barry Lee , 306 George Polley and 356 Gordon Bland , all competed in the formula which was dominated by Escorts and Anglia’s. They were later replaced by Toyota Starlets and Peugeot bodied cars and now the space framed chassis’s featuring Tigra ,BMW and SLK Mercedes styled bodies.

The passion to see these classic race cars back in action around the circuits led Garry Whitcombe with the help of Midlands based promoters Incarace to create the formula we all love and appreciate today , known has the Classic Hot Rods.

In 2005 when they first returned to the track there was only 7 cars taking centre stage and this has now grown to 35 currently registered drivers with a usual attendance of around 20 cars on any given race day.

The Classic Hot Rods are now a fully fledged competitive formula. There is a Points Championship (The National Series) and several Championship Meetings in a season including the. Midland Championship, The Bill Morris Memorial Trophy and the most coveted prize of all the National Championship which takes place every August at. Hednesford Hills Raceway.

There are 2 main engines used, the 1700 crossflow and the two litre overhead cam pinto. These engines are permitted a fair amount of modification in order to give the power output. Tyres are slick based race stock. The bodies are not allowed any space frame sections and must remain as were in the seventies , steel bodied fabrication.

The formula is growing from strength to strength with a lot of older drivers coming back to race in this formula and reliving the nostalgia of their youth like Tim Foxlow and Dave Fry and it is also attracting young drivers too like Clio Cup driver Ant Whorton-Eales who races Classic Hot Rods for relaxation away from his day job at the big touring car circuits!

If you too would like to race in this supercool retro formula where you and your car become the star, then please get in touch via our Facebook page Facebook.com/ClassicHotRods.image

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