247 Review 2018-2018


Driver review 247 Graham Mc Cabe

Graham like fellow Scot John Mcfarlane  gave up their rides for the early part of 2018 in order to bring fresh driver into the sport . The Scottish series has a result flourished with some great racing.
Sitting watching your old Talbot go out and take victory must on one hand be pleasing but frustrating on the other , for every driver at the end of the day just wants to race.
Graham debuted the new ride at the late summer Hednesford Hills meeting , the car caused quite a stir. Despite being finished immaculately with full x -pack and rear wing , it was deemed the wing should be removed ? But why and how? Surely the retro side should reflect cars of the day , after all Barry Lee sport rear wings on several cars .
However Graham removed it for the racing but late at a zero points meeting in Scotland was allowed to race with it on has a trial .
Graham has been a stalwart of the formula for some time now having built 2 mk2 Escorts , a chevette and the Talbot . He gives great support to fellow racers in Scotland and is always prepared to travel for racing , despite having a very busy business to run.
Lets hope the wing can stay because the car looks great with it on.

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