TIPPERARY 16 07 2016-2

The 35th Anniversary Meeting

The weather was kind for the Third Round of the Classic Hot Rod Irish Series of 2016 and we were delighted to break all previous domestic meeting records for what is still a formulae still essentially in its infancy in Ireland, when twelve cars attended the fastest quarter mile oval in the Isles, now being promoted to great effect by Damien Brennan’s Oval Motorsport International.

We were delighted to get such strong representation from the North once again with 981 #JR Jeff Richardson joining his brother Clive #TheDiggerMan Richardson, the National Champion of 2016. Joining the Ulster brothers came #TheDungannonCannon 966 Thomas Dilly, whose car was freshly repaired from his misfortune at Ipswich. Making an even further journey, it was pleasing to see Scotland’s #TrevTheRev Harris, driving his cherry and olde English while Anglia 12. Harris was so delighted with the cameraderie and welcome he enjoyed from the Irish drivers and the OMI Promotion that he had immediately promised to come back when he last raced here in April – and here he was! From the nearer locality of Co.Meath was was fantastic to see the eagerly anticipated debut of #MrMint 195 Adrian Boyle who was introducing to the raceway the first Anglia 105E from the Republic of Ireland to compete in CHR. And what a car had been built for Adrian, courtesy of T.O.P – Total Oval Preperation – the near one man CHR production line in CHR of Mr Gerry Rothwell, who now finds himself so busy building race cars, he no longer has time to compete himself! Resplendent in vibrant green with black highlights, set off with vivid Orange signwork, #MrMint’s race car was indeed Mint!!

Despite the clear respect given out on track in tonight’s three races, it was unfortunately still an evening of retirements largely due to mechanical or engine failure. First to fall by the way side was indeed the new comer #JR Jeff Richardson who seized his engine in practice.

Nevertheless, the remaining eleven drivers were soon ready for heat one, which was to be held over sixteen laps with a rolling start.

It was a race that proved to be a great maiden win in heat one tonight for #CaptainMorgan 19 Anthony Morgan, but he will consider himself fortunate when leader #GoDaddy 10 Podge McQuaid spun when lapping novice #MrMint 195 Adrian Boyle. Later in the race, National Champion 976 #TheDiggerMan Clive Richardon, clearly the fastest man on the track, put himself in the wall on turn one either due to break failure or throttle cable jamming, just as he was to challenge Morgan for the lead. Current 2016 Irish points lead #TheDungannonCannon 966 Thomas Dilly earned a solid second place.

Heat 1 19,966,175,25,937,12,43,671,195 NOF

Another maiden victory tonight came in heat two for #GoDaddy 10 Podge McQuaid, who, in a very smooth drive, led from the from to head just ahead of the constant pressure from #CaptainMorgan 19 Anthony Morgan. It was a very clean race with all drivers reading the track well and holding their lines yo total credit. 966 #TheDungannonCannon Thomas Dilly made the most of Clive Richardsons absence in heat two and came in a confortable third after overcoming 937 #KingKenny Wilson who was making his season debut in a completely re-panelled car.

Heat 2 10,19,966,25,175,937,12,671,195

The Grand Final for the Classics at Tipperary tonight saw unfortunately a reduced field thanks to the significant damage the the National Champion Richardson had incurred, and the engine problems that both #TheOmen 43 Damien Corrigan and 937 #KingKenny Wilson. Also, Scottish visitor #TrevTheRev Harris has called it a night after thoroughly enjoying his racing in his heats. It is perhaps ironic that with the benefit of hindsight, Harris had not registered for the Irish Series this year as he has scored all his points so far overseas! Nevertheless the meeting Final featured an epic battle of cat and mouse between the nights two fastest drivers. From the from the mouse 19 Anthony Morgan was clean away and at one point looked doubtful to be caught, but #TheDungannoncannon worked hard to reduce the gap, especially when the two lapped back markers #MrMint in 195 and Alan #TheLeopard Leonard in 671. What followed was a superb race with the two going side by side. Dilly went all out or the win on the last lap only to trip the 19 car up on the back straight and dive to the infield with s broken track rod, leaving #CaptainMorgan to add a maiden Final victory to add to his heat win.


So, all in all, a nice evening of racing in the Emerald Isle which provided a perfect balance of exciting racing and respect. The Irish Series next moves back to Northern Ireland as we look forward to the DMC promoted Aghadowey Raceway in the far north on Saturday 13th August.

Rob Hughes

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