Weaver shows them the way at Aldershot

A trip back down to Aldershot for the next installation of classic hot rod racing;

Craig Boyd 45 made a second outing of the season back behind the wheel of his A40 of which Graham took to a hat trick last time out. Dan Buckley who took on some heavy frontal damage at Hednesford having spent a few hours or so in the workshop was back n track with the mk2 Escort.

Gavin Taber 555 made the trip down from Diss in Norfolk the busy garage owner opting to use the Anglia of his father’s in the Gulf livery , the ex Pat Smith/Richard Boulton multi race winner , of course now powered by the ford zetec of which has won a few with Adrian 116.

the first green flag of the day released the classics for twenty laps of the track; first away was 151 Paul Hollis again seeming much smoother from the start; 168 Roberts sporting a new front end also having took damage at Hednesford leapt up into second place but not for long has 210 Hughie Weaver wound up his mk1. The Sussex veteran was now establishing a good lead from the rest of the field; further back progress of Taber 555 was halted when hooking up with the 44 of Kara Boyd and a tyre after being spun all the way around by Ross in 93 on turn four; a black cross for contact for 93 in the process; Weaver going onto a trip down victory lane.


Heat two and yet another good start in 151; Kara was first out of shape and then brother Craig in 45 took Hughie for a spin in turn one (black cross 45).

A change soon came’ 168 Roberts moved up front and that is becoming a familiar sight in the world of classic hot rod racing; Further back 45 Craig was struggling to find a way past 119 Buckley, no race win yet for the A40 today!

Moving onto the feature final for the classics just four laps in on the opening of lap five in turn two 121 Charlie Schembri a little tight on the outside of 119 Buckley got tangled ; Buckley climbing upside of said Mk1 Escort and dropping down safely ; only to be hooked again in turn three with the 555 of Taber. The 121 car now with a very much torn Fibre glass front wing flapping in the wind; Schembri forced to retire on a technical flag.

119 Buckley still battling in behind 45 Boys and 83 Ross drove through the pair has they encountered the slower moving 44 car of Kara and 119 was off to chase down the leaders; 151 Hollis spinning it out on turn three ahead of the pack before retiring and all of a sudden noticeably where did Dave Cushion arrive from, he wasn’t in the heats.

Weaver winding the leader in around lap fifteen for an easy pass up the inside out of turn four and  this final now with 119 Buckley in third looking very reminiscent of the last visit to Aldershot for the classics ; no penalties this time though has Weaver makes it all the way to the chequered.

Well done Hughie Weaver heat and final in the bag.

 A CliveMarchant photo of 210 in flow at ipswich

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