Thunder in the Hills returns this Sunday

We have long awaited the return of racing to the home of Hot Rods and it comes with a bang this weekend! Not  only will your favourite classic hot rods be racing but will be in support to round five of the national hot rod world series ; in addition there are over thirty stock rods booked in and back to basic bangers.

Tickets are limited and still on sale, remember we are under new rulings of groups of six at 2mts apart, when at the raceway; Face coverings are compulsory for the non exempt at all times in the grounds of the raceway.

It’s the second meeting of the weekend and two English drivers will have a long journey south in the early hours , chasing them back down to ensure they come back over the border will be a number of our Scottish Stars.

Kenny Purdie will lead out the drivers from Scotland with Graeme Callendar and a possible late booking still to come from Martin Balfour and Trevor Harris. That’s all providing none of the above take on irreparable damage the night before at Lochgelly.

We have two new drivers to the formula lining up for their first outing n Sunday as the sport welcomes  Darren Fewell and  Steve Hunt ; Darren has purchased the ex Graham McCabe mk2 x pack Escort  and Steve the now proud owner of Darren Owens multi championship winning Mk2 .

Don’t write off Darren Owen though to our accounts he still has David’s escort which is under repair and the Mk2 of which he collected from Ireland not so long ago ; So expect to see him soon.

The formula now has over fifty cars somewhere in existence in forms of race ready / repair or being built;  covid19 certainly hasn’t kept down the enthusiasm for retro racing in the UK.

Hughie Weaver will be sitting this one out, after Aldershot in August where he was disqualified for contact in the final thus handing the win to 168 Kevin Roberts; Roberts was in good form at the last Hednesford meeting and given the confidence boost maybe one to watch on Sunday.

There is little news from the camp of lee Wood after the Viva took on heavy damage back in March except of a few Chinese whispers of a fresh build possibly under wraps?

Charlie Schrembri and Paul Hollis will be travelling north for the event, Charlie possibly putting in more track time in the classics than any other driver booked in.

Our own Penelope Pit stop has made a return and will be present on board the A40 of Graham Boyd, of which she is currently using for the series. A welcome return came at Aldershot for the now racing “mum” and our only lady so far in the classic hot rods. Stop wait Dad is booked in but will the big G run the Wolsey or Craig’s A40?

The points championship currently in England is wide open after 555 Gavin Taber had a bad days racing at Aldershot ; IT will be tight at the top when announced and possibly the closest number of drivers competing for the title of English point we have seen in recent years .  No doubt there will be preparation to be done in the morning once he arrives at the track along with 119 Dan Buckley who also will be doing the double weekender.

 Andy Steward who was on rails at the March meeting until a collision in turn one finished his day off will be back on track this Sunday , at Aldershot he took victory in the heats and the rest of the day seemed to be having some good old battles with Kenny Purdie in mid section of the pack.

Reigning Midlands champion 24 Stuart Wright will also line up for Sundays event along with 70 Ricky Lee, 31 Steve Gooding and 209 Andy Lee.


I will see you all there please remember the covid rulings in place; give us a wave.


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