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  • Tipperary Weekender 6th and 7th October

    Classic hot rod racing moves to the emerald isle this weekend for two days of racing at Tipperary has part of there national hot rod weekender .
    On Saturday they will race over 2 heats and compete for the Irish Grand Prix final , Sunday will be a normal points meeting towards their track championship.
    19 Anthony Morgan who has just taken the national points for Ireland will be there as usual along with Trevor Cussack 25 ( the car is up for sale minus engine ) .
    visitors from England and Scotland are planned , although 17 Kenny Purdie sold his car over there at the Tullyroan meeting . 84 John Mc Farlane and 12 Trevor Harris will make the journey , from England Gary Goodswen 72 and a debut for 169 Ben Hardy . Hughie Weaver has cancelled at last minute along with Kym who was to compete in the National hot rod series.
    100 Kevin Feeney will be racing also 671 Alan Leonard and 976 Clive Richardson , there may be a few extras who knows?
    A safe journey to all and have a good weekends racing.

    Saturday 6th October
    12.30 Gates Open
    ‪12:40‬ Drivers Sign On
    ‪12:45‬ Safety Checks on Cars
    ‪16:00‬ Safety Checks Finish
    ‪16:05‬ Draws for Grids
    ‪16:15‬ Drivers Briefing
    ‪16:30‬ Practice in Race Order
    ‪17:50‬ Practice Finish
    ‪17:55‬ Meeting Introduction
    ‪18:00‬ Race 1 Stock Rods Heat 1
    ‪18:10‬ Race 2 Two Litre Hot Rods Heat 1
    ‪18:20‬ Race 3 CHR Heat 1
    ‪18:30‬ Race 4 NHR Heat 1
    ‪18:40‬ Race 5 Lightning Rods Heat 1
    ‪18:50‬ Race 6 Stock Rods Heat 2
    ‪19:00‬ Race 7 Two Litre Hot Rods Heat 2
    ‪19:10‬ Race 8 CHR Heat 2
    ‪19:20‬ Race 9 NHR Heat 2
    ‪19:30‬ Race 10 Lightning Rods Heat 2
    ‪19:40‬ Comfort Break
    ‪20:00‬ Race 11 Stock Rods John Hall Memorial Final
    ‪20:20‬ Race 12 Two Litre Southern Irish Open Final
    ‪20:40‬ Race 13 CHR Irish Grand Prix
    ‪21:00‬ Race 14 NHR Irish Open Final
    ‪21:30‬ Saturday Finish
    ‪Sunday 7th October‬
    ‪10:00 Am‬ Gates Open
    ‪10:10‬ Sign in for all Drivers
    ‪10:30‬ Safety Checks on cars
    ‪11:30‬ Safety Checks Finish
    ‪12:00‬ Draws for Grids
    ‪12:45‬ Practice for Productions Only
    ‪13:00‬ Race 15 NHR Heat 1
    ‪13:15‬ Race 16 Lightning Rods Southern Irish Open Final
    ‪13:30‬ Race 17 Stock Rods Heat 1
    ‪13:40‬ Race 18 Two Litre Hot Rods Heat 1
    ‪13:50‬ Race 19 NHR Heat 2
    ‪14:00‬ Race 20 CHR Heat 1
    ‪14:10‬ Race 21 Productions Heat 1
    ‪14:20‬ Race 22 Lightning Rods Revenge (Reverse Grid)
    ‪14:30‬ Race 23 Stock Rods Heat 2
    ‪14:40‬ Race 24 Two Litres Heat 2
    ‪14:50‬ Comfort Break
    ‪15:00‬ Race 25 NHR Davy Evans Memorial Final
    ‪15:20‬ Race 26 CHR Heat 2
    ‪15:30‬ Race 27 Productions Heat 2
    ‪15:40‬ Race 28 Lightning Rods Meeting Final
    ‪15:55‬ Race 29 Stock Rods European Challenge Cup Final
    ‪16:15‬ Race 30 Two Litre Hot Rods Billy Walsh Memorial Final
    ‪16:30‬ Race 31 CHR Meeting Final
    ‪16:45‬ Race 32 NHR Pat Canavan Memorial Final
    ‪17:00‬ Race 33 Productions Final
    ‪17:15‬ Meeting Finish

  • Lochgelly 9 6 2018-2018

    Hardie Race Promotions Lochgelly , the oval race circuit well worth a visit, I will make mine one day. Absolutely a well prepared oval with cracking race lines will always provide fast superb racing.

    With a steady development of classic hot rods in the area , two local John Mcfarlane and 247 have sold their cars on whilst they build fresh stock which will push the local turnout into double figures .

    Practice sessions pre meeting often produce a few issues , for

    58 Mike McCain a head gasket issue and 158 Alec Wilson a differential problem.

    Heat one a dry track and a fair ensemble of fine tuned classic hot rods, a few instillation laps and a loss of 523 Matt Mcpherson form the line up. A rolling start and a good start for 756 Spence in the Talbot sunbeam , 116 Adrian Taber gave chase but soon dropped back down the field.

    26 Jock Campbell moved up into the second spot and hunted down the lead car.

    A battle was developing at the rear with 232 Brett Sneddon who was fending off a charging 17 Kenny Purdie ( who had put a lot of time in to get the car back on track). Trevor Harris went down after a few laps in the recently acquired Angle box.

    Jock Campbell 26 Wound the mk2 Escort up and found a way around the 756 of Spence , the Talbot of Spence seemed to puff a fair bit of smoke . Jock went on to take the chequered flag .

    Results ht 1 26 756 232 17 871 116 nof

    Heat number 2 and 523 McPherson makes the line up , Marc Spence in the ex McCade Talbot from the front makes the first move . Adrian Taber 116 has been busy in the pits and the car is much quicker and smoother . A few laps in an Purdie 17 has split from Sneddon and driving the car to its full potential ,

    Passing high side has he narrows down the lead car . 871 Grahame Callender has become Brett232 Sneddons sparring partner this time has they dance corner to comer on the slick tyres.523 McPherson retires into the safe area , Jock 26 , is trying to get there for a second win . We are half way and again there’s smoke signals from the leader .It looks like when the car gets warm its either over fuelling or there is a leak of oil down onto the exhaust . Either way the power is still on , its not causing any issues . Marc Spence is maintaining his lead , a quick check in the mirror and 17 Purdie has found a way around Jock . Just in time before the pressure rises the flag drops and Marc Spence takes victory in heat 2.

    Results756 17 26 232 871 116 12 nof

    Final time for Lochgelly , this a double header weekend for the stadium , we have had the pleasure of joining them on this reasonably fair weathered Saturday night. The classic hot rods although few are getting there , the racing is tight and the roar of the 2lt engines a sound of absolute delight .

    58 Alec Wilson joins the field of cars the differential issues looks to be sorted .

    Marc Spence again is first away and the chase begins , 116 Adrian Taber starts to drop back a little , there are two major battles now emerging . All eyes are at the rear of the field , side by side lap by lap 282 Brett Sneddon and the king of Carlude 17 Kenny Purdie on the outside. These two are at it hammer and tongue the crowd are cheering them on , paint is being exchanged , Sneddon catches hold on Purdie and they both hold on . Meanwhile its chuvitt v Escort at the front on the tail of the Talbot , which again is puffing out smoke signals and sounding like a valve is not quite sitting well.

    Three car battle now at the front they are on Spence’s tail down into turn two the straight ahead and the chuvitt of Wilson pulls in on Jock in 26 who catches the rear quarter and fires him up and over turn three curb the yellows are out .

    Earlier stages have seen 971 Callender retire with engine issues and 523 McPherson had to pull up again , we hope he can get those issues sorted with his car before the next meeting and 12 Trevor Harris out on the opening laps.

    A 2 lap dash to the line remains , Marc Spence 756 holds on to the lead and takes the flag , Sneddon and Purdie duel away . Spence makes heat and final.

    Result 756 26 232 17 116 not .

    Thanks to Laura  McIntosh for the footage , Craig Duncan for photos and notes on the day and all the drivers with their pit crews for some superb racing.

    Report compiled by Andy Hankin CHR PR.