Taber and Buckley to take the HIGH ROAD

Classic hot rods return to Lochgelly Raceway this coming Saturday and it looks like it may be a busy one.

A small number of drivers are travelling across the border in a bid to score international points in the series; 555 Gavin Taber has booked in to race after not having a great meeting down at Aldershot and so has Dan Buckley who scored well after having to rebuild his engine prior to Aldershot. Buckley was out at PRI@s Birmingham with the slick cars last Saturday and the car looked to be spot on.

They will be up against Scotland’s finest though, headed up by 17 Kenny Purdie who still has to dial in the “spanker” after adding the x pack kit and updating the braking system. The axle needed repairs between races at Aldershot’s meeting but looked much quicker in the final.

871 Graeme Callendar who was featured in this month’s Retro Ford magazine has yet another car to bring to the table; having sold his mk1 escort / the dust sheets have come off a bright yellow mk2 that he has been working on  but knowing him it will be resprayed prior to hitting the track. Graeme has built some great machines in this formula with one of his old cars going on to win the National championship in the hands of new owner Chris Aldridge.

Martin Balfour purchased the 100e that Graeme finished off to a good standard, he will be looking for more success after a great days racing down at Aldershot last meeting with the car.

 12 Trevor Harris will look to end the little run of bad luck he seems to have has over the last twelve months’ having put in a lot of miles he has endured clutch failures and race damages  which has kept him out of the top results. 26 John Campbell will be making an appearance and is usually up there in the running all night at Lochgelly.

There are still a few to be confirmed like Graeme Allister and his long awaited return plus a possibility of the Hillman Imp making its first race appearance; drivers have until Thursday to confirm.

It great to see the effort of travelling drivers given the current world situation; we will try to keep you updated with any changes.

Please visit HRP Lochgelly website to see requirement for the stadium and to book tickets if available; the majority at present do not offer pay on the gate entry and you details are required for track and trace purposes.

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