• New Driver

    Graham Legge contacted myself three weeks ago looking for a classic hot rod. I hooked him up with a couple of options to consider , he telephoned me saying I really wanted a Mk1 Escort and was off to look at Dave York’s car.

    Having purchased the car he has completed the required assessment test at Birmingham on Wednesday .

    Graham Legge will debut in the ex Dave York car on Saturday at Birmingham wheels raceway , we wish him all the best .


  • Midland Championship

    Saturday’s Midland championship looks to be a lesser grid than previous years , there are a few away on holiday or in state of repairs .
    Never the less twelve to 14 cars are possible to content for the Midland Title at Birmingham Wheels Raceway in support to the second of the Brisca f1 semi finals and of course this will be televised later on the premier sports channel.
    The current points battle at the top between 555 Gavin Taber , 72 Gary Goodswen and 198 Andy Steward is still to be balanced out and they will no doubt be chasing points as well the title.
    116 Adrian Taber has a choice of cars this weekend , will it be Escort mk2 that took him to a podium in Scotland or the ex Pat Smith angle box that has given him a few head aches this season.
    45 Craig Boyd and 236 Rhino Polley will be on board the pair of Austin A40’s ,257 Andrew Willis will be in the lil old pocket rocket A35.
    Charlie Schrembri 121 will be presented in the castrol stripped mk1 Escort which look stunning at Ipswich spede weekender.
    210 Hughie Weaver who had suffered from a misfire at Great Yarmouth is booked in hopefully that’s fully cured. Dave Cushion will be bringing another angle box to the game in a bid to have a go for the title has will 151 Paul Hollis.
    The good guy 31 Steve Gooding will be out with his hillman avenger powered of course by Ford and has performed well at wheels before.
    We await full confirmation of #donut Andy Steward was has been busy helping out in the national hot rods with team116 Haird .we may also be joined by 98 Nigel Murphy who is yet to confirm.
    The championship race will be missed by newly crowned National Champion 17 Kenny Purdie who has the car on display helping out at a children’s charity event North of the border.
    Start time is earlier at 6.00 pm , its a big meeting so be there early if you can .
    Andy Hankin chr .


    Tipperary raceway preview 11TH AUGUST

    With the top National hot rod , stock rod and lightning rods drivers heading for England and the national weekend . Some will stay behind and be joined by the classic hot rods this Saturday coming.
    Anthony Morgan heads up the list of drivers looking set to increase its points in the Irish championship stakes.
    With six formula’s on the schedule start time will be 5 pm For the meeting .
    Well worth a visit if your staying home for your racing fix in the Emerald Isles.

  • Great Yarmouth 29th July 2018-2018


    Seaside Special Gt Yarmouth 29 th July 2018

    Eleven drivers in total made it across to the East Coast raceway , two of which had travelled through the night from Cowdenbeath in Scotland .
    The meeting intended to celebrate the local sponsored driver of 72 Gary Goodswen , who has driven some cracking races so far in his Classic hot rod Career.
    Not often do we see the classic hot rods at Great Yarmouth , any drivers don’t like the cable and post fence set up . The race surface although at times a little sandy is a very smooth tarmac and pace is always good around the Yarmouth track.
    333 Lee Wood fell short of the cables a few years back but on this occasion had comeback for more . Joining Gary and Lee were 198 Andy #donut Steward , 116 Adrian Taber, 12 Trevor Harris , 555 Gavin Taber , 121 Charlie Schrembri , 271 Jamie #jayjay Johnson , 98 Nigel Murphy ,151Paul Hollis and 210 #musicman Hughie weaver.
    The agreed format was a drawn grid , reversed for heat 2 and points positions for the final.
    The battle from seaside 1 down at Arlington was set to continue has 555 Taber set off at the front chased down by 72 Goodswen , 333 #divainaviva Wood gave chase before being sugar coated by the front of #Donut in his rear view mirror .
    #Donut 198 moved up the field to split the dynamic duo apart and help reshape the boot panel of the 555 car in pursuit , rubbing is racing folks and this fast paced formula rubs along fine.
    Taber took first blood at the flag adding another win to his total .

    Result ht 1 555,198,72,333, 271 , 121 .116 , 98 , 12 ,151

    Heat 2 reverse grid time no 210 Weaver . For some mid point was a good place to be , early doors 121 Schrembri with the lead . By lap 4 198 #donut had moved up into position number one and it was up to the others to gain pace. 333 Wood dropped out along with 151 of Hollis.
    Needless to say 198 took the win from 72 Goodswen and a fair drive by 121 Schrembri.

    Result ht 2 198, 72 , 121 ,271 ,555 , 98 , 116

    Final time and the current top three drivers all at the front for the seaside parade and a charge to the chip shop , no I mean finish. No 333 , 210 or 12 for this one .
    198 #donut away from the front and in control of the whole pack , 72 Goodswen in hot pursuit plus the anglebox of 555 Taber. Pretty much that all the way through to the flag and a heat and final win for 198 Andy Steward.

    Result 198 Andy Steward , 72 Goodswen , 555 Taber , 121, 271 , 98 , 116 , 151

    Report Andy Hankin form video by Jaeden Larner , Pics Jason Larner.

  • Cowdenbeath July 28th 2018-2018

    Cowdenbeath Racewall 28th July 2018

    Scottish Championship Rd 3

    The turnouts for Scottish rounds are rising in numbers over the last year , this due to the commitment of the drivers who have sold cars on and built fresh.
    John McFarlane is one of those drivers and the new 84 car has made its debut , in fine livery and looking 100% a classic.
    10 cars made it to the raceway for a Saturday evening of high octane and rear tail swinging.
    The new national champion 17 Kenny Purdie was in attendance with new roof colours. Join in as well were 116 Adrian Taber, 58 Alex Wilson, 232 Brett Sneddon ,162 Keith chesher,12 Trevor Harris, 871 Graeme Callender, 523 Matt McPherson and 756 Marc Spence.
    All cars made the first heat with McFarlane running from the rear on grounds of a fresh car. Adrian Taber 116 was first away with Spence and Harris In tow , 871 Callender was all over 17 of Purdie for a few laps before hitting the wall out of the turn and pulling up.
    The lead changed has 58 of Wilson wound up the Chuvitt ( now running a ztec) , 162 Chesher was in chase . Purdie pulled up just inside of 5 to go , 232 Sneddon closed on the pair has the flag dropped.
    Mcfarlane kept it straight but a few teething issues with the new steed was the issue on pace.
    Result Ht 1 58 Alex Wilson ,162 ,232,116,12,84

    Heat 2 756 Marc Spence first away this time in the Talbot but soon had Wilson on his tail . Spence dropped on turn 1 has the chuvitt / escort train of Wilson and Chesher shunted on by.
    17 Purdie was a bit more on pace although under the kosh at times from 232 of Sneddon .
    Whilst 116 Taber and 12 Harris decided to have a battle of their own has 58 Wilson charged to the flag for a second win from Chesher in 162.

    Result Ht 2 58 Alex Wilson , 162 ,17 ,232 ,12 , 116 , 523 , 84

    Final time up next could Wilson take a hat trick in the Chuvitt ? Rob Montagner 22 has done the job a few years ago south of the Border .
    Well no Wilson for the final would put pay to the hat trick , seven cars lined up on what was now a wet track . Yes the good lord had decided that Cowdenbeath needed watering , the heavens had opened after weeks of blazing sunshine and immense heat.
    Trevor Harris 12 was first away along with Taber 116 , 17 Purdie made his move from the back displaying why crossflows are better in the wet. Harris spun out of turn 4 has Purdie took up the lead and onward to yet another fine victory. One or two were a bit tail happy with the now wet surface and loss of some grip combine with power and traction. A good evenings racing though a fair attendance has the Scottish Classic Scene begins to grow.

    Final Result 17 Kenny Purdie, 523 Matt McPherson , 116 Adrian Taber ,162 ,232 ,756.

    Report by Andy Hankin , pics Craig Duncan.

  • Cowdenbeath preview by Mc Fastlane

    Cowdenbeath Racewall Saturday 28th July Scottish Series Round Three Preview
    ‘The Racewall Rumble’
    Now that the dust has settled from the Spedeweekend at Ipswich we now turn our attention to the domestic scene where firstly we have to congratulate 17 Kenny Purdie on becoming the New National Champion 2018 who straight away dedicated his win to his late father Jim Purdie who sadly passed away last year and had been the driving force behind Kennys success over the years and of course we can’t forget 2nd place driver 871 Graeme Callander who showed what could be achieved with a Zetec engine under the bonnet taking his immaculate Mk2 escort so close but rumour has it Graeme will be Pinto powered this weekend with his stunning Mk1 escort. Both drivers will be returning from holiday and ready to take there place on the grid this weekend.
    Joining Kenny and Graeme on track are our two local drivers 162 Keith Chesher in his Pinto powered Mk2 escort who enjoyed two wins and a second last time out and will be looking for more of the same and 84 John McFarlane who will be making his first appearance of the season with his new pinto powered Mk2 escort. Joining us from the Highlands we have the ever improving Marc Spence in the 756 Talbot Sunbeam along with 523 Matt MacPherson with his lovely Zetec powered Mk2 escort. Next we have 58 Alex Wilson although having a disappointing Spedeweekend still showed the potential of the now Zetec powered Chevette certainly one to watch this weekend. Moving on to the ever impressive 232 Brett Sneddon who took a win and two seconds last time out and is always in the mix come the chequered flag in his pinto powered Mk2 escort. Well where do I start with our next driver 12 Trevor Harris ‘Some Say’ he is just using this Saturday at the Racewall as a pit stop having travelled more than the allocated 500 miles for a Scotsman taking in Arlington and Aghadowey ( NI ) only to head off again to Yarmouth Stadium for Sunday nights Classic Hot Rod meeting, Trevor in fact won his first ever race in a Classic Hot Rod at Aghadowey so well done that man. That concludes the Scottish entry leaving only one remaining entrant for the evenings racing at the Racewall and that’s 116 Adrian Taber from Norfolk who has enjoyed a good run of form in the ex Sam Mitchell Pinto powered Mk2 escort even though Adrian could appear with his Zetec powered Anglia we will just need to wait and see whatever Adrian decides to use he knows he always gets a warm reception and is pretty much becoming a regular on the Scottish scene.
    Good luck to everyone this weekend and have fun lads


    Seaside special 2

    The second of the seaside specials comes up this Sunday at Great Yarmouth, a very smooth tarmac track with cable and post fence. Featuring a grandstand seating area and bar.

    Local lad 72 Gary Goodswin heads up the field of cars for a two heat and final race format . On home turf can he increase his overall points total ?

    He will be joined by 555 Gavin Taber who is also chasing at points in the championship. 116 Adrian Taber , 271 Jamie Johnson ,121 Charlie Schrembri and 151 Paul Hollis.

    A small booking of six cars so far , with hopes of a few more making the trip down the A47. The sight and sound of the greatest retro formula of the raceways.

    Perhaps a chance to take in a little sea air and make a day of it , visiting the local attractions and pleasure beach. A paddle in the sea before settling down to a four formula meeting including the classic hot rods, 2lt hot rods , B2B bangers and the mighty unlimited bangers .

  • Aghadowey 22 7 2018-2018

    Aghadowey Raceway 22nd July 2018

    The classic hot rods were invited has part of the meeting for the lightning rod world championships.
    With the formula lacking still in numbers despite a few cars in build and one or two missing , just the four drivers arrived to race.
    Heat one was lead away by 99 Liam Bushe who was soon caught by 12 Trevor Harris ( who had been at Arlington on Wednesday ) , Trevor then taking up the lead . While 25 Trevor Cussack chased away at 19 Anthony Morgan from the back of the pack.
    19 #captain Morgan drove away fro Cussack passing Bushe and battling for a few laps rubbing along with 12 Harris before going the high line around and on to the win .
    Result 19 Anthony Morgan , 12 ,25 ,99
    Heat two again Bushe 99 of to the early start , 25 Cussack and 19 Morgan were toe to toe for half a dozen laps until Morgan broke loose.
    12 Trevor Harris went round Bushe for the lead , Morgan however picked up what looked to be a puncture on the outside relegating him to the infield.
    Harris 12 went on to win with 25 Cussack winding her up pat 99 Bushe for second place.
    Result 12 Trevor Harris , 25 ,99 , 19 DNF.
    Final time , all four cars on track and ready to go for a clutch start . Harris was on the tail of Bushe 99 by turn one , Morgan got away well from Cussack . Morgan hit the front before half way , Harris dropped back and 99 Bushe was putting up a great fight for places.
    Harris got a second wind and found his way around Bushe just in time has the flag dropped on the second win of the day for 19 Anthony Morgan.
    Heat and final to the #Captain
    result 19 Anthony Morgan , 25 ,12 , 99.