• Irish Open / Jim Purdie weekend

    Two for one at Tullyroan

    The weekend kicks off with the Irish Open Championship . A drawn grid for heat one and reversed for heat two , highest points scorers to the front.
    Open is just the deal , national champion 17 Kenny Purdie will cross the water in a bid to add to his 2018 titles tally.
    Fellow Scots 162 Chester , 12 Harris , 62 Campbell , Callendar and 756 Spence will also make the two day event.
    From England the points chasers 555 Taber and 72 Goodswen are joined by a 3 into 2 A40 challenge with inside weight GB in 445 Saturday and the scales change has the karting kid 45 Craig pilots her on Sunday. Ryan Polley will be on board the second A40.
    Taber senior 116 and the music man 210 Weaver will also go west for the weekend.
    A all action packed Irish field of cars will fend off the challengers headed up by 19 Anthony Morgan along with 25 Cussack ,43 Corrigan, 99 Bushe , 100 Fenny and 976 Richardson although there may be late entries .
    Wales is represented by 57 Mike Oliver #Thewelshwizard who will take to Adrian Boyle car for the weekend.
    What a cracking line up who will become Irish Open Champion ?
    Moving on to Sunday we celebrate the life of Jim Purdie who passed away last year whilst attending to watch his Son Kenny Race.
    It will be an emotional time for all us at Classic Hot rod racing and especially for Kenny and his sister Janice .
    We can only wish that he take the win and trophy on the day and see tears of joy .
    Travel safe , race well and enjoy your weekends racing !
    Andy Hankin.


    The usual suspects of the ever growing Scottish classic hot rod scene were out and ready to race, no McTaber team who are busy preparing for a trip to Ireland.
    A wet and greasy heat 1 by the looks of it, 523 Matt Macpherson broke away and looked set for a win until spinning out with under 5 laps to go.
    17 Kenny Purdie was having a right old battle with 58 Alex Wilson , who was handed the lead battling away to take the win.
    Heat 2 a much dryer track 523 MacPherson again got to the front chased by 84 John Mcfarlane . 58 Wilson was looking good until cooking the Chuvitt up a little too much out of turn 4 ,allowing Jock Campbell and Purdie through. The pair battled for second a way down on MacPherson 523 who made sure of the win.

    A slightly smaller field of cars for the final was narrowed down further with 17 Purdie pulling off before the start has the car packed in
    523 MacPherson was first away chased by a much quicker 84 Mcfastlane although not quick enough to hold off 58 Wilson
    It was looking at  straight race for 523 Matt Macpherson, until 59 Wilson and Jock Vampbel caught up with him

     Wilson steaming by inthe zetec powered  Chuvitt to take a second victory of the night making it heat and Final. 

    A great nights racing , thanks to Kirsty Mcfastlane  and Janice Crawley for video work and Jason has always for his committal to CHR.

  • IPSWICH 08 09 2018-2018

    Ipswich classic hot rods 8 9 2018

    Two months after the last trip to Ipswich for the national championships the classic hot rods returned for a Saturday night meeting.
    This time around 198 Andy Steward back in the saddle after his holiday’s and ready to race . Joined by Gary Goodswen 72 and 555 Gavin Taber , the points chasers were ready to get on it around the oval.
    A change of steed for the Italian Stallion 121 Charlie Schembi , he piloted his Ford angle box of which is still up for sale on the button ready to go.
    A trip across middle earth from Oxfordshire for a last race from the back for 922 Graham Legge , in the ex 27 Dave York mk1 which raced here in the National.
    More good news has 421 Chris Aldridge joins us at classic hot rods in the ex Graham Callender mk2 zetec powered , making a move over from lightning rods.
    Heat one out on track then two new starters to the rear 116 Adrian Taber and 271 Jamie Johnson to lead them away . Legge 922 pulling out before the flag dropped and rejoining around lap 4 has 421 went down and 271 Johnson spun out on turn 4 . 116 Taber with the lead a hard chasing 236 Rhino Polley and 121 Schemrbi on it in the angle box. A few more laps in and 121 out of shape drops back has the 198 Donut starts to move up the field .
    Rhino 236 now riding on Taber’s off side arches try hard to take the lead, 198 donut drops out and retires to the infield . The pack has closed on Polley and Taber with under 5 laps to go 555 Taber closes in behind the MK2 of his father , Polley on the outside forced to drop back ; it’s a Taber 1 ,2 on the line.
    Result 116 Adrian Taber ,555, 236, 72 , 445 ,121, 922 , 271.

    heat two gets underway with 271 Johnson taking to the front and 236 Rhino running shotgun , the pack closes in and we are in for one hell of a race . 198 donut on the outside line , Polley not far ahead and there’s a shuffle on turn one 555 Taber and 72 Goodswen move up the field . 555 Taber forces down the inside of 116 (yes dad) move over this is racing at its best 555 up into 2nd place chasing jay jay 271.
    72 Goodswen moves on 555 Taber , he is trying to rub the 72 love heart of the back fin I drew on there LOL. Taber takes to the outside has 198 donut falls in line behind Goodswen , threes only one way around that high an fly for the anglebox of Taber has he throws her down into turn 3 and a cat length longer than 271 Johnson to take the lead.
    Goodswen and 198 Donut follow the same way a few laps later and chase after 555 Taber but the flag is down win to 555.
    Jamie Johnson 271 still fending the rest of the filed to the end his mk1 escort has had its rear end rubbed more than a trophy girl !
    Result 555 Gavin Taber , 72 ,198 , 121 ,445 ,271 ,922 ,421 , 116, 236

    Final time and both heats taken by team Taber who start at the rear of their grades for this one , who will take the win?
    Its a clutch start and 271 Johnson first away with Rhino in tow , its a steady procession has the tyres get warmer . 421 Aldridge from the rear is giving our superstar 72 Gary a run for his money both behind heat two winner 555 Taber.
    271 Johnson makes a mistake the Rhino 236 bunts his way through , young blood is at the front ! Johnson drops down the field . 445 Graham Boyd is having a good old battle further back with 198 Steward . Rhino goes on turn three something mechanical , its 116 Taber heat one winner at the helm with just under half way to go.
    The lap boards are out , the straight rail gearboxes are screaming ! 121 Schembri is on Taber’s case trying the high line for the lead . Schembri gets the lead , Taber now under the kosh from the pack drops back . 121 Schembri takes the flag and the price of the Anglia is now a good one the car has just won a final !

    Result 121 Charlie Schembri , 198 Andy Steward , 445 Graham Boyd ,555, 72 ,116 ,922 , 421 , 271.

    A cracking nights racing well done guys .
    Report Andy Hankin , videos Jaeden Larner , pictures and results Jason Larner.

  • Classic Hot Rods Scottish Round 5-5

    Classic Hot Rods Scottish Round 5
    HRP Lochgelly Raceway 15th September

    This weekend we see the Classics return to Lochgelly to contest round 5 of the Scottish series in which there is a healthy 10 cars booked for the evenings racing. Last time out at Cowdenbeath Racewall 26 John Campbell won the Joan Purdie Memorial Trophy and this weekend John is planning racing his 2Ltr Hot Rod as well as his Classic on the night, joining John we have 232 Brett Sneddon and 162 Keith Chesher who have been treating the Classic followers to some excellent racing between each other in their Mk2 Escorts. Heading down once again from the Scottish Highlands are 526 Matt MacPherson and 756 Marc Spence in which both drivers have shown that on there day are quite capable of pulling a win out of the bag. Back after a bad collision at Birmingham Wheels we have 12 Trevor Harris who somehow managed not only to rebuild his badly damaged Anglia but has also found the time to give his car a stunning makeover and since we are on the subject of damaged cars we once again welcome back 63 John Watkins who for the second time this season has had to rebuild his Mk1 Escort so hopefully John can stop at the chip shop in Halbeath after the meeting this weekend car fully intact. Another driver setting the heather on fire just now is 58 Alex Wilson with his Zetec powered Chevette having won heat 1 at Hednesford Hills last time out and Alex certainly knows his way round the tight Lochgelly track. Starting back in the fold this weekend is 84 John McFarlane having been happy with his new car at Hednesford Hillls after some teething issues and is hoping to be back in the mix Saturday night. Last but not least we have National Champion 17 Kenny Purdie hopefully not making his last appearance in Scotland in a Classic Hot Rod and if it is we wish Kenny all the best for the future and for helping put Scottish Classic Hot Rods firmly on the map. I would like to take the opportunity to wish all the drivers who are making the trip over to Tullyroan to support the Jim Purdie Memorial meeting …Good Luck Guys


    Saturday Night thunder
    It could well thunder through the wood of Foxhall heath has the classic hot rods return to Ipswich this Saturday night. Engulf yourselves in the finest retro oval cars and their close racing at a fast pace , it beats all Saturday night television.
    Fourteen cars are booked in with a possible few extras , we always have one or two late comers . Rightly if they turn in past the deadline they will have to start from the rear , chasing away behind our champions and points leaders.
    922 Graham Legge will make the trip across from Oxfordshire to complete his third meeting from the rear , once he moves to the front he will be one to catch. Having taken top ten positions so far from the rear of the field.
    The home track for Messrs Steward, Taber and Goodswen who are always on the pace at foxhall , they will be joined by Hughie Weaver, Charlie Schrembri , Andrew Willis ( Austin A35 ) , 271 Jamie Johnson ( previous EA champion on the track ) and a few more travellers from around the country.
    The pair of A40 powered by ford will be there with graham Boyd 445 and fresh from some clio cup action 236 Rhino Ryan Polley .
    Format will be two heats and final from graded order for the classic hot rods , the are joined by bangers and the Rookie rods for their long track championship.
    Start time is 18.45pm entry for an Adult is £16 with concessions for children and OAP.
    Great facilities on site for that Saturday night out with the family watching British motor sports.

  • Late Summer Classic Hednesford 27 08 2018-2018

    Late Summer Classic Hednesford Hills

    Bank Holiday Monday and so much choice of things to do , who named them Bank Holidays anyway ? The banks probably make more by being shut ,plus nearly everyone uses the plastic in varying forms now anyway .
    Like I said to one or two of the drivers , plan in advance ! Go to b & Q with the wife on the Wednesday before and whilst buying the DIY kit grab a bag of plaster . Then on the Monday morning get up and say oh ! I need to take that plaster to the raceway in case they run out . It’s used for oil spillages and they might not be able to get any today . Well it might work , who knows ?
    Anyway enough of the twisted humour and onto the racing . 18 cars were book into race , Trevor Harris however didn’t manage to finish the car in time. Never the less 98 Nigel Murphy was a late entry so 1 down and 1 back up .
    The weather a bit up and down all over the country , when I left Northamptonshire it was raining . Staffordshire was a bit brighter but with lurking clouds on the horizon , would we get a dry days racing?
    Heat on lined ready to go , 22 Shane Taylor electing to run from the back to see how the car handles after that heavy crash last time out here at the English open.
    It was 31 Gooding in the Avenger and 35 Dave Cushion in the yellow Angle box that led the field away , 922 Graham Legge the newcomer from Oxfordshire not making the grid after installation laps due to a miss-fire .
    Gooding managing to edge into turn 1 before Cushion made good progress at the front in the opening half . 35 Cushion dropped back and 151 Paul Hollis now running from the front of the grid having done his 3 meetings at the rear moved to position number two.
    20 Dave Fry and 116 Adrian Taber in the mk2 escort moved on up past the car of Hollis but coming through behind them at a great rate was 58 Alex Wilson in the chuvett now power by ztec ford . The car had shown great promise at Ipswich and was finding places north of the border on the Scots man own turf .
    Gooding was holding on to a tight line as 58 Wilson and 55 Gavin Taber arrived to join the party , Fry and 116 Taber dropped back Wilson went to the high side of the banked track and hit the front.
    He was pressured all the way to the flag by 210 Hughie and 555 Gavalar but they could not budge the chuvitt , first win of the day to Scotland.

    Results 58 Alec Wilson , 210 ,555 ,45 ,116 ,72 ,31, 20 ,35 ,98 ,84 ,22 .109.

    Heat two very much the same format line up ,2 installation laps but this time 35 Dave cushion made sure his yellow Anglia was away first and stepped up a lead within a couple of laps. 20 Dave Fry gave chase in the ford 100e has 210 Hughie Weaver found full chat on the old girl making a move up the inside of fry to go up to second.
    Heat one winner Wilson 58 , was in trouble the car began to slow and rattle has he limped to the infield.
    By this time the music man 210 Weaver was in fine tune and flying into the lead. 151 Paul Hollis in the Anglia was leaving smoke signals around the west bend and a little substance down on the track , its been a hard year on engines in this fine retro formula.
    Further back the eastern train had formed of 555, 45 and 72 but their charge was a little to late has the flag dropped on the 210 of the music man. The three amigo’s still battled to the line with the A40 sneaking ahead of 72 and 555.

    Results 210 , 20 ,45 ,72 ,555 ,35 ,121 ,116, 236 , 31 , 98 ,22 ,257

    Final time for the classics and the late summer classic trophy , 922 Graham Legge making back out on track after a bit of fettling in the engine bay.
    A few retirements then no Avenger for the final and the Scottish boys had departed home bound .
    This left 35 Dave Cushion all alone at the front made early progress from the clutch start before handing over to 20 Dave Fry . It wasn’t long before the rest of the field began to change places with Rhino 236 looking promising ahead of 210 Weaver . Gavin Taber 555 was on it in the Anglia , having spent best part of the week pulling the side out and recovering from a big hit the week before.
    A five way battle was warming up for the lead between 20,210,45,236 and 555 . Weaver went inside of Fry to take the lead on turn one only to get out of shape later on the same turn , Taber took up the lead has the five way battle dropped back to second place with 72 Goodswen joining the party.
    Leaving Gavin Taber 555 in position one for most of the remaining laps . 45 Craig Boyd was squeezing has much he could on the outside and inside to try and get through to the lead , with a big lunge down the inside on turn three he was through and went onto take the win . With Taber still a close second and Weaver in third.

    Result 45 Craig Boyd , 555 Gavin Taber , 210 Hughie Weaver ,72, 236 , 922 ,22 , 109 , 35 , 257.

    An impressive drive from 922 Legge picking up sixth from the back of the grid. One more rear start and he will surely make a few podiums from the front.

    Report Andy Hankin , results Jason Larner , videos Jaeden Larner .

  • Bank Holiday 27th August Hednesford preview

    This Bank Holiday Monday takes the classic hot rods back to the home of hot rod racing , Hednesford Hills Raceway .
    The will be on the line up with the Oval Track Legends and Bangers for the summer classic event 10 on the British fixture list .
    18 drivers will race from their respect grades , chasing points towards the championship, with Andy Steward on his holidays and Gavin Taber out with injuries and damage surely 72 Gary Goodswen will reap the benefits and top up his points.
    Local driver Darren Owen had contemplated a Helicopter ride back for the event but declined at the price, after all scrap has gone down this week too.
    The avenger of Stephen Gooding will be out in action and the iconic A35 of Willis plus a Pair of Boyd racings finest A40’s on Board Craig and Rhino . No Viva though Lee Wood is out with a blown engine . The latest of the casualties of this hot summer along with 871 Graeme Callender who blew up last weekend.
    Newcomer 922 Graham Legge has had his ride pimped by Kewy Signs of Oxford and is ready for the second of his three charges from the rear.
    Trevor Harris has been working hard on repairing the Anglia which took heavy front end damage at Birmingham to head up a Scottish invasion with Wilson and McFarlane . 22 Shane Taylor is hoping to be finished with a late parts delivery and 20 Dave Fry has had his rear end sorted (often needed at his age ) .
    The #italianstallion 121 Schrembri will be up for a canter around the Cannock chase oval, 210 Hughie Weaver ,151 Paul Hollis ,109 Roger Mathews ,and 116 Adrian Taber ….
    LATE NEWS 555 Gavin Taber has booked in , will he be in a spare car ? Who knows ?
    Join us in the Hills of Hednesford Monday start time 1.30 pm for all action classic hot rods and for the ford enthusiasts the Bangers are Ford Focus only !

  • Joan Purdie Memorial / classics scottish rd 4-4


    The turnouts north of the border are getting into regular bookings of double figures. With one or two prepared to travel the distance not only for the racing but to enjoy the company of friends , a group meal and lots of banter.
    This meeting the Joan Purdie memorial trophy sponsored by Kenny Purdie.
    Local support for the racing in Scotland is strong with regular fans turning out to support the classic hot rods.
    Heat one ,time to put those classic hot rods around the racewall and wag their tails on the corners.
    Led away by the black mk one Escort of 63 John Watkins, the flag dropped it wasn’t long before 116 Adrian (Mc) Taber was on the heels of the lead car with 871 Callender in hot pursuit (now using his mk1 having sold the mk2). Taber went through to the lead and within ½ lap 871 Powered by just dancing the tail end out . 84 Jock McFastlane was still having teething problems with his new car and from yellow grade as well , he dropped down the field has the Pinto’s , zetec’s and the king of cross-flows 17 Purdie drove on by.
    Just over half way and 871 Grahame Callender’s engine let go as the 5 car train of 555 Gavin Taber ,17 Purdie ,232 Sneddon , 162 Chesher and 26 Jock Campbell came by . Lucky for them there was no oil down on the corner and the 5 car train was safe , the angle box of 555 Taber being love tapped by 17 Purdie who was keen to get by . This is classic hot rods at their finest lap after lap a five car train to the flag with 555 Gavin Taber taking the win.
    Heat two the lower grades away first or just about , the reds on full chat behind them has the steamed past within the next lap 555 Gavin just catching 116 Adrian’s rear quarter a little (come on dad get a move on !). It was 162 Keith Chesher that got the main advantage at the drop of the green though and was soon to hit the front of the field. Jock Campbell 26 was brushing his open passenger door off the wall lap by lap , Purdie 17 had found his way past Taber 555 . This was a whole different game to that of heat one. The Purdie , Taber and Sneddon train went around 84 Mc Fatslane , Taber dived down the inside of Purdie but it wasn’t enough the door was soon closed. 162 Chester was now well away and took victory for heat two.
    Final Time and the Joan Purdie Memorial race , a lot of powder down on the track as the previous race someone’s engine let go . So a few extra installation laps to bed the dust I and the cars realign ready for the off.
    The lower grades get away well 4 laps in and 116 Taber has the lead but the quicker 162 Chesher goes for a clean inside pass and takes over, further back Kenny 17 is slow off the mark . Midfield battles are going on with 26 Campbell and 55 Taber , not even half way and this race is warming up.
    Just over half the distance gone 162 Chesher is maintaining the lead , 26 Campbell has broke loose then comes 555, 232 and 17 in a train . Matt McPherson is further down but doesn’t seem to be having a good night all round.
    Purdie 17 takes to the outside line gets around Sneddon an then carves a way through the angle box go Taber but has he left the charge too late?
    Sneddon 232 has been chipping away at the angle box of 555 Taber for 3 or 4 laps catching the rear here and there but it all goes Pete tong has Taber 555 gets spun out down on turn 1 by Sneddon Watson takes on damage has the 555 car hits him sideways , its a doorpost for Taber all 3 are retired from the race.The race is brought to a stand still on caution while they check the drivers and clear the track.
    The field a little depleted carry on to the flag 162 Chesher crosses the line only to be disqualified on a technical issue , promoting 26 Jock Campbell to winner , 17 Purdie 2nd 116 Adrian Taber 3rd.
    26 Jock Campbell is the Joan Purdie memorial race winner for 2018.

  • Midland Championship Report

    Midland Championship 2018

    Having been moved over to Birmingham with the brisca f1 semi finals (a need for tarmac racing in their rules ) the classic hot rods lined up in the pits amongst the feature formula.
    With one driver not making it on to track the classics emerged has race 4 on the event schedule for the first of two heats .As per 2018 rules the format would be a graded one for this championship.
    Whites to champions and novice drivers then ;
    35 Dave cushion (Anglia) , 12 Trevor Harris,257 Andrew Willis (A35), 116 Adrian Taber (Anglia .zetec), 121 Charlie Schrembri (mk1 escort ) , 236 Rhino Polley ( A40 ) , 210 Hughie Weaver , 198 Andy Steward, 45 Craig Boyd ,555 Gavin Taber , 72 Gary Goodswen , novices 151 Paul Hollis( Anglia) and 922 Graham Legge (ex Dave york mk1 ).
    Practice session had seen Hughie Weaver testing after a week under the bonnet fixing a misfire which was found in the carbs.
    Due to a now wet surface it was decided to have a rolling lap start ,35 Dave Cushion was first away with 116 Taber on the chase and taking over position one with a few laps gone.
    121 #italianstallion Schrembri moved up the field but dropped back has the A40 of Craig Boyd appeared on the scene ahead of the 198,555,210 and 72 express.
    119 #alpacaman Taber’s lead began to diminish , further back 210 #musicman Weaver wound it up down towards turn one catching a hold of the rear quarter of 555 #vanman Gavin Taber’s angle box and spinning him out of the running in the process.
    Less than Half way to run and 45 Boyd was on the tailpipe of 116 Taber , first trying the outside line then a quick switch down the inside on turn one for the lead. Forced out wide Taber let 198 #donut Steward through has well . A hot pursuit to the flag led to a victory for 45 #kartingkid Craig Boyd.
    Result 45 Craig Boyd, 198 ,116 ,210 , 72 ,121 ,12 ,555 ,922 ,151

    Heat number two and by now the heavens had opened the track a lot wetter glistening under the floodlighting.
    Dave Cushion 35 first away in the angle box then , 116 Taber chasing hard behind and again taking over after a few laps. A coming together of 210 Weaver and 236 Polley dropping the later in front of the lead cars, Polley then dropping way back down 210 Weaver pulled up.
    116 Taber pulling at least 4 car lengths on the chasers of 198 Steward , 121 Schrembri and 555 Taber with 72 Goodswen not far behind.
    12 Trevor Harris collecting 151 Hollis out of turn 2 and going into the armco hard brought out the yellows for recovery and to check on Harris.
    The car later rendered has being in need of much straightening , the tunnel and bulkhead both going back.
    Just 5 laps to go Taber 116 led the pack away for race continuation managing to get away , 198 #donut still chasing hard and 45 Boyd trying around the outside to the flag. Race win 116 Taber in the ex Pat Smith Angle box.

    Results 116 Adrian Taber , 198 ,45 ,555 ,72 ,121 ,922 ,236 ,257

    The Classics would go for a rolling start then for the 2018 Midland championship racing over 25 laps to the flag, one or two getting a good start on the green.
    35 Dave Cushion having a short lived lead has 121 Schrembri powered to the front of the field . 116 Taber gave hot pursuit only to be caught by 198 Andy Steward who found a way around .
    198 Steward narrowed down the lead of 121 Schrembri taking over just past half way , Taber 116 was battling away to hold on to third further back as the pack encroached.
    Steward taking the flag form Schrembri and Taber , steward to check and confirm result due to a championship race .
    Top Three confirmed
    1st 2018 Midlands champion 198 Andy #donut Steward , 2nd 121 Charlie Schrembri 3rd 116 Adrian Taber ,72 ,45 ,555 ,236 ,922 ,257

    A good start for the newcomer from the back of the pack of 922 Graham Legge , finishing top 10 in all three races.


  • This weekend coming

    Next up in Scotland we have a very healthy 11 Classic Hot Rods competing for the first ever Joan Purdie Memorial Trophy this Saturday night at the Racewall. The last outing at the Racewall seen some very exciting racing and this weekend is shaping up for a repeat with the added spice of two visiting English drivers or known up at the Racewall as the two Local Norfolk drivers the MacTabers being of course 555 Gavin with his Anglia who unfortunately missed the last meeting due to wedding rehearsals and 116 Adrian who last outing managed a very respectable 3rd in a very wet Final in his Escort. Also hoping to make it back from his holidays in time is double heat winner from the last meeting 58 Alec Wilson with his Zetec powered Chevette and on the subject of holidays our next driver is hoping to get an earlier flight home from the sun to be with us and that is 871 Graeme Callander who will be hopefully racing his Mk1 Escort. Also hopefully continuing their battle with each other we will have 232 Brett Sneddon and 162 Keith Chesher who simply entertained the Racewall crowd last outing with there close clean lap after lap racing with Keith coming out on top on the night so I sure Brett will be out to prove a point this weekend. Again hoping to kick on from his excellent 2nd place in that very wet Final last time out we have 523 Matt MacPherson in his Zetec powered Mk2 escort who just keeps improving . Joining us this weekend we have 26 John Campbell in his Mk2 escort, John being a very experienced driver who has been racing 2 Ltr Hot Rods for the last few seasons and showed last time out he is certainly one to watch. Out again for his second appearance of the season is 84 John McFarlane with his Mk2 escort who is hoping this meeting to find second gear and keep up with the pack. Next we have the long awaited return of 63 John Watkins who has had to rebuild his Mk1 escort after an incident at Lochgelly in April with Scotland’s equivalent to Lightning McQueen but I’m sure John will just be happy to be back out to enjoy himself and on the subject of Lightning McQueen we have the National Champion himself 17 Kenny Purdie who won the Final last outing at Cowdenbeath bringing the ‘Spanker’ home in style. We thank Kenny for sponsoring this meeting and see it as an honour to be competing for the Joan Purdie Memorial Trophy so good luck guys and enjoy your nights racing at the Racewall