• For sale , championship winning Anglia 555-555

    Gavin Taber offers for sale his points championship winning car , no expense spared throughout season .

    Ex Ray Harding car , 2lt Pinto ( had full rebuild early season) comes on the button ready to go.

    Car based near Diss Norfolk.


    Call Gavin on 

    01379 650642



  • Get yourself a Classic for Christmas

    With the season closed there are one or two cars up for sale !

    Shane Taylor offers for sale his Ford 100e , powered by a ztec engine . recent suspension rebuild using new Gaz struts and new discs etc . The car is offered on the button ready to go at a snip of £8500 with optional spares package.

    Contact Shane in Cheshire on 07799523450 to arrange purchase and collection.



    Also for sale is the Riley of Kara Boyd , the car won best looking car 2017 and was the talk of the autosports show when it was debut . 

    Built by Boyd motorsport with input from the Driver George Polley , the car sports a ford pinto power unit and holds the track well. 445 Graham took the car to Lochgelly and was flying a couple of months ago . 

    This unusual build is a snip at £12000 ono . please call Graham on 07973284667



  • Driver review 42 The Bromley Bomber

    Driver review 2018 Dean Kitchen 42

    Having already taken a maiden win in the sport Dean has yet to dig in and make his mark in classic hot rods stand out, he was hit by bad luck in 2017 with some engine issues and once again engine troubles in 2018.
    The car looked as perfect as could be when testing amongst the slick cars at one of Hednesford first I factor series this year .
    Dean ran from the back with fellow classic driver 924 Stuart Wright , both cars there testing ready for the big meetings to come within the following months racing.
    The car had been much improved with a wider rear axle being fitted and adjustments to running gear since 2017.
    The car is the ex 599 Brantwood Anglia which was built with out any short cuts but sported a crossflow engine , it then went north to the Gambone stables . There it was raced by 03 Brian Starr and 244 Fil gambone himself , it was believed the car travelled south again afterwards . Dean purchased it without running gear and opted for a Pinto which meant engine bay and gearbox tunnel alterations.
    Unfortunately at the National Championship , part of the Ipswich spedeweekend Dean’s engine let go . This rendered the “Bromley Bomber “ out of the racing for the rest of 2018.
    Dean is running a 2 lt overhead cam pinto style engine , these are still expensive to maintain has opposed to the Ford Zetec engine.
    I have had several chats with Dean over facebook , he is a purist of the classic look and sound . The Pinto is a must to be in the car for him !
    He has said that he will return in 2019 ready to race we wish him all the best for the forth coming season.

    Review AH picture Jason Larner

  • What’s our 555 Gavin been up to now ?

    That’s what we are all about at Classic Hot Rods !

    The British points champion 555 Gavin Taber is a pure gent , he took time out on the 27th November from his business to treat a special someone to a hot rod experience day !
    Gavin runs Royden service station and van sales along with Lopham vehicle services , he manages a near full season of racing as well.
    Long time sponsor and follower of all things Hot Rod and Oval racing , Andrew Bigmore of Cattermoles of Ipswich has just turned 70 years of age.
    He was abducted by Gavin and family and taken on a journey across to a Local raceway at Swaffam , on arrival he began to realise that his day was going to get better .
    There waiting were the team with one of the classic hot rods(116 mk2 Escort) from the Taber stable ready to be taken for a spin around the raceway.
    Safety gear on and a few pointers from the champion 555 Taber and Andrew was off on one of the greatest experiences a hot rod fan could have.
    Andrew came back of track beaming , the day had been organised with Gavin by Andrews wife .
    The day then took a turn has Mrs Taber took the reigns of the 116 Ford Anglia (used by Gavin’s father Adrian). Move over champ ! The Mrs is coming through.
    Well done great work Gavin Taber truly the act of a champion.

  • Driver review 119 Dan Buckley


    Dan has been racing in the slick cars for most of 2018 . He owns a number of race cars including a Mercedes national hot rod .
    The car he has raced most of the season has been his Malcolm Blackman Peugeot 205 replica . The car has turned heads around the raceways over the last 12 months , especially those who are fans of the retro race scene.
    Dan purchased his Mk2 escort classic hot rod from none other than 144 Tim Foxlow , this car is the ex 198 Andy Steward championship winning car .
    When it arrived with Tim it was re panelled front and rear . Tim reckons most of the paint on the front was his anyway , from a tad of race rubbing on the behind of the spanker ( Tim’s previous car ) .
    Dan has had the paint work perfected and liveried in his own paint scheme , which is absolutely stunning .
    So how did it all fare for Dan ?
    Dan raced the night before Best in Britain 2018 in the slick cars with the Escort , the drive in the distributor decided to spin and ended his nights racing rather shorter than he wanted . The Peugeot on that night was lent out to 333 Lee Wood who is out with engine issues at the moment. Lee really pushed the pug to limits around Birmingham Wheels.
    Dan Managed to make Hednesford with the car but again ran into a few teething issues .
    Hopefully Dan after having the car on show at the Autosports and Motorsport with attitude shows will be ready for season 2019 .
    The car has pedigree and so does the driver , its a pleasure to have Dan on Board at classic hot rods.

    words Andy H

    picture MKPICS.net Martin Kingston

  • Whats happening ?

    The closed season

    We will be looking back on 2018 at the drivers their highs and lows , catching up on winter rebuilds for some and spit and polish for others.
    We are awaiting the full fixture list from the promotions so you can plan your diaries full of good solid racing .
    The Autosports show will feature a fine display of oval race cars with the McGill motorsports stand in January .
    Then in February the Motorsport with attitude show will feature classic hot rods on display and in the demonstration / race arenas .
    The best looking car of 2018 is in its final voting , the winner will be presented with the shield for 1 year , in addition we will be adding the previous winners to the shield.
    Rod on

  • Best in Britain Hednesford November 4th 2018-2018

    Best in Britain

    A wet November Sunday afternoon , 24 classic hot rods set to do battle.
    With visitors from Scotland and Ireland the Staffordshire oval of Hednesford Hills Raceway was about to be alight with the sound of classic hot rods
    From Scotland we had 871 Graeme Callender , Trevor Harris fellow Scot was unable to finish repairs to his car ,however he did receive the Neil Edwin most improved driver of the year trophy (which was delivered by Graeme).
    From Ireland the new 2018 Irish points champion 19 Anthony Morgan who also raced at the track last month taking on heavy frontal from the armco turn three barrier when his throttle stuck open.
    Joining him 976 Clive Richardson and Davey McCall (ex national hot rod four time world champion ),now taking his position in the classic hot rods . Davey is the promoter of DMC Tully-roan oval which promote classic hot rod racing in the Emerald Isle. He turned out a fresh white mk2 escort a car which caused a lot of interest pre race.

    More new starters in the formula 93 Nick Ross in the ex 57 Mike Oliver Talbot sunbeam, 02 Rich Adams in the ex Karl Dudley Jones mk 2 Escort and119 Dan Buckley the ex 144 Tim Foxlow car
    Never have I seen so many people join us in such a short space of time at classic hot rods.
    A championship race requires a drawn grid,the choice for groups of six .The later group being pretty much unchanged all day whilst the other grids would be reversed for the second heat.
    The points then accumulated would give us the highest points scorers to the front positions for the big race.
    The first six were send round to line up behind the control car, British points leader 555 Gavin Taber had been fortunate enough to draw pole position , alongside him 976 Clive Richardson,behind him in the first six 19 Anthony Morgan,871 Graeme Callendar,8 Darren Owen and 445 Graham Boyd.
    72 Gary Goodswin led the second pack away,922 Graham Legge next to him with 116 Adrian Taber,22 Shane Taylor and Andrew Willis A30 has rear gunner .
    The third pack of six led by 35 Dave Cushion , 236 Ryan Polley,121 Charlie Schembri,924 Stuart Wright,45 Craig Boyd and 20 Dave Fry.
    The fourth set of cars would be mostly static during the course of the day containing 209 Andy Lee,31 Steve Gooding,942 Davey Mc Call,119 Dan Buckley ,02 Rich Adams and 93 Nick Ross.

    209 Andy Lee in the last six made a great break and was soon in amongst the set in front .
    555 Taber was fighting hard on the inside but the power of Richardson on the outside was too much 976 Richardson was gone .
    19 Anthony Morgan made a good challenge but began to drop back leaving 555 Taber on his own in second .
    The chequered dropped and 976 Clive Richardson took victory with 555 Gavalar Taber second.
    976 555 19 922 45 942 236 8 116 871
    Heat two reverse grid ,20 Dave Fry and 45 Craig Boyd come to the pole positions . The rear group remaining as was in heat one,31 Gooding in that group penalised for late arrival .
    20 Fry in his Ford popular was first away and the veteran of the formula had hit good form although under pressure from the younger blood of 45 Craig Boyd .
    Boyd slid outwards has 121 Charlie Schembri went under and up to second , now third Boyd was under pressure from the second Austin A40 of Rhino Ryan Polley 236.
    Half way and 19 Morgan with 976 Richardson staying close had moved up to 3rd and 4th respectively.
    The closing lap got fry caught up in back markers , Richardson found a way round the outside and took victory.
    The Grand Final time championship race for the Best in Britain a fast fuelled race lies ahead !
    Front row the double heat winner 976 Clive Richardson,outside the newly crowned Irish points champion 19 Anthony Morgan .25 laps the distance ,
    19 Morgan and 976 Richardson were going for it from the drop of the flag,Morgan locked on the side of the x pack of Richardson all the way around the first corner.
    Morgan took the early lead,976 Richardson was soon back up on the inside line forcing 19 Morgan wide,there was no room between the two again. Morgan then dropped down the grid has others moved up.
    The race had progressed the last lap board was out, Richardson was on his way to victory, Boyd was set for second, Taber a safe third and victory for his season long battle of the English points .
    Congratulations to 976 Clive Richardson a treble winner on the day and the 2018 Best in Britain Champion.
    Congratulations also go to 555 Gavin Taber the new English points champion 2018.
    Race report Andy Hankin .


    Best in Britain

    Exciting times and all on the last meeting of the year for the classic hot rods.
    A year of highs and lows all round will end with a bang as we go into the final round of the British points series and its a out of the hat grid .
    555 Gavin Taber leads the points by a very small margin over 72 Gary Goodswen . The two could land anywhere on the first grid and reverse of that for the second , points accumulator will place them in highest to the front for the all exciting finale .
    For a few rear starts will feature all day 02 Rich Adams makes a move over from national hot rods having purchased the ex Karl Dudley Jones car . He will be joined by fellow midlander who will move over from 2 litre hot rods 93 Nick Ross ( who has the ex Mike Oliver green dragon Talbot) . Both have spent many years at Incarace in various formulas .
    942 Davey McCall the DMC promoter will make his presence known has he starts his classic hot rod quest , the former national hot rod world champion will be racing a fresh mk2 x pack escort .

    976 Clive Richardson will be back in “Dallas” livery mk2 for Sundays meeting also making a trip across the sea will be 19 Anthony Morgan.
    924 Stuart Wright is back with the mk1 now ford ztec powered , Simpson exhaust …it’s been bling’d.
    We are only just getting warmed up ! 8 Darren Owen The British open champion will be looking to add another trophy to the cabinet .
    Trophies are sponsored by Darren’s brother David who crashed out early in the season , taking heavy damage to his back from which he is recovering well. The car was pretty sha##ed has well.
    The two time Cock of the North 45 Craig Boyd will pilot the A40 bullet , while 236 Rhino is on board the grey one having struck his first final podium this year last weekend . Could Rhino be the next “driver “ like his grandfather ex world champion 306 George Polley ?

    The rest of the field is still star studded , 121 Schembri ,257 Willis , 210 The music man ,20 Dave Fry , 22 Taylor , 31 Gooding , 116 Taber SNR are all booked to race .
    871 Graeme Callender who took two heat wins last time out at Hednesford and 922 Graham Legge who stormed his first final having gained a blue grade from his 3 rear starts.
    12 Trevor Harris probably the driver who travelled more miles in one week of racing than most do in a year through the summer is also booked to race.

    The National hot rods are there for a world championship qualifier with 33 cars booked into compete.
    Its man of the Midlands time for the bangers 57 cars and growing all about to do the battle royal around the Staffordshire oval !
    plus the mighty firework display as well , start time 2 pm .
    Myself and Dave G on the comms all day , food bars open , track shop open .