Best in Britain

    Exciting times and all on the last meeting of the year for the classic hot rods.
    A year of highs and lows all round will end with a bang as we go into the final round of the British points series and its a out of the hat grid .
    555 Gavin Taber leads the points by a very small margin over 72 Gary Goodswen . The two could land anywhere on the first grid and reverse of that for the second , points accumulator will place them in highest to the front for the all exciting finale .
    For a few rear starts will feature all day 02 Rich Adams makes a move over from national hot rods having purchased the ex Karl Dudley Jones car . He will be joined by fellow midlander who will move over from 2 litre hot rods 93 Nick Ross ( who has the ex Mike Oliver green dragon Talbot) . Both have spent many years at Incarace in various formulas .
    942 Davey McCall the DMC promoter will make his presence known has he starts his classic hot rod quest , the former national hot rod world champion will be racing a fresh mk2 x pack escort .

    976 Clive Richardson will be back in “Dallas” livery mk2 for Sundays meeting also making a trip across the sea will be 19 Anthony Morgan.
    924 Stuart Wright is back with the mk1 now ford ztec powered , Simpson exhaust …it’s been bling’d.
    We are only just getting warmed up ! 8 Darren Owen The British open champion will be looking to add another trophy to the cabinet .
    Trophies are sponsored by Darren’s brother David who crashed out early in the season , taking heavy damage to his back from which he is recovering well. The car was pretty sha##ed has well.
    The two time Cock of the North 45 Craig Boyd will pilot the A40 bullet , while 236 Rhino is on board the grey one having struck his first final podium this year last weekend . Could Rhino be the next “driver “ like his grandfather ex world champion 306 George Polley ?

    The rest of the field is still star studded , 121 Schembri ,257 Willis , 210 The music man ,20 Dave Fry , 22 Taylor , 31 Gooding , 116 Taber SNR are all booked to race .
    871 Graeme Callender who took two heat wins last time out at Hednesford and 922 Graham Legge who stormed his first final having gained a blue grade from his 3 rear starts.
    12 Trevor Harris probably the driver who travelled more miles in one week of racing than most do in a year through the summer is also booked to race.

    The National hot rods are there for a world championship qualifier with 33 cars booked into compete.
    Its man of the Midlands time for the bangers 57 cars and growing all about to do the battle royal around the Staffordshire oval !
    plus the mighty firework display as well , start time 2 pm .
    Myself and Dave G on the comms all day , food bars open , track shop open .

  • Cock of The North !

    Cowdenbeath 28th Sunday Coming

    Kenny Purdie headlines the cock of the North at Cowdy , support comes from the proclaimers 84 Mc Fastlane and 247 Mc Cabe .

    Sounds like a good gig for those wishing to travel 500 miles round trip to see the best of Scotland’s classic hot rods complete their busiest season yet .
    Craig Boyd and inside weight Boyd SNR 445 will be making the trip from out east up the long road , there may be a stock up on cattle on the way back down. Joining them will be 236 Rhino , now which one has shoe horned themselves into the Riley ? We will find out on Sunday .
    Newcomer 209 Andy Lee will make the trip with his second outing from the rear of the grid .
    The racing promises to be fast and a wee bit furious , with 58 Wilson , 12 Harris and 871 Callender on the shorter road .
    26 Jock Campbell and 63 John Watkins are also booked in to race on Sunday.
    The event also incorporates the Doug Farrer Memorial trophy .
    Have a great finish to the Scottish season boys !

  • Hednesford 20 10 2018-2018

    Hednesford 20th October classic hot rods Autumn Rumble

    A good turnout of cars for this Autumn rumble with a newcomer to the scene , Andy Lee 209 in the ex Clive Richardson ( orange ) Mk2 now in Andy’s livery. A debut of a new car for 247 Graham McCabe , a mk2 x pack car with rear spoiler which right or wrong had to be removed at scrutineers discretion .
    Graham chose to start from the rear with 209 Andy lee and 421 Chris Aldridge for the afternoon in order to run the car in.
    A good invasion by Scotland with Mc Cabe bringing along 84 Mc Fastlane , 58 Wilson and 871 Callender for the convoy .
    Anthony Morgan 19 visiting form Ireland , their newly crowned points champion.
    Northampton the night before had been dry for the evening however the clouds had opened overnight . My trip from Kettering up was water bound all the way, so much my arms were aching by the time I got there from holding on to the car in the wash of the M6.
    Four formula meetings are the way to be at Hednesford whatever the weather , joining us were the National hot rods , Oval track legends and back to basic bangers .
    Heat one lined up ready for a few installation laps on the wet oval , a pond on the inner of turn four turn out was ideal for any passing ducks.
    Dave Cushion led the field away with 236 Rhino a little further back running from yellow grade, along with 116 Adrian Taber and 257 Willis in the A35 ( more like a yellow submarine in this weather).
    A Scottish Front row from blues with 84 Mc Farlane and 871 Callender, red grades with 210 #themusicman and 58 Alex Wilson. The points chasers from silver grade 72 Goodswen and 555 Taber ( current points leader ) on the outside line.

    35 Cushion the early leader was passed by 922 Legge around lap 4 with 871 Callendar on the same line , Callender hit the front and drove away from the field of cars.
    555 Taber had broke loose from the outside of Goodswen and mid field , Goodswen was under pressure from 209 Andy Lee who got past and was making good progress until running into problems with 5 to go.
    871 Callender continued pulling away from the pack to take the first heat in fine style.
    Results 871 Graeme Callendar , 121, 198 ,58, 555 ,210 ,72 ,19 ,922 ,116

    Heat two lined up on a slightly drier track with 922 Legge missing from the field , due to issues with the car that caused him to drop back in heat 1 .
    Mc Far lane also missing due to electrics failure on car , apparently they got a tad warm , this with 871 Callender at the rear of the blues following the win.
    35 Cushion was first away before handing over to 121 Schembri ,only to be passed on the inside line by the charging Scot 871 Callender .210 Hughie was on song in the mk1 as the music man closed in on the pair.
    555 Taber fended of the Norfolk boy 72 Goodswen over 20 laps to stay 1 ahead as 871 Callender closed heat 2 with a second win.

    Result 871 Graeme Callender , 121,210 , 198 ,58 , 555 , 72 ,19 ,116 .236.
    Final time the track much better than the start of the day , all to play for at the back in this penultimate points meeting . The points championship for the English points being down to the wire for the Best in Britain Championship at Hednesford in November.
    Cushion from white took the gig away for the third time of the day , 922 Legge was on a march having spent his first three outings at the rear . Legge hit the front and looked steady around the banked oval , 236 Rhino and 116 Taber managed to reach the leader and Polley began to give him a hard time.
    Nine laps gone and Callender the double heat winner retires to the centre , running order still 922 ,236 116 . Goodswen is two positions up on 555 Taber having forced through on 198 Doughnut and 210 Hughie.
    236 Polley goes for the high side of 922 Legge but gets rubbed a little before dropping back , 116 Taber goes up to second and amidst 922 Legge gets his foot down.
    The visiting Irish point champion 19 Anthony Morgan gets on full chat has the throttle sticks and goes straight on in turn three and Carl Checkley ( blast from the past ) looks on saying I did that same thing.
    A rolling continuation and 922 Legge pulls away from the front once more to take the flag , his first victory in classic hot rods and more to come no doubt.
    Result 922 Graham Legge , 116 Adrian Taber , 72 Gary Goodswen ,198 ,555 ,210 ,121 ,236 , 58 ,421.
    next time out will be in Scotland for the cock of the North trophy , check website etc for drivers list.


  • This weekends Classic Hot Rods

    Hednesford Autumn Classic

    Not quite a new venue to write from but today’s preview comes from John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford and yes folks we will coming out of turn 4 and heading for home next week.
    Hednesford always attracts more classic hot rods than other tracks, is it because its the home of hot rod racing ? Or the commentator knows his stuff (LOL).
    Twenty cars are booked into race at the Staffordshire venue , with a possibility of the English Open champion 8 Darren Owen coming to blow off the cob webs . He has been busy with son James race career which has stormed his final year in the micro stock cars , with lots of travelling and plenty of wins.
    The points chase is close as we can get with 72 Gary Goodswen and 555 Gavin Taber chomping at their bits to let the horses loose.
    We have visitors from Scotland with 58 Alec Wilson ,84 Jock McFastlane and 871 Graeme Callender. From Ireland we have the Irish Points championship winner 19 Anthony Morgan.
    Just 236 Ryan Polley this time around from team Boyd , Craig is in France and Graham’s gone fishing? ( something other than oval racing anyway).
    The weather reports are wet over Saturday , hopefully dry for a Sunday afternoons racing , see you there don’t be late .
    Andy Hankin.
    p.s. Martin Various from M.K.Pics will be in da house.

  • Tipperary cancelled

    Both days of racing for classic were cancelled at the last minute with a declaration of not enough cars had booked in to race. This left fans disappointed at the decision and those who had planned to race frustrated .

    There are a good number of cars available to race at Tipperary , with Ireland itself .

    It would be fair to say the Promoters should may be find a solution to the issue and return a good number of cars back to the track. There are also possibly quite a few new cars in production by other drivers it would be a shame for them not to race.

  • Tipperary Weekender 6th and 7th October

    Classic hot rod racing moves to the emerald isle this weekend for two days of racing at Tipperary has part of there national hot rod weekender .
    On Saturday they will race over 2 heats and compete for the Irish Grand Prix final , Sunday will be a normal points meeting towards their track championship.
    19 Anthony Morgan who has just taken the national points for Ireland will be there as usual along with Trevor Cussack 25 ( the car is up for sale minus engine ) .
    visitors from England and Scotland are planned , although 17 Kenny Purdie sold his car over there at the Tullyroan meeting . 84 John Mc Farlane and 12 Trevor Harris will make the journey , from England Gary Goodswen 72 and a debut for 169 Ben Hardy . Hughie Weaver has cancelled at last minute along with Kym who was to compete in the National hot rod series.
    100 Kevin Feeney will be racing also 671 Alan Leonard and 976 Clive Richardson , there may be a few extras who knows?
    A safe journey to all and have a good weekends racing.

    Saturday 6th October
    12.30 Gates Open
    ‪12:40‬ Drivers Sign On
    ‪12:45‬ Safety Checks on Cars
    ‪16:00‬ Safety Checks Finish
    ‪16:05‬ Draws for Grids
    ‪16:15‬ Drivers Briefing
    ‪16:30‬ Practice in Race Order
    ‪17:50‬ Practice Finish
    ‪17:55‬ Meeting Introduction
    ‪18:00‬ Race 1 Stock Rods Heat 1
    ‪18:10‬ Race 2 Two Litre Hot Rods Heat 1
    ‪18:20‬ Race 3 CHR Heat 1
    ‪18:30‬ Race 4 NHR Heat 1
    ‪18:40‬ Race 5 Lightning Rods Heat 1
    ‪18:50‬ Race 6 Stock Rods Heat 2
    ‪19:00‬ Race 7 Two Litre Hot Rods Heat 2
    ‪19:10‬ Race 8 CHR Heat 2
    ‪19:20‬ Race 9 NHR Heat 2
    ‪19:30‬ Race 10 Lightning Rods Heat 2
    ‪19:40‬ Comfort Break
    ‪20:00‬ Race 11 Stock Rods John Hall Memorial Final
    ‪20:20‬ Race 12 Two Litre Southern Irish Open Final
    ‪20:40‬ Race 13 CHR Irish Grand Prix
    ‪21:00‬ Race 14 NHR Irish Open Final
    ‪21:30‬ Saturday Finish
    ‪Sunday 7th October‬
    ‪10:00 Am‬ Gates Open
    ‪10:10‬ Sign in for all Drivers
    ‪10:30‬ Safety Checks on cars
    ‪11:30‬ Safety Checks Finish
    ‪12:00‬ Draws for Grids
    ‪12:45‬ Practice for Productions Only
    ‪13:00‬ Race 15 NHR Heat 1
    ‪13:15‬ Race 16 Lightning Rods Southern Irish Open Final
    ‪13:30‬ Race 17 Stock Rods Heat 1
    ‪13:40‬ Race 18 Two Litre Hot Rods Heat 1
    ‪13:50‬ Race 19 NHR Heat 2
    ‪14:00‬ Race 20 CHR Heat 1
    ‪14:10‬ Race 21 Productions Heat 1
    ‪14:20‬ Race 22 Lightning Rods Revenge (Reverse Grid)
    ‪14:30‬ Race 23 Stock Rods Heat 2
    ‪14:40‬ Race 24 Two Litres Heat 2
    ‪14:50‬ Comfort Break
    ‪15:00‬ Race 25 NHR Davy Evans Memorial Final
    ‪15:20‬ Race 26 CHR Heat 2
    ‪15:30‬ Race 27 Productions Heat 2
    ‪15:40‬ Race 28 Lightning Rods Meeting Final
    ‪15:55‬ Race 29 Stock Rods European Challenge Cup Final
    ‪16:15‬ Race 30 Two Litre Hot Rods Billy Walsh Memorial Final
    ‪16:30‬ Race 31 CHR Meeting Final
    ‪16:45‬ Race 32 NHR Pat Canavan Memorial Final
    ‪17:00‬ Race 33 Productions Final
    ‪17:15‬ Meeting Finish


    The second day of the weekender at Tullyroan Oval saw 14 Classic Hot Rods return, and after the bruising encounter the previous evening for the Irish Open Championship this was as good as could be expected. 976 Clive Richardson had reverted back to his other Mk2 Escort whilst 45 Craig Boyd had an overnight engine change.
    The first heat saw a yellow flag when 871 Graeme Callender found himself stranded across the racing line. There was no stopping 976 Richardson as he won by a distance with the real battle being for second with 99 Liam Bushe fending off 210 Hughie Weaver and, well, the rest. The weekend had been dry and sunny throughout, defying several weather forecasts but a rogue shower came along just as the cars had lined up for heat two. With them all on slicks it was very slippery going and some mastered it more than others. The one that did it the best, with the nimble A40 and experience well beyond his years was 236 Ryan Polley.
    The Jim Purdie Memorial Trophy Final was back on a dry track and saw Richardson convert pole position into a large lead whilst again it was the big battle behind that drew all the attention with 555 Gavin Taber, 45 Boyd and 17 Kenny Purdie. Purdie took a wide swoop around the outside of both to get second, but unlike the Irish Open the previous day, the leader was too far away. And thus it was the local man Richardson who took the victory. Taber made third.


    Report By Steve LInfield

  • Irish Open ….Purdie retains title Report by Steve Linfield

    The Irish Open Championship came to the Tullyroan Oval on what was one of the biggest weekends of the season in Northern Ireland, with the Classic Hot Rods joining the bill alongside the Superstox World Championship and National Hot Rod British Championship. The 17 car entry did fall a few short of what had been hoped for, but never the less a decent field and was a cosmopolitan entry with plenty of visiting interest. A good job too, really, as 976 Clive Richardson was the only driver from NI present with the rest of the entry seeing three from the Republic of Ireland, seven from England and six from Scotland.
    The drawn grid and reverse heats determined how the feature race would line up on what was a dry late afternoon and evening. The meeting got off to a bad start though, as on only the second lap of heat one 175 Andy O’Donnell went hurtling into the turn three wall, ending his weekend of racing there and then. 871 Graeme Callendar was the leader at the time and continued to do so at the resumption under pressure from 555 Gavin Taber who moved ahead. He continued to hold sway for the remainder of the race, albeit under great pressure from behind, notably 19 Anthony Morgan and 72 Gary Goodswen. The second heat saw 976 Clive Richardson convert his pole position into a comfortable win, whilst the fast Tullyroan Oval did take its toll on a few, with notably 45 Craig Boyd suffering an engine blow, the oil slick of which left the track slippery in the last quarter of the race.
    The points from the heats put 555 Taber on pole position with 976 Richardson alongside and 17 Kenny Purdie and 210 Hughie Weaver alongside and then 236 Ryan Polley and 72 Goodswen on row three. 13 cars started the race. It was a race that only went to the first corner before there was trouble. The front row men got together, tangled up and spun and then the second row did the same with one pair spinning to the inside and the other to the outside and then almost crashing (into the back of Taber) in sympathy 99 Liam Bushe went in too. All of this mess meant a very early yellow flag with Goodswen having taken the opportunity to lead. He opened out a gap at the re-start, but the man of the march was without doubt Purdie and he first hunted down and passed Polley for second and the did what didn’t look possible even at the halfway stage and he chased down Goodswen in an inspired drive. When he caught the 72 car he went round the outside, finding grip where many others didn’t seem able and went on to be comfortably clear at the chequered flag, for what was without doubt an emotional win for him. Goodswen had to be content with second and almost unnoticed there was just as good a battle for third with Scots 26 John Campbell and 162 Keith Chesher battling it out with 26 just getting there ahead whilst the rest of the finishers were 12 Trevor Harris, 116 Gavin Taber and 756 Marc Spence.

  • Irish Open / Jim Purdie weekend

    Two for one at Tullyroan

    The weekend kicks off with the Irish Open Championship . A drawn grid for heat one and reversed for heat two , highest points scorers to the front.
    Open is just the deal , national champion 17 Kenny Purdie will cross the water in a bid to add to his 2018 titles tally.
    Fellow Scots 162 Chester , 12 Harris , 62 Campbell , Callendar and 756 Spence will also make the two day event.
    From England the points chasers 555 Taber and 72 Goodswen are joined by a 3 into 2 A40 challenge with inside weight GB in 445 Saturday and the scales change has the karting kid 45 Craig pilots her on Sunday. Ryan Polley will be on board the second A40.
    Taber senior 116 and the music man 210 Weaver will also go west for the weekend.
    A all action packed Irish field of cars will fend off the challengers headed up by 19 Anthony Morgan along with 25 Cussack ,43 Corrigan, 99 Bushe , 100 Fenny and 976 Richardson although there may be late entries .
    Wales is represented by 57 Mike Oliver #Thewelshwizard who will take to Adrian Boyle car for the weekend.
    What a cracking line up who will become Irish Open Champion ?
    Moving on to Sunday we celebrate the life of Jim Purdie who passed away last year whilst attending to watch his Son Kenny Race.
    It will be an emotional time for all us at Classic Hot rod racing and especially for Kenny and his sister Janice .
    We can only wish that he take the win and trophy on the day and see tears of joy .
    Travel safe , race well and enjoy your weekends racing !
    Andy Hankin.


    The usual suspects of the ever growing Scottish classic hot rod scene were out and ready to race, no McTaber team who are busy preparing for a trip to Ireland.
    A wet and greasy heat 1 by the looks of it, 523 Matt Macpherson broke away and looked set for a win until spinning out with under 5 laps to go.
    17 Kenny Purdie was having a right old battle with 58 Alex Wilson , who was handed the lead battling away to take the win.
    Heat 2 a much dryer track 523 MacPherson again got to the front chased by 84 John Mcfarlane . 58 Wilson was looking good until cooking the Chuvitt up a little too much out of turn 4 ,allowing Jock Campbell and Purdie through. The pair battled for second a way down on MacPherson 523 who made sure of the win.

    A slightly smaller field of cars for the final was narrowed down further with 17 Purdie pulling off before the start has the car packed in
    523 MacPherson was first away chased by a much quicker 84 Mcfastlane although not quick enough to hold off 58 Wilson
    It was looking at  straight race for 523 Matt Macpherson, until 59 Wilson and Jock Vampbel caught up with him

     Wilson steaming by inthe zetec powered  Chuvitt to take a second victory of the night making it heat and Final. 

    A great nights racing , thanks to Kirsty Mcfastlane  and Janice Crawley for video work and Jason has always for his committal to CHR.