• Aldershot BOOM

    Classic hot rods line up at Spedeworth home track this Sunday ,Aldershot hosts a great array of formulas for afternoons racing .
    Its a top turnout for the classics with sixteen drivers booked into race the biggest turnout for Aldershot in the history of the formula.
    It will be heavy traffic for the current points champion and points leader 555 Gavin Taber. He will do battle with a star studded grid ahead of him . Long time classic racer 445 Graham Boyd is on track ; Aldershot is one of Graham’s favourite tracks .
    Nigel Murphy took a win at Hednesford and will be a little further back for this one , 87 Jason Busby makes a move into the classics and starts his first of three visits from the rear.
    209 Andy Lee and Nick Ross both have one more start from the rear , they finished top 6 at Hednesford in the final.
    Gary Goodswen 72 makes his first outing of the year since the car refurbish over the winter, he will start has the current international points Champion.
    It will be a well worth visit for the fans with back to basic van bangers , B2b bangers , ninja karts and Oval track legends.
    Happy bank Holidays.

  • Two days Two wins

    Boyd secures the Scottish Championship and takes The Malcolm Chesher Memorial

    14 Classic hot rods turned in for a rather wet Saturday evening at HRP Lochgelly , 2 opening heats and a grid for the Scottish Championship.

    Gavin Taber had to make adjustments to the car due to the weather and the wet suits were out , choice of tyres etc and away we went .Two Trevor’s over the top of the twelve cars booked in then 25 Cussack and 12 Harris . English man, Irish man and Scotsman arrived in the pits , where’s Mike Oliver when you need a welsh man? Promises of a few good jokes there.!

    Heat one was j taken by hot favourite 45 Craig Boyd.

    Heat two a win for the Scots in the form of Jock Campbell a regular on the podium in Scotland, Boyd 45 in second and Matt Mc Pherson in 3rd .

    Championship time and a wet track doesn’t suit all , Boyd was on it and found the way to the front as top qualify starring on outside pole. Absolutely  drove a great race from start to finish itn poor weather conditions  to take the win ,Well Done Craig.

    Day two a few less cars and a lot dryer day for some classic hot rod racing .

    Heat one a time to see what might be needed for a better set up and time to slide round the track, 45 Craig Boyd coming through in 1st place with Taber in 2nd.

    Heat two a reverse grid and Taber hits the front driving tight till the flag ,24 Wright 2nd and 3rd Boyd

    The English had invaded the front rows were ready for taking glory for a second day in a row , 116 Adrian Taber sporting new colours was further back but still in support .

    There was improvement in the weather and it could go anyway between the top three so far , Wright after all the hard work on the mk1 was reaping benefits and giving fellow Englishmen a hard time.

    It was Boyd who took the flag and the little A40 again to take the Malcolm Chesher memorial trophy to had with the previous nights rewards.

    Alan Pirouet Photography.(oval racing photos)

  • Invasion 2019-2019

    The Scottish championship takes place this weekend at Lochgelly on Saturday with more racing on Sunday for the Malcolm Chesher Memorial trophy.

    The Scots will be invaded from all sides , current champion 198 Andy Steward is out of action following an operation on his back.

    On the attack for England will be current British points champion Gavin Taber 555 in his Angle box , 116 Adrian Taber (choice of 2 cars) , Stuart Wright 24 in the revamped mk1, 421 Chris (new paint ) Aldridge, Dan Buckley 119 ( ex foxlow mk2) and a favourite for the win 45 Craig Boyd.

    Invasion from the Emerald isle will be headed up by the best in Britain winner 976 Clive Richardson along with 25 Trevor Cossack .

    Defending the pride of Scotland Will be Matt McPherson , Jock Campbell, Alex Wilson and Keith Chesher.

    It will be a fine battle with the locals having more track time at the Loch , over the last twelve months .

    There maybe a few late bookings but good luck to all.

    Rod on

    Andy H.

  • Round 1 seconds away


    Hednesford 10 03 19

    Whilst there was snow in some areas of the UK places although cold and windy the track remained dry for the first classic hot rods meeting of 2019.

    17 drivers booked into race and 17 we had not quite the same 17 but there was some nice fresh looking cars none the less.

    Ben Hardy 169 fell short of his first meeting when drive line issues on the transmission stopped him mid way of a few practice laps, back on the trailer for a disappointed Ben.

    Hughie Weaver full refurbish on the mk1 , stunning sign work by our own spedeworth dynamic Dave Baldwin signs aka graphics by Dave. Unfortunately Hughie spun out in heat one and took out the off side suspension on both corners ouch !

    Kevin Feeney made a return in the fresh painted ex Thomas Dilly mk2 escort starting at the back progress looked a little slow.

    Heat one with 20 Dave Fry from white , should have been a walk over but the 100e doesn’t seem to have the power of the ex points champions previous cars. Stephen Gooding in the Avenger seemed to make great progress at the front the car handling really well and some great battles to try and hold on.

    Just under half way and 98 Nigel Murphy now at yellow grade after his first 3 from the back marched on by to take the win by a good distance.

    Heat 1 winner 
    98 Nigel Murphy 31 121 20 555 116 209 93 119 353 871

    Heat 2 and Nigel moved to the rear of his grid but pulled off with issues during the course of the race..

    The battle of the Dave’s for the first half of the race although 31 Gooding still on it in the avenger looked quicker . However it was “Narfolk Dave” Gavin Taber who came through from the rear has reigning points champion to wind the angle box up and take the win

    .Heat 2 Winner 555 Gavin Taber 20 121 31 353 116 93 119 421


    A few missing for the final , left a clear path for Taber to get going and was top five within the same amount of laps , once around the traffic he was gone into the distance . A class performance from our points champion and fastest lap times as well.

    The interesting point was 209 Andy shakey Lee who came from further back in the ex Richardson car to take his first podium finishing third , bear in mind this was his third time at the rear possibly red for first grade?

    Finishing behind him in fourth was 93 Rosco in the Talbot sunbeam , re grading new starters will be fun this early season.

    Final Winner 555 Gavin Taber 20 209 93 421 35 119 121


    Rod On


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    We would like to thank Rich Adams for sponsoring the website this season at Apex windows and conservatories .

    Classic hot rods .co. uk will also be up and running very shortly 

  • It’s Race Time … This Sunday 1.30pm Hednesford Hills

    Dust off the cobwebs , blow up the tyres ,charge those batteries its racing time.

    Whilst not all cars are ready for the first meeting of the season for the classic hot rods a fair turn out of 17 cars is looking good for this Sunday . The Hills will be alive with the sound of hot rods classic style !

    Hughie Weaver has under gone major work and his car signed by Dave Baldwin looks stunning .

    The points champion 555 Gavin Taber has been busy straightening the angle box up and wife Becky has had him on a slimming world diet , he will dust off his crash hat in pursuit of 2019 and the title chase.

    Ben Hardy makes his début in the pink one , a stunning prepared mk2 built with TLC and determination.

    If you went to the Motor sport with attitude show at Peterborough you would have been engulfed by the fresh colours of 45 Craig Boyd’s Austin A40.

    Possibly a trio of Ford 100e’s could appear with 20 Fry, 22 Taylor and depending on which car 871 Graham Callender brings all the way down from Scotland.

    Midlands drivers 8 Daz Owen , 93 Nick Ross and 35 Dave Cushion will certainly be looking for a local win.

    Come and join us with 36 plus bangers , 23 Lightning rods and 27 Stock rods booked in the racing should be good for a Sunday afternoon out.

  • Nick Ross the story so far

    Nick Ross 93

    Nick has spent most of his life engulfed in racing with his step father Dave racing most weekends in his Capri super rod , meant Nick grew up with it in his blood.
    He began his own racing career in the budget formula of incarods with some success and lots of damage , he knows there is always rubbing !
    Dave Poole was still racing his super rod at the same time in the slick cars and many meetings saw them both racing , with Dave also joining the incarods at stages too.
    The thirst for something faster was eating away at Nick and the purchase of a Nova shelled 2 lt hot rod was no surprise . The car was knocked into shape and trials proved it needed a little more work . He is aided not only by Dave’s experience mechanically but also number 2 mechanic Bob who lends a hand both in the workshop and at the track side.
    The Nova began to show form and Nick took his first win in the formula but was that enough !
    No it wasn’t ! Nick came to me around June time last year declaring love ! For the want of a classic hot rod that was . We talked about what he wanted , Nick was hunting for something not quite the norm.
    Following the national weekend Mike Oliver had just finished putting the Talbot back together with replacement parts that he crashed out in . It was the second time Mike had taken frontal damage in the car , the first in Ireland . This time it was a little heavier ,wrecking the newly fitted radiator ,damaging the wings and front panels.
    Mike had success in the car on the shale at Mildenhall but wasn’t quite sure what to do next ?
    Darren Owen mentioned to him Nick was looking for a car and after travelling to Aberystwyth on the second tripNick  returned with the car .
    The panels were all done but paint was needed and one or two extra bits , the car would need setting up and to be fair it was turned around quickly .
    Brett Fiddler was on hand to sort the bodywork and give the car a smart new coat of paint. Brett himself a successful race driver now runs his own body shop and car repaint shop.
    Sam Grey motor sport fabrications at Samspeed has also been a big help to Nick with the car and has sponsored the car.
    Still running the ford zetec engine in the car has proved reasonable for Nick on his debut at Hednesford for the best in Britain where he ran from the back all day getting used to the car .
    Nick declares that it is a new learning curve on the development of his race career . He is that committed that the 2lt hot rod was back out on new years day at Birmingham . 2019 could be a busy one race wise for the young man who also holds down a full-time job whilst studying for a degree .
    The car is on display this weekend at the McGill Motorsports stand at the Autosports show Nec Birmingham.



  • NEW DRIVER FOR 2019-2019

    Darren Anslow set out on a quest to join the classic hot rods , he wanted an iconic car that needed TLC . Scott hill a former banger driver had purchased from Shane Taylor the ex Nelly mk1 , he rebuilt it but never raced the car .
    Darren struck a deal ! Took the mk1 back to his boudoir and began to do “his thang with it “
    He rebuilt the roll cage , worked on the suspension to his way of racing and here she his the classic hot rod of 7 Darren Anslow .
    Darren’s pedigree ? Ex economy car racer , super rods ,lightning rods and bangers . He has also help many people out with his fabrications .
    He will make a great addition to the 2019 season , his nickname #stumpy

    See this car at the AUTOSPORTS SHOW this weekend


  • 271 Jamie Johnson

    Driver review 271 Jamie Johnson

    A mixed short season this year for Jamie , showing form on the Mildenhall shale only to get car issues a few laps later . Always cheerful though about is racing and prospects for the future, at which point he is in process of removing the faithful crossflow to replace with the modern Ztec .
    I am sure with Jamie’s extensive knowledge and engineering experience the car will be spot on when ready to race. May 2019 be a better year.

  • 247 Review 2018-2018


    Driver review 247 Graham Mc Cabe

    Graham like fellow Scot John Mcfarlane  gave up their rides for the early part of 2018 in order to bring fresh driver into the sport . The Scottish series has a result flourished with some great racing.
    Sitting watching your old Talbot go out and take victory must on one hand be pleasing but frustrating on the other , for every driver at the end of the day just wants to race.
    Graham debuted the new ride at the late summer Hednesford Hills meeting , the car caused quite a stir. Despite being finished immaculately with full x -pack and rear wing , it was deemed the wing should be removed ? But why and how? Surely the retro side should reflect cars of the day , after all Barry Lee sport rear wings on several cars .
    However Graham removed it for the racing but late at a zero points meeting in Scotland was allowed to race with it on has a trial .
    Graham has been a stalwart of the formula for some time now having built 2 mk2 Escorts , a chevette and the Talbot . He gives great support to fellow racers in Scotland and is always prepared to travel for racing , despite having a very busy business to run.
    Lets hope the wing can stay because the car looks great with it on.