• All the fun of the fair

    Arlington is a great little track way down on the south coast , it runs all formats of domestic oval motor sport.

    Classic hot rods visit once a year , its a mid week meeting and a long travel for half of those who turn in for the event.

    This years participants , 45 Craig Boyd , 445 Graham Boyd , 116 Adrian Taber , 353 Steve Spooner, 119 Dan Buckley, 421 Chris Aldridge , 555 Gavin Taber, 42 Dean Kitchen 12 Trevor Harris and 121 Charlie Schembri .

    The tight concrete oval provides some tricky passing situations and in heat one has they got away over the opening laps ,555 became a casualty on the outside of 119 in turn one. Trevor Harris having made the trip down from Scotland went out with clutch issues .

    Craig Boyd got off to a flying start with 421 Aldridge in close proximity for a few laps , before leaving him behind to march on to victory.

    Heat two and a reverse grid put 445 Graham Boyd up front with Dean Kitchen who missed heat one due to a brake issue joining in at the rear . Graham got off to a good star and led most of the distance ; 353 Steve Spooner dropped out and 119 Dan Buckley was up to second when 45 Craig came through on the inside passing the leader in the next corner . With less than a hand full to go 119 Buckley was spun out on turn one by a charging 555 Taber . Craig bagged win number two.

    The final and both a40’s on the front row , Craig broke away and Graham was going well till he spun on turn four , with Dean Kitchen doing the same on the next lap’ both recovering and joining the traffic. Craig went on to make it a hat trick of wins


    The Jolly boys are on a outing today Wednesday 3rd July has I join team Boyd for a trip down to Arlington for the Southern Championship. The Cambridgeshire based classic hot rod team will be in force with both A40’s out at the meeting.

    Joining them on track will be the duo from the East 555 Taber, 1116 Adrian Taber and 72 Goodswen who put on a great displayhttp://www.spedeworth.co.uk/incarace/rules at last years meeting .

    Chris Aldridge will be in action looking to tot up some more point in his first season campaign. Dean Kitchen has hopefully sorted the gearbox issues and will be able to attend .

    Making the some 1050 miles round trip will be 12 Trevor Harris , lets hope he has a safe journey both ways. Dan Buckley 119 is a late entry on the booking who is also hoping to make it a worth while trip.

    Local racer 353 Steve Spooner, will be looking for a good grid position come final time. 

    The deep suoth may even get me to listen too during the meeting !

    See you there Rod On

    Andy Hankin.

  • British Open

    Hednesford 23 Rd June was the British op en championship for the Classic hot rods and the Annual Bill Morris Trophy.

    Cars weren’t at big numbers compared to previous years but still a good turn out of drivers looking to get their hands on the Bill Morris Trophy. Last years winner Darren Owen who has been busy with the development of his son’s James race career came along to defend the double title meeting; the previous holder of the titles now the current British points champion was also back for another try , 555 Gavin Taber.

    Joining them were a whole host of formidable contenders and one in particular 45 Craig Boyd who took victory in Scotland earlier in the year , lifting the Scottish open championship .

    Newcomers Nick Ross 93 , Dan Buckley 119 , 421 Chris Aldridge ( who is bagging wins like nobodies business and regular classic driver 42 Dean Kitchen , 24 Stuart Wright, 121 Charlie Schembri and travelling from Scotland the current National champion 17 Kenny Purdie.

    Heat one was led by Charlie Schrembri ; Taber cut through the pack with Boyd hard on his tail . Finding a way past Charlie they both darted off for the flag drop Taber taking the win .

    A reverse grid for heat two put Taber near the back and Craig a little further forward , the early leader Darren Owen was passed by 45 Craig who took over and was gone into the distance. Owen did well to stay second with 42 Kitchen and Wright 24 giving chase . Taber was well back but still scoring points.

    The grid was a points accumulator for the championship putting Boyd and Taber on front row , Boyd made the break , Taber and Purdie followed ; Purdie was quicker and the blue flag waved at 555 for two laps , lucky for him Purdie developed a miss fire and dropped back down the field . Defending champion Owen coming up into third for the flag .

    Well two down just the Irish to go for the triple championship for Craig now but first can he take the National at Ipswich ?

  • Irish Classic Hot Rods are Back!

    The classic hot rods over in Ireland finally got under way with Tullyroan holding its first race for them Sunday 16th June .

    Drivers in attendance 19 Anthony Morgan (Irish points champion) , 976 Clive Richardson, 942 Davey McCall ,195 Adrian Boyle ,964 Paul Magee and 156 Gerry Rothwell in a fresh white un sign written Mk2; a big change there for Rothwell who had previously run the 100e and having taken 18 month’s out from racing.

    Heat one Rothwell was first away and looked steady but the car seemed to have issues before retiring; handing over briefly to 195 Adrian Boyle who has also opted for the mk2 escort moving away from his ford Anglia ,976 Clive Richardson was next to take over at the front and went onto win from 942 DM and 19 AM in third.

    Heat two and no show for Magee and Rothwell; Boyle led the field away putting in some great opening laps before being caught by 19 Morgan ; 976 Richardson slipped through as well . The race was very much on when 942 Davey joined the party. Richardson got the inside line out of turn two and opened up Morgan for the lead. Davey moved into second and despite trying had to settle for second.

    Magee making it back out for the final starting from the rear; Boyle was first away and still leading has the lap boards came out , Morgan went to the outside for the pass; most of the twenty laps eyes were on 976 Richardson and 943 McCall , the blue flag in use but McCall only taking the chance three from home with a dive up the inside; Richardson punted deep into turn three and McCall slipping through . Final was taken by 19 Anthony Morgan with a good second for 195 Boyle , 942,976 and 964 to follow.

    Well not a bad day in the office for classic hot rods, hopefully a few more will come back out on track for the next one.

    Rod On.

  • Shale Shifting

    Back tracking time and a review of this years visit to the shale shifter meeting at Mildenhall Stadium , home of the best fish and chips in Suffolk.

    Numbers are so up and down in the classic hot rods at the minute,even more so when you mention shale! However 121 Charlie Schembri has been converted , yes the mk1 has got down and dirty with the Italian Stallion.

    With two visitors from Scotland 84 John McFarlane and 63 John Watkins to add in we had the same number of cars has last year , eleven in total .

    Heat one was a bit slow with only a inside line and not much to pass with on the outside without going into the wheatabix and loosing the back end. The shorter wheelbase a40’s of team Boyd flying through the field , with three from home 555 Taber and Buzz Boy hooked up for a spin out of turn two. Team Boyd taking a one two has the old boy giving Craig lessons on the shale.

    Heat two and a bit of pre race tyre packing with rolling laps three a breast, Jamie Johnson leading away from white grade having ventured out with the zetec power unit . He tells me there is still teething issues and hopes to have them sorted for later in the year. A false start meant a second go at the get away , the track much smoother and the pace somewhat quicker. Craig made the break from Graham and chased after the leaders , taking over from Johnson just before half way 45 Boyd was on for the win.

    Final time and 271 Johnson holding the lead until running into issues when 121 Schembri took over just before half way; Craig Boyd was up to third and dropped out with running issues , leaving the old boy to make the challenge ; Graham Boyd with two to go seized his chance coming out of turn two on the inside , 121 Schembri holding on for a good second.

    Well done all , especially our long distance boys and fresh converts (121).

    Classic Hot Rods Heat 1
    445 Graham Boyd,45,121,116,87,421,84,72,271,63

    Classic Hot Rods Heat 2
    45 Craig Boyd,445,121,555,116,421,87,271

    Classic Hot Rods Final
    445 Graham Boyd, 121 Charlie Schembri, 421 Chris Aldridge, 555,72,87,116,63

  • Shale Shifting Saturday

    A second visit in consecutive years to Mildenhall for the shale shifter trophy , eleven cars line up for Saturdays meeting.

    121 Charlie Schembri lines up for his maiden run out on the loose stuff having not tried the shale last year .

    John Watkins and John McFarlane will travel down from Scotland for the meeting after racing at a very wet racewall last time the may be ones to watch .

    Craig Bod 45 who took victory last year is looking for a second win , he will be joined by 445 Graham Boyd ; both will be smiling all the way.

    Others competing will be 72 Garry Goodswen , who finished in a cloud of steam last year , 555 Garfin Taber , 421 Chris Aldridge and 87 Jason Busby ; along with a return of Jamie Johnson who will be running on zetec power this year.

    There will be plenty of sideways action !

  • Aldrigde wins first final

    Hednesford Hills bank holiday Monday 18 classic hot rods booked into race.
    Firstly apologies from 353 Steve Spooner a last minute cancellation.
    Irish points champion 19 Anthony Morgan in his now x packed Mk2 Escort , international points champion 72 Gary Goodswen and English points champion 555 Gavin Taber . All joined by the Scottish open champion in the red flying A40 Craig Boyd.
    A few at the back 119 Dan Buckley run number 3 and the second runs for both 169 Ben Hardy and 87 Jason Busby.
    A rather wet heat one ; Dave cushion 35 making steady progress at the front till just after half way when he was caught by 45 Boyd. The last lap and disaster struck out of turn two with a class of metal between 555 Taber and 72Goodswen sent Taber Spinning. Down in turn three tagging out of shape 121 Schembri and a descending cushion who hooked up  Cushion spun catching 20 Dave Fry sending him in on turn three while Cushion went inner bank bound. Fry coming off with heavy frontal damage and a load onto the trailer. The win going to Craig Boyd in the A40.
    Heat 1 Winner
    45 Craig Boyd
    45 98 121 555 19 421 42 116 871

    Heat two the track still some what wet and a few cars down , Cushion making it back out led the field away . 871 Graeme Callender who had took 2 heat wins in Scotland the night before looked to be on form and chasing well. 421 Aldridge had obviously made a few alterations since heat one and was right on the boot of Cushion . Has Aldridge took the lead further back the pack were battling away , a out of shape 31 Goodings rear quarter caught by 121 Charlie  who was holding the line which sent him spinning to the wall on turn three. Boyd and Schembri dropped out has Aldridge lost the lead to 871 Callender.
    555 Taber came from nowhere like a man possessed forcing three a breast out of turn four , Callendar in the middle hooked up with the anglebox front coming into turn one ; one almighty spin hitting the inner bank and rendering the mk1’s day over . 421 Aldridge went on to take the win after a short lived restart.
    Heat 2 Winner
    421 Chris Aldridge
    421 555 87 98 116 19 119 35 169

    Final Time and a great get away by Dean Kitchen who was looking good for a possible second final win of the season; Aldridge who had started further back was soon with him and the two battled away until Aldridge found a way by. Boyd had got a good start and chased after the pair; once with them he made a dive for the lead and lost ground . Aldridge taking his first final win in the Formula . Further back 93 Nick Ross was putting in a great drive to finish fourth ahead of 555 Taber.
    Final winner
    421 Chris Aldridge
    421 45 42 93 555 121 87 116 87 35 119

  • Cowdenbeath ..wet wet wet

    Saturday night was rather a bit wet at Cowdenbeath for the classics it didn’t deter those wanting to blow away the winter cobwebs.
    84 John McFarlane’s last outing in 2018 was a wet day as well , maybe he brings the weather with him?
    A decent Scottish turnout for a Saturday ;247 McCabe mk2 x pack, 84 McFarlane mk2, 871 Callendar 100e, 12 Harris Anglebox, 162 Chesher mk2,523 Mc Pherson mk2, 756 Spence Talbot,176 Nicholls mk2 spanker and 63 watkins mk1.
    It was down to business with plenty of tail ends sliding out and water flow from the tyres. Graeme Callender took both of the heats with the fresh built 100e.
    The spanker out on loan to 176 Gary Nicholls better known for his drive in the stock rods and starting as a new driver from the rear. That didn’t deter him from pushing the famous spanker out wide and high to get some grip , powering through to win the evenings Final .
    That has only happened once before at Birmingham in monsoon weather when Ken Marriot in the ex Dan Holden angle box flew past everything .
    This could be an interesting season up in Scotland.

    A Craig Duncan Piture

  • Bank holiday rodding

    The weekend ahead
    Hello classic Hot rod fans , its a bank holiday and if your prepared to travel there’s a whole lot of racing.
    On Saturday classic hot rods will make their appearance for the first time this year at Cowdenbeath. Unknown are the numbers but intending to race is 871 Graeme Callender
    in his ford 100e , Matt McPherson will also be lining up in his refreshed Mk1 . Jock Campbell ,Keith Chesher and John McFarlane will be amongst the drivers .
    Gavin Taber may make the trip having raced in Scotland a large percentage of 2019; Kenny Purdie still has the Spanker but was out with Back issues.
    Moving across to Hednesford on Monday and 17 cars will line up for the English series ; 871 Graeme Callendar also booked in for this one too.
    19 Anthony Morgan will be joining us from across the Irish sea ; with a few new at the rear in the shape of 169 Ben Hardy and 87 Jason Busby; OK I know Jason is experience and will be one to watch.
    93 Nick Ross will be going from the front end of the grid , keep eyes peeled on this ambitious young man.
    Garvin Taber will be with us the current points champion as will 72 Gary Goodswen , 20 Dave Fry both former points title holders.
    The Scottish champion 45 Craig Boyd will be back in the seat after having one off for Aldershot.
    We are all set for a cracking days racing with oval track legends , bangers and over 45 stock rods also on the bill; start time 1.30pm.
    Rod On

  • Aldershot 5 5 19-19

    A Sunday Drive out

    For most the Aldershot track can be a little challenging but if they get it right the racing is superb .
    The classic hot rods meeting number 4 given Scotland was a two day event , this the English round two . All change around for some with the new ones from the later end of last year moving to the front.
    Newcomer 87 Jason Busby better known for his exploits in 2lt hot rods had purchased the Charlie Schembri Angle Box middle of last made it out for his first of three from the back. A position all must complete regardless of experience .
    Heat one lined up on track with 421 Chris Aldridge now a fore runner along with 353 Steve Spooner who seems to be improving at a good pace . It was Aldridge that managed to get out in front and keep ahead to lead , further back 72 Goodswen in the refurbed Mk2 was away from International champion grade chased hard by 555 Taber .
    Great to see 445 Graham Boyd back in his usual ride and on song sandwiched between the two. It was Aldridge who took the win though from 353 Spooner.
    Result ht 1 winner 421 Chris Aldridge
    421 353 72 445 555 87 98 20 93 116
    heat two saw the ex lightning rod star take a second win of the day and was showing great form knocking up the points , for a challenge at his best buddy Garfin Tabers title.
    Chris was struggling with differential issues and Billy Wood from Spedeworth motorsports was on hand to help sort them out and provide a first class service.
    Ben Hardy 169 looked to have solved his issues from the day 1 test at Hednesford , the ex Arena Essex champion may well turn a few heads when he arrives at the grid front end.

    Heat 2 – 421 Chris Aldridge, 353, 72, 42, 121, 555, 445, 98, 87, 116.

    Dean Kitchen 42 has been out for sometime with engine issues , a return in new livery and the engine sorted proved a great success . His birthday celebrations were topped off when he romped to victory in the final . Managing to catch and pass 421 Aldridge with 72 Goodswen hot on both their tails.
    A great turnout of cars probably the best meeting we have seen for the classic hot rods at Spedeworths Aldershot raceway ,
    Well done to 42 Dean Kitchen on taking the final in the southern sizzler and well done to 421 Aldridge on the points haul.
    Rod on
    Andy Hankin