At present 18 Classic hot rods are booked into race on Sunday with a possibility of one more at least to come ; as 198 waits in the wings looking at his weekend work demands pre hand before booking in.

    The three Amigos will make the long journey down from Scotland , Kenny Purdie will lead out for the Scots in his now extra wide , x packed “spanker” Escort mk2; he will be joined by Trevor Harris and newcomer Martin Balfour.

    Reigning Points champion 555 Gavin Taber was a late entry in the last 12 hours , with some of his rolling stock up for sale and possibly no plans for 116 Adrian to join him this year . The Anglia will be back in action unless he can manage to finish off the repairs to the Triumph.

    This will be our biggest entry at the Aldershot raceway so far in the formula’s history but where are all our cars ? well some have changed hands recently in Scotland has we loose 84 John McFarlane and Graeme Callendar parted with his MK1 ; The Callendar story not over yet ! He did have a project on the go when I last  spoke to him.

    There are at least another 20 cars still to race this season just on the English /Scottish side of the sport ; plus another4 or so in build status . Ben Hardy is out with mechanical repairs on going , Graeme Legge has been out for sometime with a possible return in the Mk1 . Dave Fry has the Mk1 back form Steve Spooner plus his 100e ; Simon Wood still has his Anglia ;Obviously Wilson, Campbell, Spence ,Chesher will all be out in Scotland in due course.

    The Midlands has a few cars sitting at the moment 8 Darren Owen busy with his son’s racing; Nick Ross car not repaired yet ;  Dan Buckleys car went sick in practice last week but Rich Adams may be a late arrival and rumor’s of a Marina in build deep in the heart of the midlands ; there was a mk1 fiesta on the go but hasn’t yet transpired. Plus a couple of famous replica cars on the build but well under cover!

    A good hard meeting at Aldershot with no damage will encourage drivers to race at the next meeting when it is scheduled ; damage has always been an issue in the formula over recent years and is addressed regular ; a re tweak of the rules before lockdown had encouraged a few to build but getting them on track is a difficult job; I usually contact the drivers pre meeting and check status of the cars etc . There is a full list of current drivers on the website , if your missing please contact me.

    Rod on Andy Hankin




    The long return to racing for the classic hot rods comes next week at Aldershot , its tickets only but we quick with a limited public allowance under Covid ruling .

  • Look who’s back

    Well there was no hiding behind a mask yesterday for Kara Boyd , who after a few good test sessions looks ready to return after a few months or so off ? 

    All looked good with the A40 and Kara said it handled so different to her Wolsley which is still in the container back at the garage. 

    With father Graham building a new house and enjoying some time aboard his boat plus the farming there’s little time for him to race .

    I’m sure we will see her down at Aldershot and will definitely take some catching when he starts from white grade as well.

    Good luck Kara and welcome back.

  • Season Opener

    The new season adorns and what is in store for classic hot rods ?
    For those who haven’t heard we have lost Birmingham wheels , leaving us with one midland tarmac track and one shale.
    Shale at Mildenhall has been successful in previous years so the Northampton track could host some great racing.
    Our season starts this Sunday at Hednesford Hills Raceway, start time 1.30pm; currently 18 cars are booked in but the list is still open .
    A whole selection of new drivers and cars are due to come along into the best oval retro formula there is!
    We will see the first mini take part for many years ; Keith Mills brings to the table a fine tune specimen of a clubman fronted car . Straight cut gears the all singing dancing mini may have a chance against our stronghold of Fords.
    555 Gavin Taber has been out practising in his Triumph Dolomite but he may opt for the double points championship winning Anglia for Sunday. His father Adrian will most likely pilot the ex Steve Kite car he used in the live arena at the MWA show back in February.
    Darren Owen currently has his Mk2 escort up for sale and will not be joining us , whilst Rich Adams whose car is also up for sale ( a package with truck at under 20K) will be out on track.
    Darren Anslow 7 will bring the Mk1 to the table has he starts his quest of three from the back in the classic hot rods.
    Hopefully good weather for this time of year will give us some great racing at Staffordshire’s finest oval race track.
    Dave Cushion is back for more this season in the ex Stuart Wright Anglia , whilst Stuart pilots the Mk1 which took him to victory in the 2019 Midlands championship.
    209 Andy Lee has had the whole car apart and we await the latest version of the ex Clive Richardson mk2, he will be joined by 168 Kev Roberts in their quest for 2020.
    Defending National champion 421 Chris Aldridge returns after a lapse while the Engine was out being refreshed.
    With team Boyd to be added into the mix the sound of 18 classic hot rods echoing through the west bend grandstand is one not to be missed.

  • From show car to Race car

    Since the full refurb of the ex Nelly 444 mk1 Escort , Darren Anslow has done 2 NEC Autosport shows and 2 MWA shows with the car . It is now time to go racing !

    The car has been o n a wild trip since built by Neil Edwin over 14 years ago ; it was sold on and the space frame removed for an all steel front end raced by Carl Checkley 862  ; he piled it in the wall at Hednesford , the car then went to Roger Wright. 

    Roger didn’t race the car but it was sold onto 222 ShaneTaylor who took wins with the car , Dez Green was next to handle the car before it was sold to Midland Banger team Captain Scott Hill 999 of the Scrapyard Screamers. 

    Darren purchased the car form Scott and made a  lot of changes ; a freshen up of the roll cage , fresh front suspension and a all new rear . The car is now ready to race again !

  • A Year a go !

    What was happening a year ago with classic hot rods and where are the drivers and cars that have mysteriously disappeared into dust filled workshops ? Classic Hot rods intends to investigate and ask can we get them back out on track ?  

    It would be great to see a thirty strong field of cars at one meeting in 2020 wouldn’t it ?

    the following article is from last year.

    Welcome to the classic hot rods oval round up, the season has got of to a slow start in the terms of meetings being spread out more than in recent years. It has been a great winter though with time for rebuilds and fresh builds, it seems the option of the Ford zetec power unit maybe encouraging a few to build. It is in the long run a cheaper option the flip side is that this engine may get harder to find in time.
    Also the amount of talent that is now lining up at the rear of the field for their first three meetings is also very impressive with drivers changing formula for a choice of classic hot rods.
    The increase has been the best one in recent years and this was displayed by this years visit to Aldershot raceway, we will come back to that later ; firstly we will take a look at the Invasion that was made on Scotland during the multi championship weekend at HRP Lochgelly.
    The first part of the weekend was a very wet meeting and a change to wet grip tyres for those who had them on board , the downside some had to run one wet tyre the next day in the dry due to tyre regulations across the weekend.
    During a pit walk at a domestic meeting I met up with 24 Stuart Wright now the proud pilot of his dads mk1 which he has pimped out; Stuart still beaming from this weekend and how well the car went. The car was well on pace with the newly fitted zetec power unit and full Simpson exhaust and to add Stuarts first set of NEW tyres Having run many seasons in his Angle box on old tyres . I know Stuart well and his main love has always been the stock rod but there is a change forming in there somewhere , hopefully we will see more of the mk1 Escort than the Corsa.
    Craig Boyd was setting the pace in the wet in both heat races in the A40 ( which was on show at Peterborough back in February) and looking favourite for the win in the first night for the Scottish championship. Andy Steward 198 the current title holder out after a operation on his back.
    Boyd took heat one in style but the steward was unsure although the win was later awarded ; heat two the Scots fought back hard with 26 Jock Campbell taking victory over Boyd. It was by now raining heavily , vision was down to how much the drivers could see from the spray off other cars , getting out in front a real benefit.
    Come championship time it was Boyd on pole position and a faultless drive for the win ; 976 Clive Richardson made the trip from Ireland worth it by coming home second and part reason of the beaming smile 24 Stuart Wright third .
    The 2019 Scottish champion 45 Craig Boyd a worthy win for the Cambridge based driver after the long haul journey.
    Moving on to day two and a much dryer day a few cars down for those who had took a soaking the previous night and decided their weekend should be cut short.
    Today’s meeting the Malcolm Chesher memorial and its celebration to one of Scotland’s finest hot rod drivers , if you have seen the bonnet of his sons Keith’s Mk2 you will have noted the mural in dedication.
    A second day of being on the pace for Stuart Wright , a better days racing for the English points champion 555 Gavin Taber a regular visitor to Scotland but a Belter of a day for 45 Craig Boyd.
    Boyd opened the account with a heat win chased by Taber ; the second heat Taber turned up the oven and cooked a great win form Wright who was pushing all the way at the heels of the Angle box of Taber .
    It was without a doubt though that Craig Boyd was going to bag a second final win of the weekend and no surprise for many he should lift the memorial trophy; Taber in second and Wright third ; a English 1,2,3 . Scotland conquered off home to prepare for English round two at Aldershot.
    News comes of fresh builds in Scotland from Graham Mc Cabe , a Toyota Corolla for Ian Bell the former stock rod champion now in his early seventies and wanting one more go.
    The classic hot rod seen in Scotland a little quieter than last year so far , although the early part of the year can be a busy work time for many in that part of the country.
    Maybe we will see 17 Kenny Purdie back out in order to defend the national championship later in the year ?
    Aldershot has never produce great numbers for the classic hot rods with the majority living east or north of the country in previous years . Now whether it be a boom in driver numbers or the want to race for the first time we have reached good double figures of 16 cars booked into race . Amongst those 169 Ben Hardy for his first meeting in the formula, Jason Busby (ex flt hot rod champion) joining us after purchase of the Charlie Schembri Angle box and a return of 42 Dean kitchen after needing engine repairs following a failure at the National championships.
    The track at Aldershot has plenty of room down the straights and the bends wide enough for two and a bit . The weather absolutely perfect for hot rod racing , the sun out and a good crowd.
    Warm up laps ,the music a change for whistling bill smith ? Who knows its a Southern thing maybe ? I always use Spanish Flea up here in T’North.
    Gary Goodswen 72 the newly crowned International champion in his very much improved Mk2 sport ex pack and now in a deep metallic blue joined us for the first time this year , work commitments on the recovery side has been busy for the Norfolk based driver.
    The drivers lined up with 353 Steve Spooner leading them away and making a good start , 421 Chris Aldridge now from the front end of the pack was soon on his heels taking over the lead to the flag , with Goodswen popping home third ahead of 445 Graham Boyd. Graham back in his own A40 after a spell in the Wolsley whilst Ryan Polley who ran the A40 in 2018 has returned to the circuits in the Renault Clio series for this season.
    Aldridge was suffering issues on the gearing and during the delay between races , the promoters Son hot rod world champion Billy Wood was on hand to nip down to the Spedeworth Motorsport shop and grab some spare kit . The commitment of a racing family is always great in the sport and the promoters not only sort out the tracks, they help with car builds , spare supply and still manage to race as well. Topping all that off with promoting a track over in South Africa , the Wood family live for the sport.
    Heat two a little further back for Aldridge on this start gave 353 Spooner a better start; not long before the ex-lightning rod driver 421 Aldridge was on his tail , dancing around the outside and into the lead to take a second win of the day .
    Final time and of course a little more distance this time , a chance for those further back to get close enough for a podium finish maybe?
    353 Spooner was first away on the flag drop Aldridge was giving good chase; 72 Goodswen turned up the power and found his way through the busy pack ; 42 Dean Kitchen had now got the Angle box on song ( a change of livery too a style of the rising sun graphics in red ) maybe its bringing him look? The car was performing well has he chased after the leaders ; Spooner dropped back has kitchen hit the front , Goodswen went round Spooner and co to give chase but only a second place has the flag dropped on Kitchen .
    A great return after such a bad season in 2018 and to top it all off it was Deans Birthday as well , well done team 42 !
    Our next classic hot rod meeting is at Hednesford Hills Raceway in Staffordshire on Bank holiday Monday the 27th May start time 1.30pm.
    Thanks to regular photo suppliers mkpics.net , Keith Duke, Jason Larner and Craig Duncan.
    Till next time Rod On Andy Hankin.

  • Best in Britain 2019-2019

    It’s the final show of the season, The Best in Britain for classic hot rods.

    This Sunday Hednesford Hills raceway will go out of 2019 with a bank , a fine selection of classic hot rods and their drivers will be racing for the best in Britain , won last year by 976 Clive Richardson .

    Clive has yet to confirm a booking, however race promoter and former hot rod world champion 942 Davey McCall will be coming over to have a go for this one. Davey now settling into the formula looks like one of the favorites for the title.

    Craig Boyd will be the one to catch if he gets away from a good position in the Austin A40, although his father Graham is booked in who can also push an A40 around the fast banked Staffordshire oval.

    Gavin Taber 555 looks set to retain the English point’s championship for the second consecutive season in the Ford Anglia.

    24 Stuart Wright who took the Midlands championship recently at Birmingham is not shy of the podium at Hednesford , the car now at the best it has ever been will no doubt be up there in the running.

    Joining classic hot rods is Richard Lee having raced grass track cars and some oval formats he has purchased the ex109 Mathews Anglia, which looks absolutely stunning.

    Kenny Purdie is back in the saddle of the spanker and the national hot rod is up for sale a great return to classics could see him up near the front of the grid. Also returning is 333 Lee wood, yes! The Viva lives on!

    Want to know more? Then come and join us this Sunday at Hednesford Hills raceway start time 2pm, also National hot rods world qualifier rd7 PLUS over eighty bangers on track for the Man of the Midlands 2019.