• Season review 257 andrew Willis

    Wicked Willis and the pocket rocket review 2018

    A mixed season for Andrew with lots of running issues for the pocket rocket Austin A30 .
    Andrew has attended most meetings but had just no luck what so ever , he was even amongst those who raced on shale for the first time.
    Hopefully normal service will return for 2019 , although girlfriend Jessie-ray has a build in progress having tried the pocket rocket for size !!!ooh er Mrs.

  • Review 19 # Captain Morgan


    Although cars have been a rather sparse at meetings in both Northern and Southern Ireland during the season 19 Anthony Morgan was the most consistent of the drivers .
    His well prepared mk2 escort has taken many wins , which has given him the honour of being crowned Irish national points champion .
    This side of the sea is a different matter he ran into a few issues at the nationals with a few non finishes and at the end of summer meeting at Hednesford went “Wallop straight in “ DG . Leaving the car needing suspension repairs.
    His return for the Best in Britain was a lot more successful for him and we hope to see him back in 2019.

  • Season review 333 Lee Wood

    Not one of Lees best seasons in a long time.

    The Viva has always presented in its finest ready for racing . Even  a polish at the national championships before racing.

    Lee took a heat win at Ipswich and was a little disappointed there were no trophies awarded for the heats. He received a DQ in the second heat which left him mid grid .

    A poor start saw Lee n spin and retire out of turn number 2.

    Engine failure put pay to the rest of the season although lee hopes to be back on form next year.

    Whilst out of the classics Dan Buckley gave Lee a couple of outings in his Blackmail 205 replica.

    The Viva though got down to the last four in best classic of 2018 , proving Lees choices of hot rod still very popular with the public.


  • Review 2018 Brett Sneddon

    Driver review #braveheart 232 Brett Sneddon.

    Was It slowly slowly catchy monkey ? NO it wasn’t! 

    Brett raced with heart and soul through the Scottish series,  not taking many wins but notching up constant points .

    He gave some great racing action though out, the car ex Holden Stable providing victory whilst in their hands.

    Never off the pace at any given time during the series . A rub up on one corner causing extensive damage to all cars concerned cost him a few points during one round. Living up to his #braveheart has he chased the English around his track on his home turf


    Finishing 2l018 on a high with the points championship title for Scotland.  Showing that being second or third sometimes pays off.

    Well done #braveheart.



  • Review 84 Jock Mc Fastlane

    Driver review 84 John McFarlane

    John’s part in the formula has mainly to promote the Scottish side of racing and helping to build the driver base .
    His deal with Alec Wilson on the chevette for a escort shell meant he would not race early season , however the driver base would be plus one.
    Knowing that he would get the escort into shape was not an issue other than time.
    The car was prepared and then sign written by Craig Jones from designs from online classic hot rod artist  Tam Valentine to a superb finish .
    Early testing and racing was showing the car wasn’t dialled in has it should be , progression and work has improved it . The rain at the last meeting of the season did not do the electrical side of things any favours.
    Despite all of the above and some rear starts , John has made blue grade in his first grading .
    The car has gone to winter storage with a possible few tweaks after the hibernation period ready for 2019.
    It’s never easy to build a car let alone race one , a big thanks must go firstly to his fellow Tuesday night hot rod enthusiastic buddies 247 Graham McCabe and 12 Trevor Harris plus a few others along the way.

  • 116 Reviewed


    The season started off with the zetec powered Anglia in the Gulf colours , it wasn’t fairing well and was don on power . Gavin borrowed it for the first ever meeting on shale at Mildenhall.
    Adrian racing both sides of Adrian’s wall , which is what he hit when realising the points north of the border didn’t put him in the points chase running. At the stage of reflection he would have finished top three.
    A purchase of the Sammy Mitchell built Escort days prior to the national championship didn’t seem the right option but the Anglia was still not on song.
    Then it came in the wet at Birmingham for the midland championship a heat win in ..the Anglia .
    With podium finishes in Scotland and England , Adrian’s year has been very mixed .The highlight watching from back in the traffic has son Gavin scored enough to lift the English points title.
    With both cars now up for sale it’s doubtful we will see Adrian in 2019 , unless there’s fresh horses hiding in the Taber stable.
    Adrian is always a pleasure to meet up with in the pits and enjoys a good laugh , pleasure watching you race this year 116.


  • For sale , championship winning Anglia 555-555

    Gavin Taber offers for sale his points championship winning car , no expense spared throughout season .

    Ex Ray Harding car , 2lt Pinto ( had full rebuild early season) comes on the button ready to go.

    Car based near Diss Norfolk.


    Call Gavin on 

    01379 650642



  • Get yourself a Classic for Christmas

    With the season closed there are one or two cars up for sale !

    Shane Taylor offers for sale his Ford 100e , powered by a ztec engine . recent suspension rebuild using new Gaz struts and new discs etc . The car is offered on the button ready to go at a snip of £8500 with optional spares package.

    Contact Shane in Cheshire on 07799523450 to arrange purchase and collection.



    Also for sale is the Riley of Kara Boyd , the car won best looking car 2017 and was the talk of the autosports show when it was debut . 

    Built by Boyd motorsport with input from the Driver George Polley , the car sports a ford pinto power unit and holds the track well. 445 Graham took the car to Lochgelly and was flying a couple of months ago . 

    This unusual build is a snip at £12000 ono . please call Graham on 07973284667



  • Driver review 42 The Bromley Bomber

    Driver review 2018 Dean Kitchen 42

    Having already taken a maiden win in the sport Dean has yet to dig in and make his mark in classic hot rods stand out, he was hit by bad luck in 2017 with some engine issues and once again engine troubles in 2018.
    The car looked as perfect as could be when testing amongst the slick cars at one of Hednesford first I factor series this year .
    Dean ran from the back with fellow classic driver 924 Stuart Wright , both cars there testing ready for the big meetings to come within the following months racing.
    The car had been much improved with a wider rear axle being fitted and adjustments to running gear since 2017.
    The car is the ex 599 Brantwood Anglia which was built with out any short cuts but sported a crossflow engine , it then went north to the Gambone stables . There it was raced by 03 Brian Starr and 244 Fil gambone himself , it was believed the car travelled south again afterwards . Dean purchased it without running gear and opted for a Pinto which meant engine bay and gearbox tunnel alterations.
    Unfortunately at the National Championship , part of the Ipswich spedeweekend Dean’s engine let go . This rendered the “Bromley Bomber “ out of the racing for the rest of 2018.
    Dean is running a 2 lt overhead cam pinto style engine , these are still expensive to maintain has opposed to the Ford Zetec engine.
    I have had several chats with Dean over facebook , he is a purist of the classic look and sound . The Pinto is a must to be in the car for him !
    He has said that he will return in 2019 ready to race we wish him all the best for the forth coming season.

    Review AH picture Jason Larner