HEDNESFORD 26 06 2011-2011

Hednesford 26 06 2011

Hednesford Hills Raceway 26th June .

What a scorcher of a day and what better way to spend it than to watch classic hot rods charging around the ¼ of a mile oval being rated has the fastest oval in the country with its slightly banked curves.

The interest growing within the formula as more new drivers come on board.

Steve Gooding being one of those with his Hillman Avenger , powered by the required Ford plant of a 2lt pinto. the car being well prepared the driver a little unsure and not wanting to damage his baby.

Mark Randall also coming out in a MkII Escort made things interesting has this man is known for his car building and engine skills , although he suffered from teething troubles over the course of the day.

The Owen brothers also both out at their local track and both cars freshly re-painted. David’s car white bodied with a red roof ( over the top of the green Sammy Mitchell had sprayed the car previously) and Darren’s car all over in red ( the end of the Paul Grimer replica, some may say what a shame!) Never the less both cars looking immaculate.

Also to be noted was the return of the Brantwood Team , Mark and John Hendy. Mark having re-sprayed his last season’s car silver and John in his well turned out MK1.

Heat one was a run away for David Owen has he led from the front of the pack whilst brother Darren had pulled up with problems, along with Randall out and Moreton (200) in his Anglia and Rick Fray (21) who had returned after the that fire earlier in the season at Northampton.

Heat two was pretty much a repeat performance from Owen . Dez Green in Car 27 going out with a snapped Cam drive belt himself suffering from engine problems most of the season.

The Final race was no different , just over a further distance the rest of the pack still never came close enough to see David Owens brake lights ; if he was using any. Stuart Wright coming home second and Dave Fry third. The Avenger completing the day was also a high light for those classic fans who turned out and over all a good days clean racing.

Drivers attended 8 Darren Owen, 88 David Owen , 20 Dave Fry, 21 Rick Fray, 27 Dez Green, 22 Rob montagner, 96 Mark Randall , 444 Lee Wood, 266 Lee Holden, 61 Dave Holden, 924 Stuart Wright, 153 Sammy Mitchell, 10 Paul Bowring, 32 Glenn Moore, 31 Steve Gooding, 200 Moreton, 230 Steve Lemmon, 43 Mark Hendy, 196 John Hendy

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