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  • Arlington Report 18 th July 2018 …by Steve Linfield

    The annual visit for the Classic Hot Rods to the far south-east of the map Arlington Stadium, Eastbourne saw a disappointing but not unexpected entry of seven cars in attendance, in front of a good-sized crowd on a nice summer’s evening (just as they most have been in 2018!) and as they old saying goes, it is not always necessary to have a large grid to produce good racing and it was proven on this time around the fast and tight confines of Arlington.

    The furthest travelled by far was 12 Trevor Harris, having made the 10-hour journey from Fife in Scotland whilst at the other end of the scale, 210 Hughie Weaver literally travelled from almost around the corner to race. 353 Steve Spooner had a relatively local meeting from the Dorking area, 257 Andrew Willis returned to with a trip down from Birmingham and the remainder made the trip from East Anglia in 72 Gary Goodswen, 445 Graham Boyd and 555 Gavin Taber.

    The evening will be remembered for the great battles between Goodswen and Taber. After Harris had led heat one until just past halfway he was caught and passed by 72 and 555. After several attempts looking round the outside of Taber, Goodswen made the move stick and went on to take a good win. Harris was the early leader in heat two, but a better start from Taber this time meant that Goodswen was only able to keep him in his sights rather than challenge him and it was 555 that took a comfortable win. The ‘Holiday Makers Trophy’ Final, this time via the clutch start saw Harris again lead the first part of the race but again all the progress was being made by Taber and Goodswen. They were almost together when they caught and passed Harris and then just as in heat one it was a case of Goodswen looking on the outside of Taber for lap after lap. Whether it was a case of the grip not being where it was in the first race, or Taber finding better pace, Goodswen just couldn’t find a way around this time. But it was certainly a fascinating watch. So, it was Taber’s win from Goodswen whilst for some of the time when the battle for the lead going on, there was a similar one for third with Boyd eventually making his way around Harris.

    thanks to Steve Linfield for the report.

  • Ipswich National championship report

    National Championship Ipswich 7th July 2018.

    Thanks to all our drivers that came down and across enduring that dreadful 40mph speed limit on the A14 , it was worth sitting on the dial in immense heat to watch some superb Classic hot rod racing.
    Luckily for the drivers they had one of the most shaded areas of the layout in the pits with a fair breeze at times.
    The track in the opening races of spedeweekend looked very dry and dusty , water carts were out doing the deed of dampening it down a little and the crowd at times . Yes I was caught by the hose pipe but I tell you now I didn’t even move , drenched a little but it was so refreshing . Soon drying out in the glorious sunshine. At stages I kept thinking I saw some Mexicans ! Or even pams people in tu-tu’s . Nah must have been heat stroke.
    Almost a complete field of pre- booked drivers with the exception of no Andy Steward or Kara Boyd.
    Andy I believe was helping out with team Haird in the National hot rods , with Chris on the march to possibly another world final win.
    Kara Boyd had opted out having not favoured Ipswich receiving damage there over the years and possibly gone off to play golf with last years winner brother Craig. GOLF ! Me and you need words , it spoils a good walk .
    Well the shaded pit area was soon filling up team Boyd/Polley had arrived , Rhino was on his way but the car was there and at 50-1 with bet Fred ..worth a chance of a plastic fiver.
    Graham was taking onboard a steady supply of water , keeping himself hydrated for the day . A sensible move has it was going to get hotter through the day , lets hope he won’t need a p#ss stop.
    Lee Wood was polishing the marviva , me wishing he would remove those front wings for a pair of original Vauxhall ones.
    Gavin Taber 555 and Adrian116 in the newly acquired Sammy Mitchell mk2 Escort, fresh from Oxford with just a number change. The car came complete with spares , raceciever and overalls . A sign that we may not see Sammy back another time , although I did ask Adrian if he had to engulf large turn ups ; Sammy being much taller than him of course.
    The very smartly painted Orange Mk2 of Clive Richardson 976 and 97 of Joel making the trip over to race . Alex Wilson 58 was last into the corner and then down the meadow in his own plot 17 #kingofcrossflows Kenny Purdie fresh from chasing the heels of that peeky blinder 8 Daz Owen ( who had opted out to go Drag racing ? Ah no hang on wear a dress and get drunk ).
    Stuart Wright 924 with the Mk1 and a chat with Stu has always , something to do with lube and glasses ? Not quite sure where that was going . However having got the car running right although on a few seasons old tyres he may rob the rest of victory.
    Dave York 27 was in the house , coach parked up for the weekend tacho out and race helmet on , the only tour he was looking at was a victory lap.
    The Captain 19 Anthony Morgan and what a well presented car looking absolutely amazing , could he take that title across the little stretch of water .
    #themusicman 210 Hughie weaver , has always the mk1 ready to go racing , a very quick driver around Ipswich.
    Mam Ma Mia 121 Charlie Schrembri , that mk1 back in its glory , no snow has of yet today ! Could mean going home in one piece .
    #silverfox the 100 e of 20 Dave Fry and his team had arrived , a bit of a quiet day at Hednesford for them but that could all change in the next few hours.
    Better late than never I suppose , steady does it 271 Jamie Johnson . Former east Anglian champion on this very track , arriving in time for the drivers briefing.
    The format for the day would be two heats from a Incarace draw , so the first grid drawn would be reversed for heat number 2. The points accrued and positions worked out for the championship race , with highest scores at the front.
    Heat one came out onto the track in front of the crowds under the extreme heat and began to assemble . The draw put #thewrightstuff 924 Stuart Wright ( no stranger to Ipswich) along side 27 #theduke Dave York , 2nd row 210 #musicman Weaver and #thecaptain 19 Anthony Morgan , 58 Alec Wilson and 271 Jamie Johnson. A fair mix of drivers for the first set .
    A couple of tyre warming laps and a rolling lap later the green flag was dropped and so opened up the carbs and let the horses run .
    27 York was away into turn one as 924 Wright tried to fend off #thecaptain 19 Morgan who was finding great grip around the outside and moved up into second.
    A handful of laps in out of turn four 19 Morgan began to slow with running issues dropping outside of turn one .#musicman 210 Weaver moved up into second applying pressure to the leader 27 York. 17 Purdie #kingofcrossflows was tucked in behind fellow Scot Alec Wilson and under pressure from 97 Joel Richardson in the Leslie Dallas replica ,has they went toe to heel around one and two.
    Further back 57 #thewelshwizard Oliver was pushing on behind #thesilverfox 20 Dave Fry , just behind them 121 Schrembri and 72 #thenorfolkboy Goodswin were dancing the same tango.
    Half the distance gone 27 #theduke York was still leading from 210 Weaver ,924 Wright with 97 Richardson on the outer panels and 58 Wilson close behind as 97 Richardson moved up to third 210 Weaver wound the mk1 up a little more , york out on the armco down the home straight brought her back in just has Weaver was on song . You spin me round baby like a record ! Yes there was contact , steward called it York cutting back in . Some said maybe Weaver could have thrown less coal on the boiler , who knows “if you ain’t rubbing , you ain’t racing “ .
    Weaver slid into number one as Richardson came through for the exchange on the inside , both slowed and dropped out leaving a very patient 924 Wright in command. Weaver recovered into 6th and Richardson was further down on the outside. Wilson 58 now sitting in second in the chuvitt pushing on behind Wright.
    17 Purdie was now being challenged by 976 Clive Richardson a previous winner around the Ipswich oval , moving on up was 555 Taber #vanman who was shaking the tail feathers of the anglebox moving up 4 places .
    The chequered flag dropped on Wright 924 from a close Wilson 58 , 17 Purdie , 976 Richardson a recovered 210 #musicman. Wilson later disqualified and trailered over a discretion on tyre serial numbers.
    Results heat 1 1st 924 Stuart Wright ,17 ,210 , 871, 976, 271, 121, 72, 57, 555

    Heat number two , reverse format with 333 Lee Wood former national Champion at the front all alone , no wonder with them Marina wings sticking out like “ a ageing ladies Bingo Wings”.
    42 Dean Kitchen and #Rhino Polley 236 behind him , poses for a interesting start !
    Next pack head up by 555 Taber and 445 #thecowboy Boyd with 72 Goodswin and 116 Taber #alpacaman in tow on row two.
    The flag dropped and away out of turn four the pace car just boxing 42 Kitchen in allowing 333 of Wood to arrive at turn one first.
    976 Richardson was lucky enough to break loose of his pack has a big push mid field arrived into turn one 97 Richardson behind 57 Oliver , who with no where to go loaded into the rear arch of 121 Schrembri , Dave Fry arrived in style to join the party ( was there fluids on the track ? ) . Has Fry parked up 210 Weaver tested his boot lid to see if the 100e was strong ? Caged and stranded the 100e now looking like a A40 at the rear . Richardson found a way through , Schrembri scraped out into the pack. Oliver left on the turn with one leg 4 inches forward the other 8 inches back and out of the championship. Most destructed 57 , best hit 210 !
    19 #thecaptain a lap later out on the same corner as 20 Fry limped in a bit covering himself and 57 Oliver.
    333 #princeofpop Lee Woods was still out in front and catching the rear of the pack at a vast rate of knots. Johnson 271 and 27 York were towards the rear having a cracking battle of the mk1’s , whilst behind Woods the battle of the A40’s was on #Rhino v #Cowboy. Even in that it sounds like an American football game at which point England had just gone 2 -0 up on Sweden and prices of hot dogs at Ikea were about to rise!
    924 Wright and 98 of Nigel Murphy had joined the party at the rear with 271 and 27 , as 333 of Woods could be viewed in all four rear mirrors . The pack was closing in Woods had to find a way through , the back markers warned of lead cars over the racecievers .
    Running order has the union jack came out 333,235,445,72,555,871 and 976 , 2nd place down all nose to tail doing the conga around this fats oval raceway. 42 Dean Kitchen had gone out on the edge of turn four again with mechanical issues.
    27 #duke Dave York managed to break free from 271,98 and 924 and pulled a 3 car gap. Woods 333 had now arrived behind them and so was the pack of hunting hounds all keen for points towards that championship grid. A train now of around 12 cars , Boyd 445 forced #rhino 236 to the outside , Woods had gone high and weaving in the back markers . 17 Kenny Purdie had joined the back of the train has the 2 laps remaining board was out .
    The chequered drop on 333 Woods with 445 Boyd in second , not mush room further back for change .
    Result 333 Lee Woods , 445 , 235 , 72 , 555, 871 , 976, 17, 25, 116 .

    The grid then inside out was has drawn.
    Inside 17, 72, 924 ; 555, 333, 121 ; 25, 116, 98 ; 19, 20 .
    Outside 871, 445, 976 ; 236, 210, 271 ;27, 57, 97 ;42

    non runners then 57 mike Oliver, 42 Kitchen . Loaded 58 Wilson.
    Time for the main event The 2018 National Championship for Classic Hot Rods .
    Two warm up laps and a clutch start , the stadium crowd poised on their favourites throughout the grid awaiting the green flag.
    Quick off the mark was the zetec powered car of 871 Graeme Callender , followed by 17 #kingofcrossflows Purdie and the local favourite #norfolkboy 72 Goodswin , 445 #cowboy Boyd was riding the high-line on the outside .
    It was right boot in arse end out all the way around 555 #vanman Taber was looking for a gap around 924 Wright , whilst further back 333 Woods was under attack from 210 #musicman Weaver.
    871 Callender and 17 Purdie pulled away at the front , 976 Richardson in the fresh orange mk2 slid through on the inside of 72 Goodswin as 445 Boyd had a look up the same inside. Goodswin shut the door as Richardson went off in pursuit shutting down the gap of the lead two cars.
    19 #thecaptain Morgan was trying to gain places from the rear battling away with 116 Adrian Taber . Back at the front 976 was on it trying to dislodge 17 Purdie from his tight line , Taber 555 was now up in the running behind 445 #cowboy.
    Over half way it was still 871 Callender from 17 #kingofcrossflows , 976 Richardson , 72 Goodswin , 445 and 555. 210 #musicman was drumming a rare old tune out on 333 Lee Woods boot lid .
    27 #theduke York went out on turn one , Wright 924 , 333 Woods and 210 Weaver closed in on 555 Taber and 445 Boyd. 97 Joel Richardson came around 210 weaver slotted that tight in behind 333 You could see the boot lid lift , this is close racing at its best ! Everything was getting rubbed ! Woods 333 went out down the back straight , game over for #theprinceofpop.
    Next to drop was 976 of Richardson down on turns 3 to 4 looking like a puncture , putting 72 #norfolkboy up into 3rd in the closing stages.
    The top three had closed in on the back markers of 116 Taber and 20 Fry , they went high side around coming across the star and finish line 17 Purdie divide for the inside 871 Callender out on the wires , 17 Purdie had hit the front . 72 Goodswin closed in on a last attempt challenge with less than 5 to go . Purdie wasn’t putting a foot wrong , the car known has “the spanker “ once owned by 144 Tim Foxlow and 66 Colin Hall was heading for victory once more !
    If your going to steal the gold from the English bring a Purdie and open both barrels !
    The flags dropped 17 #kingofcrossflows Kenny Purdie had won the National Championship of 2018.
    On with the celebrations a Scottish 1 ,2 local man 72 Goodswin in 3rd . The victory lap taken to Scotland the brave !
    Full result
    1st 17 Kenny Purdie , 2nd 871 Graeme Callender , 3rd 72 Gary Goodswin.

    Big thanks to char team for results and pics etc . Big thanks to Janet and Deane on a cracking weekend and all the staff that made it possible.

    Report Andy Hankin chr , Pic MkPics.net

  • Hednesford 24 06 2018 English Open And Bill Morris Trophies

    Hednesford 24 06 2018 
    It’s always an honor to be the commentator at the Annual Veterans and Bill Morris Memorial meeting , the English open an extra bonus.
    This years meeting also included the Ford Escort Extravaganza ( escort back to basics bangers), in celebration of 50 years of the Ford Escort.
    Early mid week bookings were showing twenty five drivers booked in to compete , 57 Mike Oliver a provisional awaiting parts for his Talbot.
    Drivers from all four corners of the United Kingdom would come together to compete not only for the English Open championship but the annual Bill Morris Memorial trophy.
    555 Gavin Taber was still having issues early week and was hopeful to have something in the engine bay and running by Sunday.
    44 Kara Boyd also suffering from the same issue would be sitting this one out whilst David Polley would pilot Craig Boyd’s A40.
    232 Brett Sneddon unfortunately not making it down due to family reasons take care my friend.
    It was a drawn grid being the English championship , the numbers came out too place the Avenger of 31 #thegoodguy Steve Gooding on pole alongside the Mk2 of 72 Gary Goodswin #theNorfolkboy , with 121 #italianstallionCharlie Schrembri and 257 #pockectrockect Andrew Willis on second row . 35 Kev Cushion , 20 Dave fry and #donut 198 Andy Steward would be the fore runners.
    Newcomer 98 Nigel Murphy #hotrodlegend at the rear behind the back set which included previous Bill Morris winner 8 #deadlydaz Daz Owen , 333 #gaffatape Lee Wood and #musicman 210 Hughie Weaver.
    The line up looked amazing around the oval , the sun scorching down on the track what a setting for what some consider the most important meeting of the race calendar year.
    A couple of installation laps and the grid would reform for the first of 2 heats , points then to be accumulated for the grids of the championship race.
    It was a rolling start ( time for the spanish flea) , 72 Goodswin was first away managing to break free of the pack inside of 3 laps . 31 Gooding was sitting in second at the break under pressure from the Mk1 of Schrembri ( the car looking amazing after the recent refurbish and fresh sign writing).
    #ItalianStallion 121 found a way around the tail happy Avenger just as the yellow flag was drawn by the starter .
    Whilst all eyes were on the leaders ; 22 Shane Taylor had met with the pit gate in the ford 100e , marshals were quick on the scene. Shane was OK but less could be said for the 100e . The damage to outside front of the car hefty but looking like a few days back in the workshop could sort it out.
    72 Goodswin still with the lead then led the pack away for continuation of heat 1. A good break for for him again for him chased by 121 Schrembri and 198 of Donut who were at it toe to toe corner on corner . (98 Nigel Murphy met with the armco out of turn 2 and the yellow again drawn. Murphy was recovered to the infield and so was 42 of Dean kitchen with engine issues ( a later discovered blown head gasket).
    Goodswin again broke free on the restart but the 198 of Donut wasn’t letting him get away right on his boot all the way . 871 Graeme Callender was up into third and fellow Scot 17 Kenny Purdie not too far behind .
    5 David Polley was having a great drive as was 27 Dave York who was battling away and climbing up the places .
    333 Lee wood had pulled up with overheating issues and was out of heat one. 555 Gavin Taber who was optimistic about the new engine pre race had got the car dialled in and was defending his title well.
    871 Callender retired has the lap boards came out leaving Purdie to chase at a good grid position for the Scots.
    The flag dropped an 72 Gary Goodswin #thenorfolkboy took the first victory of the day for the classics, Donut 198 a close second.
    Result. 72 Gary Goodswin ,198 ,17 ,27 5, 555, 8, 121, 210, 257

    Heat number two then a reversed grid of heat one , would put #deadlydaz 8 Darren Owen on pole and #musicman 210 Hughie Weaver on the outside.
    #gaffatape 333 Lee Wood in the Viva on second row with Travelling Scotsman 871 Callender along side the defending champion 555 Gavin Taber #thevanman .
    The pace car led them away and it was a drag race down into turn one for the first time , #musicman 210 Weaver hanging onto owen’s door handles trying to gain advantage on the outside. Owen was in tune with the track and was at a greater pace than #musicman Weaver . Has Weaver dropped back he faced a new battle , #gaffatape 333 Wood was now leaning on his back end . Wood found a way through so did 555 Taber and 871 of Callender who was unfortunate not to finish in heat one. 
    Midfield #theduke 27 Dave York was beginning a battle with 17 Kenny Purdie #thekingofcarluke , down a bit further the 198 of Donut was on the march closely followed by heat one winner 72 Goodswin.
    58 Alec Wilson in the ex Mc Fastlane Shovit had suddenly got running issues, after a few near misses , managed to get infield bound.
    Owen was in the back markers passing 121 Schrembri and 257 #pocketrocket Willis on the low side .
    With three to go the battle of the jocks began 17 Purdie was looking for the upside of 871 Callender in the closing stages but didn’t just get there.
    Owen raced to the flag , a cracking drive and setting us up for what might be a fast paced final.
    Result 8 Darren Owen , 333, 555, 871, 17, 27, 210, 198, 72, 928.

    Rather some interesting addition and grid drawing later the race was set.
    8 #deadlydaz Owen had got pole , Outside front #thekingofcaluke 17 Purdie . 
    Second row defending champion 555 Gavin Taber and 72 Gary Goodswin , third row gets interesting 198 #donut Steward and 27 Dave York ( definitely one to watch ).
    fourth row inside 5 David Polley ,outside #musicman Hughie Weaver, sixth row 333 #gafftape Lee Wood and 871 Callender . The rest has follows 121 Schremberi, 445 #cowboy Boyd,57 #pockectrocket Willis , 924 Wright ,20 Dave Fry , 116 Taber and 35 Cushion bringing up the rear . Everyone ready to take on board battle scars in a chance to lift the English Open Championship.
    Some installation laps and the grid reformed for a rolling start , it was England v Scotland on the front row . Luckily they didn’t dig up the centre green afterwards !
    The green flag dropped and it was down into turn one for the first time 17 Purdie hanging off the dust from 8 Owens outside rear tyre . They sped off into the distance pretty much like you would expect , Owen with the slight upper hand and Purdie hanging waiting for a chance to get by peeking on the blind side.
    555 Taber the defending champion had kept with them in the opening laps was now under the kosh from 198 Steward , 72 Goodswin and 27 York who was giving it 
    a good go. 
    The lead cars pulled away by 4 lengths , Owen still leading and also under the kosh from the #kingofcrossflow Kenny Purdie.
    It became a five way race for third has the #musicman 210 changed up the temp and began to make the mk1 sing. 198 #donut was starting to drop back has 27 of York and 72 Goodswin moved up on the attack of the 555 of Taber.
    17 #thekingofcrossflows was now trying the outside line of 8 Owen but just couldn’t find enough horses to pass , he swapped to the inside and Owen again upped the game. They encroached on back markers of 116 Adrian Taber and #pocketrocket 257 Willis . A safe passage through for both and more challenges from Purdie but he could not find a way around Owen .
    The race to the flag was now on who had the better tyres left ? Who could gain advantage ? A bit of rubbing and racing a few laps later they emerged out of turn 4 on the west bend both tail end out the flags were raised .
    Darren Owen had done it he would now be crowned the 2018 English open champion and another inscription on the Bill Morris Trophy ( the man who had helped him start out in business many years ago , local in Hednesford ).
    Despite trying hard to defend and regain the title 555 Taber who had driven a good race had been passed by 72 of Goodswin for 3rd place.
    Other good drives down the field had come from 5 Polley and again 27 Dave York . well done to all that took part it was a extremely hot day and the cars did well over the distance given .

    Result 2018 English Championship 1st 8 Darren Owen #deadlydaz 2nd 17 Kenny Purdie #kingofcrossflows 3rd 72 Gary Goodswin #thenorfolkboy 198 , 555, 333, 27, 210, 871, 5, 445, 257, 121, 116, 35 .

    Thank you for entertaining us all. 
    Thanks to all the Scottish drivers and fans who came down to race.
    Thanks to Jock McFastlane for videos and Jason Larner for pictures and results updates.

    Thanks to MK pics for the picture

    Andy Hankin classic hot rods PR

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  • Hednesford Preview

    The week ahead will give us more perspective on the numbers expected for the Bill Morris Memorial Meeting on Sunday the 24th .

    The English Championship will attract drivers from all four corners of the UK.

    The current champion at present 555 Gavin Taber #vanman is without a engine for his car . The engine has been away for rebuild for a couple of months , will he run Adrian Taber’s car has he did on the Mildenhall shale?

    Previous winner 8 Darren Owen #deadlydaz has rebuilt his car this season , he has also raced in the slick cars on the Hednesford asphalt where he was on pace with the national hot rod spec cars.

    Dean Kitchen #thecleaner and Stuart Wright appeared in the slick car at the last Hednesford I factor , Stuart using his fathers mk1 Escort having parted with the trusty old Anglia.

    The Scottish contingent will feature 12 Trevor Harris , Graeme Callender and 17 Kenny Purdie , Purdie has done some extensive work on the car could the win go North ?

    From the Emerald Isle we expect to see at least a couple of visitors but will know confirmation on who they will be later in the week.

    Wales will be represented by Mike Oliver #thewelshwizard number 57 , he hasn’t had much luck at Hednesford over the years with a couple of heavy crashes and seized differentials while racing . Can his luck change and will the ford powered Sunbeam Talbot take him to victory lane ?

    #thecowboy 445 Graham Boyd will make the grid , the change of colour on the A40 makes the green tank look much better in grey . Craig Boyd 45 who is challenging at the top of the points with 196 #donut Andy Steward will both certainly be up for the challenge.

    #themusicman 210 Hughie Weaver will be in with a good chance around the big oval at Hednesford , the mk1 always looks outstanding and performs spot on.

    #pockectrocket Andrew Willis will be there in the super fast Austin A30 , that’s if he has stopped on his latest project of a classic HGV . No doubt the car will be ready though the Birmingham based driver has took a few wins before this could be his year.

    Team 333 should make an appearance the fastest Viva in the east will be no doubt polished tuned and gaffer tape to hand ready for repairs.

    Two heats will determine the grid based on points scoring for the clutch start 25 laps race. This championship always produces some of the closest racing in the class of classic hot rod racing where retro comes alive and once again we relive the sound and sights of yesteryear .

    I myself will be in the commentary box for this one.

     Escort back to basic bangers and the annual Veteran banger meeting also feature . It’s going to be a big one ! There will be a ford escort and R.S. Owners club display .

  • Tipperary 10 06 2018-2018

    Tipperary 10th June 2018

    The classic hot rod scene in the Emerald Isle is still in its early stages of development. Unlike here in England they are up against a strong alternative of retro rally escorts ( mainly running alternative motor units).

    Recent rule changes for the use of ford zetec engines will take hold of the sport has it has done with Brisca formula 2 and Lightning rods , the cost of which is considerably different.

    When I look back to the early days of the formula numbers were steady and have been up and down in recent years , the main thing being each fresh car means more drivers.

    The turnout of a steady regular base of drivers is the main importance, the appearance of cars the sound of retro racing.

    Four drivers 671 Alan Leonard ( opel ascona 2dr ford powered) , 25 Trevor Cussack mk2 escort, 464 Mike Meade mk2 escort and 19 Anthony Morgan mk2 escort.

    Heat one was led away by the opel of Leonard a few laps in the fast moving mk2’s moved in with 19 of Morgan hitting the front and taking the maiden win of the day.

    Heat two pretty much the same set off this time 464 Meade went through first chased hard by Morgan to the flag , making a first win at Tipperary for 464 of Meade.

    Unfortunately no Opel Ascona for the final, so just three mk2 Escorts to do battle.

    A few instillation laps for a bit of tyre warmth, the cars given some gap on each other before the drop of the green flag. Anthony Morgan 19 was first away and pulled a gap up on Meade 464 ahead of Trevor Cussack 25 .

    Apart from a slip at half way when the back end came around turn 2 a little loose Morgan held the lead to the flag. Meanwhile in his rear view Meade and Cussack where doing a fair old foxtrot but unable to catch him.

    Heat and final win for 19 Morgan.

    With the peak of the classic season coming The Bill Morris trophy and Spedeweekend we hope to see some of the drivers hit the ferry.

    Report Andy Hankin

    thanks to Monaghan Motorsports for footage and notes.

  • Weekend 9 .10 .06 .18-18

    This coming weekend Classic Hot rods will be in action at Lochgellly The home of Hardie Race Promotions.
    We will be racing on the Saturday only , a full weekend schedule of racing though .With 1300 stock cars British and open Scottich championships, Rebels for a 2 day Scottish Championship, Stock rods European and Scottish championships plus Ministox Fife championship . It will be a full on weekend for the Petrol heads. We will have reports , results etc from the classics on Saturday.

    On Sunday over in Ireland Tipperary will be holding a meeting featuring classic hot rods , last time 57 Mike Oliver made the trip. Despite picking up some damage and missing the final for the boat home he didn’t have too bad a meeting.

    Also on Sunday the I Factor moves to Hednesford for the 2nd time this year , it is rumoured at least 3 cars will be running in with the slick car formula.


    http://tipperaryracewaysora.com/ for details on Tipperary’s meeting



  • Mildenhall 26th May 2018-2018

    The sun adorned the lane down to the pits at Mildenhall Stadium , Classics hot rods were already rolling in .
    Eleven drivers scheduled to race on the short shale topped oval , fresh prepared by David Coventry ( who had spent most of the week laying a new track at Northampton).
    Drivers had gone for various set ups , some gearing for more grunt out of the turn overs trying the other end in order to get grip. All had a selection of tyres with them to change as needed . With no practice heat one would be a chance to test out their theories.
    For Gavin Taber the wait for his engine to be ready had expired , the solution a borrow of his fathers car with little more then the seat being adjusted.
    With sometime on my hands a chat with drivers which may result in a podcast later in the week and a catch up with David Owen who was looking reasonably well .
    Jock Mc Fastlane appeared and we set about who was doing what from the promo side on the night . John filmed live whilst I filmed for the first time in my life for later use. Something which may prove not so easy with me being the commentator at most live meetings.
    The drivers came out and lined up for heat one , it was decided to give them 3 warm up laps . Unfortunately 72 Gary Goodwin ended out wide in the wet stuff and was recovered by the fork lift , retiring him from the race.
    With no white grades 257 Andrew Willis in the pocket rocket lined up alongside the Welsh wizard in his Talbot Sunbeam to lead the field away , a rolling start was decided to be for the best on the loose surface.
    57 Mike Oliver took the early lead with Willis not far behind the rest fell in and tried to find their grip , 210 Weaver was first to drop back . 555 Taber broke formation and found grip around the outside of 271 JJ.
    The short wheel base of the A40 driven by Craig Boyd was proving to be useful has he and 198 Donut drove round JJ under forced the Pocket rocket out on a wider line. It was nose to tail the mk2 hunting down the A40 has they split from the pack to hunt down Taber and the Welsh Wizard.
    45 Craig broke away from donut and attacked Taber lap by lap forcing a inside line . Has he passed his door came open . The defending from Taber had cost both Donut was now on song and breathing down their necks . Donut passed down the back straight , Boyd and Taber fought back Donut back to fourth. Has Boyd hit the front Donut was back up to 3rd , the last lap board came out ! Donut locked wheels with the Talbot of Oliver and they slid towards the infield . Boyd completed the lap to a chequered flag to take the first classic hot rod win on shale.
    Heat 1 Winner 45 Craig Boyd
    45 555 8 445 210 27 257 271

    Pit time and a few adjustments for some , refuel, check cars over and back out in 2 races time for heat number 2.
    Mike Oliver in the Talbot made the opening move and sped away at the front chased down by Willis, the hunting party was soon in his mirror headed up by the meeting sponsor 8 Dan Owen. Owen had raced on tarmac the week before in his refurbished mk2 , he had kept up with the ex national hot rods in the slick cars around Hednesford.
    Soon Owen’s grip was lost when Weaver , Donut and a pair of Boyd’s went through on the inside of turn 2 . Going out in the loose stuff relegated him down the field.
    At half way of the 20 lap race The Wizard had done a dissappearing act , half a lap up on Weaver in 2nd. The Cowboy 445 Boyd SNR was riding high holding off Craig 45 , both stopping progress of the Donut who was just having fun racing on shale.
    Gary Goodswin had the Angle box back out and was staying out of the loose stuff.
    Just under 2 laps to go and a punt into turn 3 from Weaver , Oliver held on . Taber did a 360 in front of the start line and 45 Craig moved past the Cowboy to challenge . The Welsh Wizard held on to take the win.
    Heat 2 winner 57 Mike Oliver
    result 57 , 45 ,210 ,445 ,198 , 27 ,72 ,8 ,257 ,271 nof

    Final time up next and noticeably 27 Dave York from novice at the rear making fair results in both heats . Mike Oliver would now require to start rear of his grade for the heat win.
    Gavin Taber 555 unfortunately didn’t make it out for the final .
    First away was 271 JJ with the pocket rocket , Oliver and Owen in hot pursuit. Johnson ran into mechanical issues handing the lead over to Oliver , Owen had gone wide on turn 2 again letting the train up the inside. The pocket rocket dropped down the pack as well , 210 Weaver battled away with Oliver . The Boyd’s has a donut sandwich going on , Craig caught Weaver up and opened the inside line up going through to 2nd place. He slid through on turn 4 , Oliver returned and rubbed him around 1 and 2 regaining the lead.
    Weaver had gone in on the entrance to turn 1 has the flag was pulled 45 Boyd who had dived in front spun around on turn ¾. On the restart Boyd was put back in by the steward with a few laps remaining .
    Oliver was all out of shape on the restart , donut catching him and taking him round out of turn 2 .
    Craig Boyd took the flag , Donut second on the line but excluded for contact on 57. This not even blemishing the smile of enjoyment the big fella had got for the fun he had enjoyed on the shale.
    A dramatic end for Gary Goodswin who blew the engine has he crossed the line but was promoted to third place . The Cowboy went up from 3rd to Second .
    A Boyd 1,2 both the shorter wheel base A40’s on the mildenhall shale.
    Young James Owen was on hand to present the trophies for the Shale Shifter Supreme race , before going home to load up his micro f2 for Buxton.
    A great nights racing fun and smiles all round for those who took part , the question on many lips . Can we race on the Northampton Shale?
    Report Andy Hankin , Live streams Jock Mc Fastlane and Jason Larner. Photographs and results Jason Larner , Jaeden Larner.

  • Tipperary 13 05 18-18

    A fine sunny Sunday afternoon in Tipperary . A dry track and eight classic hot rods . Time for a ice cream sit back and let your ears get pounded by those purring fords.
    Drivers on attendance 19 Anthony Morgan , 25 Trevor Cussack ,57 Mike Oliver ,97 Joel Richardson ,99 Liam Bushe ,175 Andy O’Donnell ,195 Adrian Boyle and 464 Mike Meade.

    Heat one was underway 99 Bushe led briefly before 464 Meade passed on the dry outside line followed by 19 Morgan and 175 O’Donnell . the later two exchanging blows before 175 catching hold of 19 rear quarter and taking him for a spin on turn one. With 175 facing the wrong way , 57 Mike Oliver had no where to go other than head on , this took out the radiator on the 57 car retiring him to the infield along with 175.
    464 Meade led up to have way 19 Morgan managed to get through chased by 97 Richardson who looked to be struggling with a loose back end was unable to get any closer the win going to 19 Anthony Morgan.

    results heat 1 19 97 464 195 25 99 .

    Heat 2 again Bushe got off to a good start before the domination of 464 Meade and the pack hunted him down . Meade took to the fore and led until a handful of laps Richardson pulled up along on the outside . Meade battled back but Richardson drove clear to take the win . 19 Morgan and 175 O’Donnell went for a photo finish for third , Morgan getting it by a wing tip.

    Results Heat 2 97 ,464 ,19 ,175 , 57 , 25 ,195 ,99

    Final Time (clutch start)

    No mike Oliver and O’Donnell retiring before the drop of the green , left 7 drivers to entertain the crowd. 99 Bushe dropped back has 464 Meade came to the front . 19 Morgan wound up his mk2 taking up the lead . Meade battled back bouncing off the wall before loosing the rear tyre on turn 4.
    Morgan was out in front 97 Richardson came up to 2nd before developing a miss fire and retiring . A fairly straight finish to the end race win to 19 Anthony Morgan , making it a heat and final.

    Results Final 19, 25 ,195 ,99.

    Race report by Andy Hankin .

  • Cowdy 12 05 18-18

    COWDENBEATH 12/5/18
    A triumph of matter of substance? The opening round of the Scottish Series could have been threatened with viability just days running up to the date of the meeting, but with drivers working hard and showing commitment above and beyond the level many could have expected, this Saturday night session, bathed in that unfamiliar thing – Scottish sunshine, proved to be pretty satisfying.
    With Alex Wilson, Matt MacPerson, Wullie Millar, Graham McCabe and John McFarlane still chasing all manner of practical things: time, logistics, costs, to enable the completion of their Classic Hot Rod builds and rebuilds, Kenny Purdie indisposed and Graeme Callender and Mike McKain on holiday, the Scottish CHR membership available took a real hit in advance of the Cowdenbeath meeting. Norfolk’s Gavin Taber, an arch fan of racing in Scotland, had said he was really looking forward to race. Despite the desperately long journey endured, Gavin has always found the welcome in Scotland to be warm, and he really enjoys racing round the super-fast Cowdenbeath oval. However, despite a journey of 500 mile in pursuit of replacement parts to give his Pinto a fighting chance of repair after it threw a wobbler at Aldershot, Taber found that time would still defeat the opportunity to fit it all back together and test it prior to the long journey. Gavin was understandably dejected, but the plan had always been for Gavin’s father Adrian to race as well! Taber Senior has enjoyed a roller coaster ride of his first season in Classic Hot Rods and the majority of his races had seen smooth accomplished racing gently accumulate early season points. A disastrous crash at Hednesford had required many man hours of work to put right, but after a quietly successful Aldershot, the 116 Zetec powered 105E Anglia was dialled in ready. So, #TeamTaber was still up for coming to Cowdenbeath! They may have been a car down, but they were still coming! North of the Border, Trevor Forrester and Brett Sneddon responded to the call. Trevor, nominally looking to put this season more on the back burner as he concentrates on business issues and home building, loaded his car and care of a stop off to Brett Sneddon’s place, the pair made their way to Cowdenbeath for a specially commissioned practice session on Friday afternoon to see if Trevor’s engine mis-fire could be cured, and Brett could dial in his Escort of a track he rarely races at. After an hour’s practice, and even more ‘trial and error’ electrical solutions sought at Brett’s garage later in the day, Forrester’s issue was still not fully cured – but he was still coming! Sneddon prefers Lochgelly, but for this meeting, he was still coming too! Adding their support, Keith Chesher, the first to book in, in the weeks prior, was really looking forward to racing at his favourite track and really opening up his newly competitive Pinto. Marc Spence was coming too, all the way down from Inverness to race his Pinto powered Talbot Sunbeam, and Jock Campbell too, his Mk2 Escort looking resplendent, was looking for to his first meeting of the year.
    So, six cars were present for the opening meeting. Two heats and a final under super springtime sunshine. The cars had been allowed to bunch perhaps a little more than they should as the CHRS settled into the rolling lap for the opening heat of the night, and when the green flag dropped it was always going to be a question of whether Sneddon caught Chesher. Keith, so long a driver beset with misfortune, mechanically or incident wise in his previous two seasons racing in Classics, now, finally, looked in his element. In other words he was flying, and in the bright evening sunshine his speed was a pleasure to watch for his great many fans who hold a strong affection for Keith having followed both his legendary late father, and then Keith himself for many years. Keith held the lead to half way, but at they point Brett caught him and through ‘Scotch Corner’ made a successful dive on the inside to cleanly take the lead. Keith was far from finished though and throughout the second half of the race tracked Brett’s every move and into the final lap made quite a stab of it to pinch the lead back! Brett was not to be denied though and the two tone blue 232 machine to its first win at Cowdenbeath.
    232, 162, 26, 756, 222, 116
    With the correct graded starting positions more firmly reinforced for Heat Two, Keith’s White Grade advantage was affirmed over Brett’s half lap chase from Red grade. Despite slicing through those ahead of him, including Jock Campbell, who is certainly no slouch, Sneddon found Chesher’s advantage in Heat two too great and Keith’s win was a dominant one. The post race smile on Keith’s face certainly confirmed why he is known as #TheChesherKat! Down the places, Adrian Taber was getting to grips with the peculiar racing line at the Racewall, and was pleased with his fifth place. Forrester however was indeed struggling with s misfire that was getting progressively worse with every lap.
    162, 232, 26, 756, 116, 222
    The Scottish Thistle was something Keith Chesher was in no way reluctant to grasp! He stole the meeting Final with another dominant display from the front! This however would be the final time that Keith would enjoy such and advantage. Next time out at a graded meeting, the 162 car will be starting in the Blue grade!
    162, 232, 26, 116. NOF
    In conclusion, a quiet affair true, but a triumphant night for Chesher – and for a change of fortune to be so forcibly displayed, he certainly deserved it. Stick with us Scottish fans, the numbers will be up next time out!