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  • Best in Britain 2019-2019

    It’s the final show of the season, The Best in Britain for classic hot rods.

    This Sunday Hednesford Hills raceway will go out of 2019 with a bank , a fine selection of classic hot rods and their drivers will be racing for the best in Britain , won last year by 976 Clive Richardson .

    Clive has yet to confirm a booking, however race promoter and former hot rod world champion 942 Davey McCall will be coming over to have a go for this one. Davey now settling into the formula looks like one of the favorites for the title.

    Craig Boyd will be the one to catch if he gets away from a good position in the Austin A40, although his father Graham is booked in who can also push an A40 around the fast banked Staffordshire oval.

    Gavin Taber 555 looks set to retain the English point’s championship for the second consecutive season in the Ford Anglia.

    24 Stuart Wright who took the Midlands championship recently at Birmingham is not shy of the podium at Hednesford , the car now at the best it has ever been will no doubt be up there in the running.

    Joining classic hot rods is Richard Lee having raced grass track cars and some oval formats he has purchased the ex109 Mathews Anglia, which looks absolutely stunning.

    Kenny Purdie is back in the saddle of the spanker and the national hot rod is up for sale a great return to classics could see him up near the front of the grid. Also returning is 333 Lee wood, yes! The Viva lives on!

    Want to know more? Then come and join us this Sunday at Hednesford Hills raceway start time 2pm, also National hot rods world qualifier rd7 PLUS over eighty bangers on track for the Man of the Midlands 2019.

  • Cock of the NORTH-2

    The Doug  Farrer Trophy on Saturday  at  Cowdenbeath  Racewall will see a new holder , unless Ryan Polley makes a surprise appearance after being successful this year on the circuits in a Renault Clio series.

    It is the first part of the “Cock of the North” meeting and as the night progresses towards the meeting final, of which Craig Boyd 45 the current holder may not make.  Leaving one possibility of 445 Graham making the trip, he has had a good year so far and the win Campbell will be joined by fellow Scot t in an attempt to retain both trophies in Scotland.

    What of those fellow Scots? , well rumour has it Graham McCabe has sold the x-pack Escort but to who we do not know. Kenny Purdie 17 may well appear in the spanker to give Taber a run for his money.

    McPherson has his mark two escort ready to go for Saturday and Keith Chesher 162 looks to be near ready to race.  Missing and still up for sale though is 232 Bret Sneddon who won last year’s points championship , something of which the Scots have not been contending this year . With no points charts for their grades against the visitors it could well come down to an out of the hat grid for Saturday, which could produce one or two surprises on the draw.

    Good luck to all , have a safe night’s racing.



    This Saturday the classic hot rods line up for the Midlands championship at Birmingham Wheels. Defending champion 198 Andy Steward is yet to confirm his booking, having returned recently taking the East Anglian Championship.

    Those in the English series qualify for racing in TER Apel next month by joining Saturdays field of cars. 


    45 Crag Boyd is back for this one, having taken the majority of finals this year he will start favourite.

    It’s a full on night with both Brisca F1 and F2, along with lightning rods.

    Start time is early at 5pm.

  • NI Classic Hot Rods

    Classic Hot Rods return to DMC Promotions AghaDowey raceway this weekend. It has been a story of change and numbers declined but are back on the up slightly over the water.

    Davey McCall will be racing his immaculate Mk2, joining him will be current Irish points champion 19 Anthony Morgan, Adrian Boyle and newcomer Lawrence Doherty. Doherty has purchased the all new mk2 raced by Gerry Rothwell last time out has he enters a career of classic hot rod racing.

    976 Clive Richardson is also expected to book in and possibly a couple of others has they join the full race programme with National Hot rods heading the bill for round 1 of their series.

    We at Classic hot rods wish Lawrence a good night’s racing.

  • seaside anyone?

    Great Yarmouth isn’t for every driver in the classic hot rods and those that turn in receive equal points; it gives them a chance to demonstrate the formula to the holiday makers.

    Last year’s was a celebration of 72 Gary Goodswen’s points title win; with him being sponsored by the track.

    This year it’s a double whammy! 555 Gavin Taber taking the points title and the newly crowned national champion 421 Chris Aldridge both hailing from the East!

     A chance for them both to show off to their local fans their new roof grades and demonstrate why classic hot rods are a fantastic formula to watch.

    Making the journey and a fair travelling on a Sunday for 121 Charlie Schembri and 353 Steve  Spooner along with 98 Nigel Murphy and 271 Jamie Johnson will all join them for the meeting.

    445 Graham Boyd will swap his tractor for a few hours for the Austin A40 and maybe one to catch on the tarmac of Great Yarmouth.

    A worthy trip out for some good old fashioned hot rod racing, sea, sun? And definitely sand plus some fish and chips.

    Start time 5.30pm

  • National Championship 2019-2019

    The calm before the storm , this years National championship is not far off starters orders ; with 17 cars booked in it will be a close fast paced two heats ; the points accumulated will give grid positions for the big race .

    There is no great favourite for this one and the field of drivers are all quite capable of taking victory at Ipswich.

    555 Gavin Taber would like to take victory and add to his success in the formula , as would 121 Charlie Schembri and the other 15 drivers who will take part . Graham Boyd will push the A40 to its limits and if he gets in front will drive a hard tight line.

    Anthony Morgan 19 our Irish entry and current Irish points champion has made many changes to his Mk2 Escort and could do with a better run of look than he had last year. Hopes were that 976 Clive Richardson would join him but a late cancellation means he won’t make it this year .

    Craig Boyd won’t be here to add to his title collection for this year as he is away with work and would have been hot favourite .

    Scottish hopes went out when 12 Trevor Harris received a hand injury earlier in the week , we wish him a fast recovery ; defending champion Kenny Purdie will be racing his National hot rod instead on home turf.

    Who ever takes this years crown will have deserved to have taken victory , may the best man win !

  • All the fun of the fair

    Arlington is a great little track way down on the south coast , it runs all formats of domestic oval motor sport.

    Classic hot rods visit once a year , its a mid week meeting and a long travel for half of those who turn in for the event.

    This years participants , 45 Craig Boyd , 445 Graham Boyd , 116 Adrian Taber , 353 Steve Spooner, 119 Dan Buckley, 421 Chris Aldridge , 555 Gavin Taber, 42 Dean Kitchen 12 Trevor Harris and 121 Charlie Schembri .

    The tight concrete oval provides some tricky passing situations and in heat one has they got away over the opening laps ,555 became a casualty on the outside of 119 in turn one. Trevor Harris having made the trip down from Scotland went out with clutch issues .

    Craig Boyd got off to a flying start with 421 Aldridge in close proximity for a few laps , before leaving him behind to march on to victory.

    Heat two and a reverse grid put 445 Graham Boyd up front with Dean Kitchen who missed heat one due to a brake issue joining in at the rear . Graham got off to a good star and led most of the distance ; 353 Steve Spooner dropped out and 119 Dan Buckley was up to second when 45 Craig came through on the inside passing the leader in the next corner . With less than a hand full to go 119 Buckley was spun out on turn one by a charging 555 Taber . Craig bagged win number two.

    The final and both a40’s on the front row , Craig broke away and Graham was going well till he spun on turn four , with Dean Kitchen doing the same on the next lap’ both recovering and joining the traffic. Craig went on to make it a hat trick of wins


    The Jolly boys are on a outing today Wednesday 3rd July has I join team Boyd for a trip down to Arlington for the Southern Championship. The Cambridgeshire based classic hot rod team will be in force with both A40’s out at the meeting.

    Joining them on track will be the duo from the East 555 Taber, 1116 Adrian Taber and 72 Goodswen who put on a great displayhttp://www.spedeworth.co.uk/incarace/rules at last years meeting .

    Chris Aldridge will be in action looking to tot up some more point in his first season campaign. Dean Kitchen has hopefully sorted the gearbox issues and will be able to attend .

    Making the some 1050 miles round trip will be 12 Trevor Harris , lets hope he has a safe journey both ways. Dan Buckley 119 is a late entry on the booking who is also hoping to make it a worth while trip.

    Local racer 353 Steve Spooner, will be looking for a good grid position come final time. 

    The deep suoth may even get me to listen too during the meeting !

    See you there Rod On

    Andy Hankin.

  • British Open

    Hednesford 23 Rd June was the British op en championship for the Classic hot rods and the Annual Bill Morris Trophy.

    Cars weren’t at big numbers compared to previous years but still a good turn out of drivers looking to get their hands on the Bill Morris Trophy. Last years winner Darren Owen who has been busy with the development of his son’s James race career came along to defend the double title meeting; the previous holder of the titles now the current British points champion was also back for another try , 555 Gavin Taber.

    Joining them were a whole host of formidable contenders and one in particular 45 Craig Boyd who took victory in Scotland earlier in the year , lifting the Scottish open championship .

    Newcomers Nick Ross 93 , Dan Buckley 119 , 421 Chris Aldridge ( who is bagging wins like nobodies business and regular classic driver 42 Dean Kitchen , 24 Stuart Wright, 121 Charlie Schembri and travelling from Scotland the current National champion 17 Kenny Purdie.

    Heat one was led by Charlie Schrembri ; Taber cut through the pack with Boyd hard on his tail . Finding a way past Charlie they both darted off for the flag drop Taber taking the win .

    A reverse grid for heat two put Taber near the back and Craig a little further forward , the early leader Darren Owen was passed by 45 Craig who took over and was gone into the distance. Owen did well to stay second with 42 Kitchen and Wright 24 giving chase . Taber was well back but still scoring points.

    The grid was a points accumulator for the championship putting Boyd and Taber on front row , Boyd made the break , Taber and Purdie followed ; Purdie was quicker and the blue flag waved at 555 for two laps , lucky for him Purdie developed a miss fire and dropped back down the field . Defending champion Owen coming up into third for the flag .

    Well two down just the Irish to go for the triple championship for Craig now but first can he take the National at Ipswich ?

  • Irish Classic Hot Rods are Back!

    The classic hot rods over in Ireland finally got under way with Tullyroan holding its first race for them Sunday 16th June .

    Drivers in attendance 19 Anthony Morgan (Irish points champion) , 976 Clive Richardson, 942 Davey McCall ,195 Adrian Boyle ,964 Paul Magee and 156 Gerry Rothwell in a fresh white un sign written Mk2; a big change there for Rothwell who had previously run the 100e and having taken 18 month’s out from racing.

    Heat one Rothwell was first away and looked steady but the car seemed to have issues before retiring; handing over briefly to 195 Adrian Boyle who has also opted for the mk2 escort moving away from his ford Anglia ,976 Clive Richardson was next to take over at the front and went onto win from 942 DM and 19 AM in third.

    Heat two and no show for Magee and Rothwell; Boyle led the field away putting in some great opening laps before being caught by 19 Morgan ; 976 Richardson slipped through as well . The race was very much on when 942 Davey joined the party. Richardson got the inside line out of turn two and opened up Morgan for the lead. Davey moved into second and despite trying had to settle for second.

    Magee making it back out for the final starting from the rear; Boyle was first away and still leading has the lap boards came out , Morgan went to the outside for the pass; most of the twenty laps eyes were on 976 Richardson and 943 McCall , the blue flag in use but McCall only taking the chance three from home with a dive up the inside; Richardson punted deep into turn three and McCall slipping through . Final was taken by 19 Anthony Morgan with a good second for 195 Boyle , 942,976 and 964 to follow.

    Well not a bad day in the office for classic hot rods, hopefully a few more will come back out on track for the next one.

    Rod On.