Aldershot 5 5 19-19

A Sunday Drive out

For most the Aldershot track can be a little challenging but if they get it right the racing is superb .
The classic hot rods meeting number 4 given Scotland was a two day event , this the English round two . All change around for some with the new ones from the later end of last year moving to the front.
Newcomer 87 Jason Busby better known for his exploits in 2lt hot rods had purchased the Charlie Schembri Angle Box middle of last made it out for his first of three from the back. A position all must complete regardless of experience .
Heat one lined up on track with 421 Chris Aldridge now a fore runner along with 353 Steve Spooner who seems to be improving at a good pace . It was Aldridge that managed to get out in front and keep ahead to lead , further back 72 Goodswen in the refurbed Mk2 was away from International champion grade chased hard by 555 Taber .
Great to see 445 Graham Boyd back in his usual ride and on song sandwiched between the two. It was Aldridge who took the win though from 353 Spooner.
Result ht 1 winner 421 Chris Aldridge
421 353 72 445 555 87 98 20 93 116
heat two saw the ex lightning rod star take a second win of the day and was showing great form knocking up the points , for a challenge at his best buddy Garfin Tabers title.
Chris was struggling with differential issues and Billy Wood from Spedeworth motorsports was on hand to help sort them out and provide a first class service.
Ben Hardy 169 looked to have solved his issues from the day 1 test at Hednesford , the ex Arena Essex champion may well turn a few heads when he arrives at the grid front end.

Heat 2 – 421 Chris Aldridge, 353, 72, 42, 121, 555, 445, 98, 87, 116.

Dean Kitchen 42 has been out for sometime with engine issues , a return in new livery and the engine sorted proved a great success . His birthday celebrations were topped off when he romped to victory in the final . Managing to catch and pass 421 Aldridge with 72 Goodswen hot on both their tails.
A great turnout of cars probably the best meeting we have seen for the classic hot rods at Spedeworths Aldershot raceway ,
Well done to 42 Dean Kitchen on taking the final in the southern sizzler and well done to 421 Aldridge on the points haul.
Rod on
Andy Hankin

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