• Thunder in the Hills returns this Sunday

    We have long awaited the return of racing to the home of Hot Rods and it comes with a bang this weekend! Not  only will your favourite classic hot rods be racing but will be in support to round five of the national hot rod world series ; in addition there are over thirty stock rods booked in and back to basic bangers.

    Tickets are limited and still on sale, remember we are under new rulings of groups of six at 2mts apart, when at the raceway; Face coverings are compulsory for the non exempt at all times in the grounds of the raceway.

    It’s the second meeting of the weekend and two English drivers will have a long journey south in the early hours , chasing them back down to ensure they come back over the border will be a number of our Scottish Stars.

    Kenny Purdie will lead out the drivers from Scotland with Graeme Callendar and a possible late booking still to come from Martin Balfour and Trevor Harris. That’s all providing none of the above take on irreparable damage the night before at Lochgelly.

    We have two new drivers to the formula lining up for their first outing n Sunday as the sport welcomes  Darren Fewell and  Steve Hunt ; Darren has purchased the ex Graham McCabe mk2 x pack Escort  and Steve the now proud owner of Darren Owens multi championship winning Mk2 .

    Don’t write off Darren Owen though to our accounts he still has David’s escort which is under repair and the Mk2 of which he collected from Ireland not so long ago ; So expect to see him soon.

    The formula now has over fifty cars somewhere in existence in forms of race ready / repair or being built;  covid19 certainly hasn’t kept down the enthusiasm for retro racing in the UK.

    Hughie Weaver will be sitting this one out, after Aldershot in August where he was disqualified for contact in the final thus handing the win to 168 Kevin Roberts; Roberts was in good form at the last Hednesford meeting and given the confidence boost maybe one to watch on Sunday.

    There is little news from the camp of lee Wood after the Viva took on heavy damage back in March except of a few Chinese whispers of a fresh build possibly under wraps?

    Charlie Schrembri and Paul Hollis will be travelling north for the event, Charlie possibly putting in more track time in the classics than any other driver booked in.

    Our own Penelope Pit stop has made a return and will be present on board the A40 of Graham Boyd, of which she is currently using for the series. A welcome return came at Aldershot for the now racing “mum” and our only lady so far in the classic hot rods. Stop wait Dad is booked in but will the big G run the Wolsey or Craig’s A40?

    The points championship currently in England is wide open after 555 Gavin Taber had a bad days racing at Aldershot ; IT will be tight at the top when announced and possibly the closest number of drivers competing for the title of English point we have seen in recent years .  No doubt there will be preparation to be done in the morning once he arrives at the track along with 119 Dan Buckley who also will be doing the double weekender.

     Andy Steward who was on rails at the March meeting until a collision in turn one finished his day off will be back on track this Sunday , at Aldershot he took victory in the heats and the rest of the day seemed to be having some good old battles with Kenny Purdie in mid section of the pack.

    Reigning Midlands champion 24 Stuart Wright will also line up for Sundays event along with 70 Ricky Lee, 31 Steve Gooding and 209 Andy Lee.


    I will see you all there please remember the covid rulings in place; give us a wave.


  • Taber and Buckley to take the HIGH ROAD

    Classic hot rods return to Lochgelly Raceway this coming Saturday and it looks like it may be a busy one.

    A small number of drivers are travelling across the border in a bid to score international points in the series; 555 Gavin Taber has booked in to race after not having a great meeting down at Aldershot and so has Dan Buckley who scored well after having to rebuild his engine prior to Aldershot. Buckley was out at PRI@s Birmingham with the slick cars last Saturday and the car looked to be spot on.

    They will be up against Scotland’s finest though, headed up by 17 Kenny Purdie who still has to dial in the “spanker” after adding the x pack kit and updating the braking system. The axle needed repairs between races at Aldershot’s meeting but looked much quicker in the final.

    871 Graeme Callendar who was featured in this month’s Retro Ford magazine has yet another car to bring to the table; having sold his mk1 escort / the dust sheets have come off a bright yellow mk2 that he has been working on  but knowing him it will be resprayed prior to hitting the track. Graeme has built some great machines in this formula with one of his old cars going on to win the National championship in the hands of new owner Chris Aldridge.

    Martin Balfour purchased the 100e that Graeme finished off to a good standard, he will be looking for more success after a great days racing down at Aldershot last meeting with the car.

     12 Trevor Harris will look to end the little run of bad luck he seems to have has over the last twelve months’ having put in a lot of miles he has endured clutch failures and race damages  which has kept him out of the top results. 26 John Campbell will be making an appearance and is usually up there in the running all night at Lochgelly.

    There are still a few to be confirmed like Graeme Allister and his long awaited return plus a possibility of the Hillman Imp making its first race appearance; drivers have until Thursday to confirm.

    It great to see the effort of travelling drivers given the current world situation; we will try to keep you updated with any changes.

    Please visit HRP Lochgelly website to see requirement for the stadium and to book tickets if available; the majority at present do not offer pay on the gate entry and you details are required for track and trace purposes.






    https://www.hardieracepromotions.co.uk/    for Lochgelly

    http://www.spedeworth.co.uk/fixtures.php    for Hednesford


  • The race day review Aldershot 23 rd August 2020-2020

    Welcome to new driver 55 Paul Preston having purchased the ex Rich Adams car and looked good on track at Aldershot, another ex grass track racer joining classics.

    The biggest turnout for Aldershot in classic hot rods history , well done to all those who made the effort , especially the three drivers who came from Scotland following yonder star , oh hold on we aren’t at xmas yet!

    It’s been a funny old year and a long time since we were at Hednesford back in march, the loss of quite a few well known drivers along the way including Pete Stevens who was a big fan of classic hot rods. Not forgetting Leapy was 76 this week and George Polley also turning another year, would be great to see then at it one more time?

    Well the change from crossflow to zetec has paid off for Jamie Johnson the car was a lot more lively and performed great on the oval Sunday , picking up some damage in heat one and a win in heat two before being spun out of the chance for glory in the final.

    Kenny Purdie the spanker looks great and had further work to carry out between heats when the axle threw a wobbler but still picking up good places in a busy race stream.

    The donut was charging through everywhere on Sunday and after stoppage in heat one was firm favourite to come from fifth to win on the next green flag drop , not too bad in heat two but picked up a black cross for spinning Stuart Wright out in the final.

    The points championship is wide open with Taber retiring after heat one having brought out the angle box to find it running poorly towards the end of heat one.

    What should have been a favourite on the tight line was the mini of Mills but didn’t look to have the pace all day, whilst Kitchen in the same Livery picked up damage in heat one to the mechanical side of things.

    Some rubbing went on has could be expected with nigh on twenty classic around Aldershot ; Dave Cushion forced wide and losing a wheel in heat one a few dented “arse” ends by the end of the day as well. 

    Kevin Roberts was handed his first win in the formula when Hughie was disqualified in the final with fellow team traveller Andy Lee picking up third.

    Dan Buckley blew the engine pre hand in a practice session at Birmingham and was a late entry having done a full rebuild it paid off with a second in heat two and second in the final.

    Martin Balfour has been in touch he was impressed with his days racing picking up a fourth in heat two and fifth in the final with the ex Graeme Callendar 100e ; let’s see how he goes in the mk2 he has allegedly purchased from John McFarlane.

    We await news for the next fixture, hoping for a run out at Ipswich which would be good and could see a few more blowing cobwebs off; we will post up when we know until then my friends stay safe.


    353 Steve Spooner has sold the Mk1 back to Dave Fry ; An  Anglia is the new ride and looks smart so far , we will catch up with Spoons in due course for a chat about the car change.


    New Classic hot rod entry comes from 55 Paul Preston “Paddy” ; After visiting Andy Lee’s work shed he claimed he has the bug and went out to snap up the bargain of Rich Adams’s Mk2 Escort .  “There’s work to be done still but it will come up well “said Paddy. 

    Paul joins us from the world of Autograss racers which seems to be a frequent change over in recent years with  a few joining.




    At present 18 Classic hot rods are booked into race on Sunday with a possibility of one more at least to come ; as 198 waits in the wings looking at his weekend work demands pre hand before booking in.

    The three Amigos will make the long journey down from Scotland , Kenny Purdie will lead out for the Scots in his now extra wide , x packed “spanker” Escort mk2; he will be joined by Trevor Harris and newcomer Martin Balfour.

    Reigning Points champion 555 Gavin Taber was a late entry in the last 12 hours , with some of his rolling stock up for sale and possibly no plans for 116 Adrian to join him this year . The Anglia will be back in action unless he can manage to finish off the repairs to the Triumph.

    This will be our biggest entry at the Aldershot raceway so far in the formula’s history but where are all our cars ? well some have changed hands recently in Scotland has we loose 84 John McFarlane and Graeme Callendar parted with his MK1 ; The Callendar story not over yet ! He did have a project on the go when I last  spoke to him.

    There are at least another 20 cars still to race this season just on the English /Scottish side of the sport ; plus another4 or so in build status . Ben Hardy is out with mechanical repairs on going , Graeme Legge has been out for sometime with a possible return in the Mk1 . Dave Fry has the Mk1 back form Steve Spooner plus his 100e ; Simon Wood still has his Anglia ;Obviously Wilson, Campbell, Spence ,Chesher will all be out in Scotland in due course.

    The Midlands has a few cars sitting at the moment 8 Darren Owen busy with his son’s racing; Nick Ross car not repaired yet ;  Dan Buckleys car went sick in practice last week but Rich Adams may be a late arrival and rumor’s of a Marina in build deep in the heart of the midlands ; there was a mk1 fiesta on the go but hasn’t yet transpired. Plus a couple of famous replica cars on the build but well under cover!

    A good hard meeting at Aldershot with no damage will encourage drivers to race at the next meeting when it is scheduled ; damage has always been an issue in the formula over recent years and is addressed regular ; a re tweak of the rules before lockdown had encouraged a few to build but getting them on track is a difficult job; I usually contact the drivers pre meeting and check status of the cars etc . There is a full list of current drivers on the website , if your missing please contact me.

    Rod on Andy Hankin




    The long return to racing for the classic hot rods comes next week at Aldershot , its tickets only but we quick with a limited public allowance under Covid ruling .

  • Look who’s back

    Well there was no hiding behind a mask yesterday for Kara Boyd , who after a few good test sessions looks ready to return after a few months or so off ? 

    All looked good with the A40 and Kara said it handled so different to her Wolsley which is still in the container back at the garage. 

    With father Graham building a new house and enjoying some time aboard his boat plus the farming there’s little time for him to race .

    I’m sure we will see her down at Aldershot and will definitely take some catching when he starts from white grade as well.

    Good luck Kara and welcome back.